Winter Tofu Dream
Citation:   seebueb. "Winter Tofu Dream: An Experience with 2C-D (exp110003)". May 16, 2017.

T+ 0:00
12.5 mg oral 2C-D (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:00 1 cig. smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 0:45 12.5 mg oral 2C-D (pill / tablet)
  T+ 2:30 1 smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 4:30 1 glass oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 6:30 1 cig. smoked Cannabis  
This is a report about my first time trying 2C-D.

I am a 43-year-old male, live in the center of a relatively big city in a small country in Europe. So please ignore my spelling and grammar mistakes. I did have a quite demanding job in engineering but quit it two years ago, to study at the philosophical faculty full-time. Psychedelics have always been my substance class of choice. All in all, I may have tripped roughly 50 times over the last 20 years, with some breaks of several years. Mushrooms are still my favorite and it was only recently that I discovered the beauty of small doses. Before that I had mostly taken near-“heroic” doses. Not because I was seeking the extreme, but my understanding of tripping was that it needs to be an intense experience to be – well, to be a trip. I smoke weed on a more or less daily basis.

By pure chance I found a freely accessible online source of 2C-D and 2C-E, even though both substances are a scheduled drug where I live. I was worried that the source may be closed soon, so I wanted to get some before the authorities stepped in and closed the source down. I ordered it online and two weeks later, I got 6 pills of 2C-D (50 mg each) and 2C-E (15 mg each) in my mailbox. But it took me some more three weeks before it felt right to give them a try.

Relaxed mindset for it was weekend during term break, when I usually work long hours in my old job to get my studies financed.

In my girlfriend S’s apartment in another city than where I life. A nice, clean apartment with a great view over the icy city (it was January).

25 mg 2C-D (12.5 mg / +12.5 mg @ +0:45)

12:30 / 12.5 mg 2C-D
I dissolved the half of a pill in water and down it went. It had a slightly bitter taste but hardly noticeable. I smoked a joint to ease the come-up and started watching “star trek – next generation” on my laptop on the couch. I feel a little doubtful that I would notice anything because of the joints I smoked before. Will marijuana tint the experience?

I think, I notice some effects. First I am not sure and blame it to a placebo effect and the thought away. The first sure sign is a clear-headed state. Everything seems to be very interesting and worth a thought. Thinking seems to be accelerated, inspiration comes easily and multitasking is easy. Usually, I got easily distracted and make sure that I concentrate on one thing only. And I am looking up things in Wikipedia (one of my favorite hobbies since I’m on a low budget) while easily following the story in star trek. This compound may make a good smart-drug on the right dosage.

13:00 / T: +0:30
Now I’m officially feeling the effects. A very nice, warm feeling radiates from the solar plexus through to the entire body. I feel like taking a shower, the sensation of water running down my body feels gorgeous. Touching in general is a joy, yet all activities are joyous! The bathroom seems to be covered with a distinctive green tint that is of the same shade of green as the curtain in front of the large window right next to the bathtub/shower. Amazing how little of this substance causes these effects! The come-up is through and I go for another small dosage.

13:15 / T: +0:45; +12.5 mg
Another 12.5 mg are dissolved and drank. Entertaining myself is easy while S. is doing some household stuff. We decide that it’s a great day to discover the natural sciences museum that recently opened. While she’s slowly finishing the household stuff and preparing herself I take the opportunity to reflect a bit on the subject of 2C-D. It has a definite confusing component, a little bit like being stoned or drunk. Thoughts were multiplying and going in all direction, but unlike on weed or mushrooms it's always easy to focus on one subject out of the many. It feels controllable. I kept enjoying the stream of new thoughts and unexpected connections and as soon as one of them appeared to me as being worth being examined I did so, not bothered by the other thoughts still going on in the background. On the body side it was giving me a definite warm feeling. I felt no nausea (what I think was because I ate some 1 hour before ingesting). Touching things or snuggling in a hoodie or under a blanket felt great. There was a slightly increased heart rate but nothing alarming and as much as I remember, it subsided after a while.

