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'Ancient Greeks on Psychedelics'
by SPN
Citation:   SPN. "'Ancient Greeks on Psychedelics': An Experience with 4-HO-MET (exp109940)". Jul 13, 2017.

T+ 0:00
15 mg smoked 4-HO-MET
  T+ 0:05 20 mg smoked 4-HO-MET
I have never read a report of anybody smoking Metocin, and according to a trusted online source, it is possible, so I decided, with the intent of writing a report, to smoke Metocin. I had just gotten out of work early, and no one else was at my home, so this is when I decided to start. I had taken a zyrtec allergy pill earlier, smoked ganja the day before, and eaten 200 morning glory seeds 4 days ago, so I might have had a slight tolerance. I was pretty nervous about doing this, but I was prepared for a full-on psychedelic experience. I was in my bedroom, laying back slightly on some pillows. I was using a sort of “jet lighter” where there wasn’t much of a flame, just a blueish jet.

-0:01 I packed my pipe with 15mg of Metocin (4-HO-MET), and prepared to smoke it.

0:00 After calming my nerves, I lit the Metocin. I was using a simple tobacco pipe with a makeshift tin foil screen. It tasted just like Metocin when eaten, but not so bitter. Shortly after letting out the smoke I felt some effects. I began to feel space compress around my head, and I felt a squeeze around my head. The familiar buzz of the sounds around me grew louder and more pronounced. I began to get very slight visuals, just a barely noticeable breathing of all the objects around me.

0:05 I poured another 20mg of Metocin into the pipe, and quickly smoked it. Everything began to wiggle and warp. Some of the posters on my wall started to move around, almost in a pattern. I still had a relatively clear headspace, but I began to have trouble keeping my thoughts for very long.

0:10 The experience had certainly plateaued at this point, and it was not very different from a 20mg buccal Metocin dose. I had the normal “pattern” visuals, and letters would dance around. My thoughts were rather psychedelic, but also very clear. I did, however, have trouble grasping memories.

0:15 I decided to leave my room, walking felt very floaty, as if I was much lighter. I got a soda out. I popped it open with relative ease and noticed that I had lost a certain amount of sensitivity to touch. My mother arrived home and I had normal conversation with her. I did worry that I would seem out of it, but she didn’t seem to notice anything. The soda I drank was a type I had never had before, and it was impossible to put a name to the taste, and I believe my sense of taste was weakened. After a couple sips I became disinterested and put it away.

0:20 I went back to my room and got under a blanket, I was feeling rather sedated. I closed my eyes, only to see the most subtle CEV’s, namely some points of light in a line, and some patterns atop a spiral staircase. I pulled out my computer and started writing this report. My thoughts seemed very strict, and I had trouble finding a sense of humor or anything of that sort. The report came out without much effort though.

0:35 I figured I might as well enjoy my trip a little, so I played the “A Saucerful of Secrets” album by Pink Floyd, mostly because it had some interesting album art. It was enjoyable, and I felt a bit like I was drifting atop the music. I got a wave of distracted thought, after noticing how my freckles lined up, I thought maybe the people who decided the constellations back in Greece were on a psychedelics and saw the stars line up into certain things. I thought about that for a bit before returning to the trip report.

0:45 I figured the effects would be gone by this point, but they were still in full swing. I messaged one of my friends about my “accomplishment”, but soon forgot about it. I browsed Instagram for a few minutes, but I was very confused by most of the pictures.

1:00 I was still feeling effects, visuals were still in, and I got rather emotional about some of the music, but I mostly just laid about and switched between writing this report and just thinking.

1:05 I fully expected the trip to be done by this point, but I still felt the peak. I began to get nervous, and my internal dialogue sort of freaked out; I started thinking I might have just permanently fucked myself by smoking Metocin. This all sort of spooked me, but I quickly was able to calm myself. Also, my internal dialogue seemed very detached, almost as if it was another person speaking to me, within me.

1:15 My muscles felt sort of contracted and sore, and stretching felt pretty good, but it didn’t help my muscles much. I decided to watch some YouTube videos, and I was very entranced and giggly while watching

1:40 The visuals became much less pronounced at this point, but I still felt a bit spacey. I was very comfortable lying down, and I had trouble moving at all. An unknown number called my phone, and it made me very nervous. I decided to pick up, I had a bit of trouble timing what I said correctly, but it wasn’t too awkward.

2:00 The comedown had certainly started here, and I began to feel less of a body-load, and my head became much clearer. I still had some subtle open-eye visuals, but I felt much more attached to the world than I did for the last 2 hours.

2:30 Although there were the slightest visuals, I felt baseline.

2:45 Visuals stopped. Baseline.

The trip was much longer than I expected, but it felt like a traditional Metocin trip. I feel surprisingly fulfilled after the trip, despite it seeming rather shallow during the trip. I would say it was most like an approximate 17mg Metocin trip (oral), only much shorter. I probably won’t repeat this, only because it is not efficient at all. I did, however enjoy that there was essentially no come-up, which I always find to be the most uncomfortable part of the trip. Smoking is also very clean; oral tends to make me nauseous and snorting hurts like hell.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 109940
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 13, 2017Views: 6,829
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4-HO-MET (436) : General (1), Alone (16)

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