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Ancient Prismatic Truth
Citation:   Andrew. "Ancient Prismatic Truth: An Experience with DMT (exp109959)". Aug 29, 2017.

  vaporized DMT (powder / crystals)
    smoked Cannabis  
I am fascinated by psychedelics, and have experimented with mushrooms a handful of times. I also enjoy cannabis, and have limited experience with MDMA and ketamine (less preferred substances). I have found that approaching psychedelics with the intention to learn has resulted in the most profound, fulfilling experiences for me.

I am sitting in a rolling desk chair in my friend’s bedroom. He and his roommate are present, and we decide to administer the DMT through a water pipe. Within the bowl is a layer of mixed cannabis and ash, topped with a layer of the powder. I tried the medicine for the first time the day before, but did not have the proper tools to maximize the intake of DMT. While I did not have a mystical experience, I thoroughly enjoyed the strangeness of the rushing sensation and mushroom-like visuals. The experience today, however, was starkly different than yesterday’s, close to what many describe as a “breakthrough”.

I take a first hit, watching the contents of the bowl vaporize. I make sure to vaporize the entirety of DMT that I can see, filling the chamber with milky white fumes. I quickly exhale, making room for the massive inhalation of smoke I am about to take. I do so, holding in the tar-tasting smoke for as long as humanly possible. Upon exhaling, the ride rapidly begins.

I lay back in the desk chair, holding on to the arm rest as I have the sensation of blasting off. I expect visuals like the day before, but they are more kaleidoscopic in nature and enveloping. I become uncomfortable, grasping the arm rest as if to remain rooted in the world with which I am familiar. The sensation of touch between by palm and the arm rest confuses me, as the tactile world gives way into something extraordinary.
The sensation of touch between by palm and the arm rest confuses me, as the tactile world gives way into something extraordinary.
I can see the arm rest for a moment, and then it and my arm are consumed by the most beautiful kaleidoscopic currents.

I look forward at one of my counterparts, attempting to cry out for help as I discover I am not ready for the plunge. Suddenly his eyes and nose are replicated about the room in a wallpaper-like pattern. Vision begins to lose meaning as I try to process what I am seeing. The last memory I have of vision is seeing magnificently rich pools of basic colors beneath me: green, blue and purple.

I am suddenly launched, no longer in the physical world. My field of view for a moment is a white expanse: the void. There is an eerie tinnitus-like ringing in my ears; it grows in volume and permeates the universe. The sound convinces me of a single, all-encompassing presence. The presence is aware of my entry into this fantastic world. The presence is alien in a non-traditional sense; I am very aware of its non-human intelligence. I am terrified, and don’t feel equipped to understand this place. I try to remember things from just before taking the medicine, but any associations with the physical world leave me utterly confused.

The landscape then dramatically changes, as I quickly float forward in a prismatic, colorful world. The scene defies explanation, but the best comparison is that I (what am I? My identity is meaningless here, but my consciousness is there) am hovering over a smooth and shining green plain, with the most beautiful of blue skies in the distance. There are structures on this green plain that somewhat resemble pyramids; there is definitely “civilization” down there.

The most intricate structure begins to grow at the center of my vision, floating in midair as I continue to hover to it. It contains similar Aztec-looking patterns as the pyramids far below us. These geometric patterns multiply in inexplicable detail and complexity. Feathers, diamonds, and snake-like phalanges flail about the periphery of this structure. While the structure doesn’t exactly look like it, I am aware that it is a face or head. Its mouth is open, and I continue flying toward it - into it. It breathes/engulfs/consumes me, and I begin to the journey back to earth.

During my comedown there was a song playing on my iPhone, and my two friends were strumming guitars to the tune of the song. I remember it being a gentle welcoming back to the physical world. Strangely enough, the music had an awfully somber tune to it. It was a beautiful synergy of sadness and truth. I felt calmed as the music informed me, “We know what you’ve been through. You’re okay; you’re back.”

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 109959
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Aug 29, 2017Views: 2,793
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DMT (18) : Entities / Beings (37), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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