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Subtle but Noticeable
Citation:   Lovepotion. "Subtle but Noticeable: An Experience with ALD-52 (exp110007)". Jun 26, 2017.

14 ug sublingual AL-LAD (blotter / tab)
Microdosing 101

Set & Setting- Normal routines

I have ingested 12-16ug of ALD-52 in the morning every third day for the last nine days. These specific blotters are white with the name of the chemical (ALD-52) and dose (125ug) printed on one side and pieces of the molecular structure printed on the other side.

I divided one blotter into nine equal parts by cutting it into three strips and then cut each of those into 3 equal parts. 125ug divided by 9 = 13.8ug. Every third morning either before or after breakfast and always within an hour of waking up I place the tiny square of paper under my tongue. Within a few minutes the paper softens and my mouth salivates more than usual, I find this is a good time to roll the piece of paper around with my tongue and gently chew it with my front teeth until it is too soggy to do anything else with. I then swallow the little bits and pieces. I can taste something ever so subtle in these. Might just be the ink on the paper or the paper itself.

My first time ever taking this substance was last Monday before work. I had a good night's rest. Upon waking up I ate some toast and eggs, brushed my teeth and placed the small piece of paper under my tongue. I went to the local coffee shop where the highest quality coffee is served by the cutest baristas in town. I ordered my usual 12oz latte and headed home. The barista and I held a steady conversation while maintaining pleasant eye contact. I live for these interactions. When I made it back I felt a bit of extra adrenaline and excitement. I usually get excited before drinking my coffee because of how much I love coffee and the morning ritual of procuring it.

About an hour after ingestion the effects were beginning to manifest in a subtle but noticeable way.
About an hour after ingestion the effects were beginning to manifest in a subtle but noticeable way.
This is when something very important happened. I was feeling well when my father called me to ask me something about taxes. I offered my full attention to his clear and concise words, all while continuing to get ready for work. While we were talking I reached for my coffee cup to take a sip as it slipped out of my hand and spilled all over the floor. I said out loud, 'Fuck, that is the price to pay for trying to talk on the phone, get ready for work and drink hot coffee all at once.' I was disappointed to have spilled this lovely beverage, something I've been dependent upon for sometime now. I told my dad what happened and that I need to call him back. Luckily the mess was contained to the kitchen alone which could not have been an easier place to mop. No stains, no problem. Instead of using a bucket to ring the mop into, I filled the bathtub with a little water and used that. Outstanding how only two small shots of espresso mixed with milk is enough to dye several gallons of water dark brown. I wondered where all the colors of the food we eat go? I was glad to have spilled my coffee, without the caffeine I could gauge what this stuff is really made of. My body and mind were expecting their usual caffeine buzz but instead they got something special. Todays catch was that infamous ALD-52.

I rode my bike along the beach path towards work, listening to some music through a bluetooth speaker, admiring the sunny morning and the freedom that riding a bicycle grants. I work at a French Patisserie. It is an easy job with no surprises and all of the staff get along famously. The most organized business model I've witnessed to date. We make and sell some of the highest quality French Croissants and Pastries in the world. No really, people from all over the world say the Almond Croissants are better than those they've had in Bordeaux. I am filled with gratitude to work around such creations of passion. The Head Chef and Baker are French sorcerers, having dedicated their lives to this mastery and now successfully own and operate a great business.

While working in this tight space things can become a little stuffy and claustrophobic. We move in rhythm with each other and use a lot of body language to communicate. Todays experiment left me feeling more comfortable in my own skin. I was able to accomplish many small tasks in a short period of time with little effort and most notably without any coffee. When noon rolled around I just kept moving, no signs of caffeine withdrawal. The day was never hi-jacked by any caffeine headache or mid afternoon caffeine crash. This is when I realized the experiment was paying off. Although I do not suffer from any sort of real addiction or depressive thought processes, I know there is room in my attitude and outlook on life for improvement. This was proving to give that little push I needed to stay present and alert, a subtle but helpful therapeutic advantage even for a 'normal' person working a 'normal' job.

The positive effects of taking this chemical at this dose in these intervals is wonderful. I have yet to notice any negative side effects. Very different than a full on psychedelic experience. It would be difficult to quantify the difference, because while I do believe powerful psychedelic experiences have powerful transformative qualities, that isn't what a microdose is for. With this small amount of chemical the effects are 'sub perpetual'. What minor effects are noticed seem to feel very normal. The most notable effects are increased energy, heightened cognitive abilities and there is an ever so slight sense of well being but I would not call it euphoria. It is incomparable to other, more legal and tested pharmaceuticals. Unlike prescribed stimulants there isn't any rush or sense of urgency nor is there any appetite suppression. Indeed I noticed food tastes good and eating is pleasurable as usual. A feeling of being upbeat that falls somewhere along the lines of stimulation but with a calming charm. I described the feeling to a friend as being, 'clear headed like after a very good nights sleep, energized like having a healthy breakfast, and uplifted like I do after having really good sex.'

These experiments have allowed me to overcome my dependency to coffee
These experiments have allowed me to overcome my dependency to coffee
which paradoxically lead to a strong sense of accomplishment. Originally I never had any plans to use this to quit drinking coffee, it just sort of happened that way. I suppose this is the path I needed to take in order to come to a more finite conclusion and understanding of my own inner workings. I believe this worked on a chemical level as it curbed the dreaded caffeine withdrawal symptoms. I wonder if there is some similar receptors being activated. It also works on a psychological level, allowing me to better understand why I do the things I do. I am more able to will myself into doing things, and prioritize some of the deeper personal values. The little editor in my mind was removed. l am more in control of my actions and less nervous and anxious even during the in between days of microdosing. The latter having more to do with not drinking coffee more than anything.

I plan on continuing this micro dosing regimen of 12-15ugs every three days unless negative side effects are noticed. By doing it this way, one 125ug blotter paper will last 27 days, and ten 125ug blotter papers will last 270 days.

Don't go chasing unicorns.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110007
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: Jun 26, 2017Views: 5,973
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ALD-52 (748) : Various (28), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Performance Enhancement (50), General (1)

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