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Into the Eye of Eternity
Spice-Like Smoking Blend
by SP
Citation:   SP. "Into the Eye of Eternity: An Experience with Spice-Like Smoking Blend (exp109990)". Dec 13, 2019.

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10 - 12 hits smoked Products - Spice-Like Smoking Blends
  T+ 7:00 3 - 4 hits smoked Products - Spice-Like Smoking Blends
[Erowid Note: A substance(s) in this report might be identified incorrectly. Erowid reviewers question the author's identification of the drug described. Although the report is included in the collection, the substance might be something other than the author believed it to be.]
The experience with this material started a few days before. After receiving a known amount of what was advertised as “one hitter quitter” spice, I began experimenting with single small hits of the substance.

It struck me like any other spice product at first, as I was dabbling lightly with a fairly potent substance. Woe to me a few days later the following happened, which I am trying to capture to the best of my ability.

I became aware that when smoked in larger quantities like 2-3 good hits this material became psychedelic. Little did I know how psychedelic it would become. After an evening smoking, likely 10 - 12 hits spaced out over 6-7 hours I felt comfortable with the material.
After an evening smoking, likely 10 - 12 hits spaced out over 6-7 hours I felt comfortable with the material.
It was late at night at everyone who shared the house with me was asleep. I loaded a full bowl of the material in question and rapidly took 3-4 big hits, cashing the bowl. It felt like nothing I have ever felt.

What was rapidly apparent was all reality was gone and there was no dimension in which I existed. I became aware of a prism of eyes with wings that began to telepathically freestyle with me, teaching me things. Beings began materializing out of the space around me. At one point all I could see was this rotating prism of eyes, glowing with knowledge, as though “The Others” had recruited me and began to shift through my every want and desire.

I remember freestyling out loud, it must have been eleven o clock at night as I stood in the backyard in the presence of this divine being just rambling, but I was pretty certain I was spitting poetry and other freestyles to God as a means of begging forgiveness. Everything is going swimmingly when I suddenly hear a crash and my body is in pain. I still can’t figure out what is going on because all of reality is nothing but this rotating prism of glowing eyes with wings. I begin to telepathically ask the beings around me for water, fearful that I was dying. I was on the ground on all fours, my glasses busted, but I had no clue that any of this had taken place yet, only in the morning when I found my glasses did I piece together that I tripped over a construction sawhorse and face-planted into the concrete. I awoke to my pillow with blood spatters on it.

What strikes me most is that I was having conversations with this infinite being and we were playing word games with each other, he/she/it was showing me all the flaws of my being but also illuminating the good in me, we had conversations about an ex girlfriend that I still couldn’t get over, etc.

It was a terrifying yet amazing experience. I am hesitant to try this material again that it might cloud the experience that was had.

I’m unsure if it was just really strong spice, but something inside suggests that if there was contact with a godhead and inter-dimensional beings with this level of immersion that there had to be some kind of DMT extract intermixed with the material itself. I’m uncertain. I want to reach out to the source of this material and ask but am hesitant to shine light on my “irresponsible” use by taking a few big hits in the way that I did.

It was a life-changing psychedelic experience in the fullest. Reality melted away, I became a presence in the presence of God, everything made perfect sense and I felt like my language skills were being upgraded. As I was coming down I had a number of other visionary experiences, including feeling the feel of being “connected” to the matrix, with accompanying visuals of my body connected to a computer, the feeling that all of reality was virtual in nature and that our consciousness was part of a computer program being run by an advanced species of aliens, that these molecules held the secret to hacking the code between time and dimensions.

At one point one of the beings was giving me a deep lesson on quantum physics, on how to share my vaporizer with beings from another dimension, but I turned away when it all became “too much” and he became unwilling to work with me further during this session.

I am convinced that this material I had is either some new RC or had DMT-extract laced with it for an added “punch”. It definitely delivered.

(noted caution: Who knows what this stuff was/is?!? BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!!!)

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 109990
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 34
Published: Dec 13, 2019Views: 1,132
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