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Eroticism and Emotions
Citation:   astralviolet. "Eroticism and Emotions: An Experience with 2C-B (exp109902)". Feb 5, 2017.

20 mg oral 2C-B (pill / tablet)
I am an 18 year old female and my partner is a 25 year old male. We both have experience with a range of substances, mostly psychedelics such as LSD. This was my partners third time on 2C-B and my first time, we took it together with the intention of bonding and this was our first time tripping together on any substance.

I took one 20mg pill of 2C-B at 18:00, as did my partner. Laid down in bed with my partner watching TV whilst we waited for it to kick in. From my previous research, I had estimated it would take anywhere between 45-90 minutes to start setting in. I was surprised to find that I could feel its first effects within the first half hour. Whilst I am particularly sensitive to most substances anyway, I imagine taking it on an empty stomach and at a moderate dose had something to do with the fast come up I experienced. The first obvious effect was the energetic rush I felt through my body, my legs and arms became very twitchy as my body tried to contain this energy.

At around 18:40 I began to experience uncontrollable fits of laughter
I began to experience uncontrollable fits of laughter
, something I did not find in any of my previous reading or any reading I've done since the experience and even my partner mentioned he thought it was unusual. The laughter was very consistent for the next half hour. At 19:15 I began to notice visual effects taking place as the laughter subsided, the walls around me were breathing and creases in the bed sheets began to look like tiny fish swimming through a stream. I would describe my state at this point as very 'floaty', my body felt very light and I could feel energy waving between myself and other objects.

As 19:40 came around it was very clear that both my partner and I were experiencing the 'body high' often associated with 2C-B. We both became very 'touchy-feely'. Every physical sensation, from the bed sheets rustling, to my partner stroking my arm, felt incredibly intense, it was a complete overwhelm of pleasure. My partner had started playing music and I found my visuals had begun to sync up with the music, the pulses of neon light I could see at this point perfectly matched the beat of the music. My partner and I made love twice whilst the music was playing, our bodies felt as though they were melting into each other, it was a lot like being in a warm bath together, it felt as though there was no boundaries between us physically, we were completely intertwined and neither of us could tell our two bodies apart. Whilst sex is incredibly pleasurable on 2C-B, I found it to be somewhat difficult, every single sensation felt orgasmic and this was deeply overwhelming, I was almost too sensitive to touch.

After lying together for a while post-sex, it was around 20:45 that the body high began to wear off and I found myself in a mildly confused state. I was very aware that despite feeling immensely happy there was an underlying sadness I was experiencing. The mental 'fog' I was feeling made it hard to determine why I was feeling such emotions. My partner and I decided to watch a film to help ease my mind out of this confused state. Looking back I believe the confusion was mostly due to the fact my mind was struggling to process a multitude of emotions that had arisen. After the film, at around 21:45, the 'fog' had cleared and I was able to speak my mind quite clearly and determine why I had felt such sadness. I've found 2C-B to be a truly brilliant substance for allowing emotions to run free with no inhibitions, it made me able to process anxiety that I was feeling in my everyday life and work through it extremely efficiently. At this point I felt a slight need to cry, not out of sadness but I just felt a need to cleanse myself of the emotions that had overwhelmed me.

At about 10:15 my visuals had started to subside, I could still see some light trails coming off objects but they were nowhere near as intense as they had been an hour or so before. I was feeling very meditative at this point and took some time to reflect on my life journey. I feel as though this 2C-B experience helped me to solidify the life path I'm on, it was as though I had been given the OK to live my life freely. My partner and I conversed and laid together until around 12:30, when we both began to feel the come down and sleepiness take place. The drift off into sleep was amazingly gentle
The drift off into sleep was amazingly gentle
and even waking up the next day was pleasant. Although there is a likeness between MDMA and 2C-B, there was no hangover-like feeling with 2C-B like there is with MDMA, if anything my body felt much happier and healthier than usual.

Looking back on the experience I would say the next time I take 2C-B I will definitely take a lower dose, somewhere around 15mg, to see if I am able to work through my emotions without the sense of confusion and overwhelm. Overall this first time was a glowingly positive experience, I truly believe 2C-B is one of the best substances for work on metacognition. It is also the most incredible aphrodisiac I have found so far, and hopefully a lower dose of 15mg will allow me to experience it's immense pleasure without the almost painful hypersensitivity I felt this time around.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 109902
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Feb 5, 2017Views: 14,348
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2C-B (52) : First Times (2), Sex Discussion (14), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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