Getting ready took S. a while. I enjoyed wandering around in the apartment, enjoying my thoughts but was also a little bit worried if we make it to the museum before the trip wore off. It was the first hint of a being impatient that repeatedly came back during the trip. I thought it’s not right calling 2C-D “pharmacological tofu”. I liked (and am still liking) its properties very much. Especially this combination of opening one’s mind and at the same time it leaves the user the ability to focus on a subject on his own discretion. Maybe this changes with higher doses.

15:00 / T: +2:30
Finally, S. was ready. We were on our way to the museum. Again, a certain impatience revisited and I decided waiting outside of the apartment block, smoking a cigarette, feeling slightly off but managed to act completely normally. We walked through the busy center to the bus stop where we caught the train to the museum. I noticed that colors enhanced and people became almost cartoonish. Body attributes seemed to be enhanced. A skinny girl featured body proportions of a Barbie-doll while another with big legs looked like Robert Crumb had just drawn her.

As we entered the bus, he effect of both doses were at full swing. It was most noticeable because I was keeping getting my hoodie on and off oscillating because it was either to hot or I missed the cozy feeling of having it on.

15:30 / T: 3:00
We arrived at the museum after a 15 minutes’ ride and had to get the tickets. Empathy seemed greatly enhanced. I thought that I could exactly tell what the ticket lady was thinking, what the other visitors were thinking about us and how they stood to each other. I worried a little because I was not exactly sure whether the trip would kick in even harder, maybe up to a point where I couldn’t handle it anymore but pushed that thought easily away.

The visit in the museum was great. I especially loved the exhibition on minerals. Their indefinite refractions and shades of colors were great to watch. Again, there was a confusion on proportions. There was a stuffed roe deer family what seemed ridiculously small whereas it was the complete opposite with a stuffed family of wild hogs. I am still not sure if they have been caused by the substance or if I was only to see them “right” because of the substance.

At one point I was looking out of the window in the winter scenery and suddenly understood what Shulgin meant with “pharmacological tofu”. It seemed to me that 2C-D remains in the background. It doesn’t grab you by the proverbial ears and sends you on a mind trip, regardless whether you like it or not like mushrooms do for me. It’s there for your discretion, but the idea where to go must be selected by the passenger himself.

17:00 / + 4:30
Eventually, the museum was about to close and I wished to have a good beer. Strangely I did not have the urge to smoke weed as it is usually the case when I’m tripping. But a beer seemed to be a gorgeous idea and it gave my mood a positive turn. Not that it was negative before, but a welcomed extra. We sat in front of a big window that was pointing to a snow-covered garden. Even though it was overcast and grey, I enjoyed the sight much but realized simultaneously that the trip was going to subside.
We took the bus back and ate a pretty heavy meal that tasted great. I prepared a joint and S. started watching her favorite Spanish series on Netflix.

19:00 / +6:30
The weed slightly re-boosted the experience and gave it the typical weed-turn. The empathetic aspects were the most pronounced remaining effects. As, for example, S. explained the turns and twists in the series (the story-line in this series is quite dense, for my taste overloaded with heartbreaking events like death of children and executions of innocents) I felt much sympathy and decided that I’ll better keep watching star-trek instead. I came down but I missed the afterglow of a shroom trip which is always great, regardless how good or bad the trip was before. At around 20:00 (+7:30) I felt pretty much back to baseline. Sleep was easy to find and there was almost no hangover.

Next day
I went to bed around midnight after having smoked a few more joints. I fell in a deep sleep without problems and woke up with no signs of exhaustion of the body side. Emotionally, I felt more exhausted than expected and appreciated the extra day I had before it went back to work again. Strangely, it seemed to slow my digestion system down for another day.

I love this compound. At least on such a small dosage (25 mg). I appreciate it’s humble but inspiring character. It’s body load is enjoyable as well. It may be worth of combining it with some “character” substances like mushrooms. In my humble opinion, it’s an underrated chemical.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110003
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 43
Published: May 16, 2017Views: 4,257
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2C-D (103) : Combinations (3), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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