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A Blend of Space Time and Color
2C-P & 2C-D
Citation:   CallMeGhost. "A Blend of Space Time and Color: An Experience with 2C-P & 2C-D (exp110047)". Dec 9, 2017.

T+ 0:00
12 mg oral 2C-P (powder / crystals)
  T+ 4:00 7 mg oral 2C-D (powder / crystals)
  T+ 10:30   smoked Cannabis  
I would like to add a note of responsibility before this trip report. I researched these substances but had no idea it would last 18-20 HOURS. I had to work basically a whole shift tripping with Vincent van Gogh. Please don't make the same mistake I did. This was absolutely a beautiful trip, very amazing headspace (but you will note I had to bribe a coworker with $50 to help me out at work).

Once I had a very potent psychedelic experience on 2cp, and 2cd. I had a few experiences under my belt at <9mg 2cp. I decided to go for broke and do a whopping 12mg that night. 2cp is extremely potent, stronger by weight than 2ci or 2ce I would suppose.

I got off work at 10, got home, cleaned up and ready by 10:30, weighed it out, put the powder on my tongue, and waited. There was a real quick sensation in my mouth like I had burned my tongue on a hot drink, a small spot in my mouth that was kind of tingly numb, and then the roof of my mouth feeling the same. It was numb fairly quickly barely a chance to register that it tasted bad/bitter.

The come up was about an hour, maybe a bit less. I felt cold, I had to cover myself with a couple blankets to stay warm.

In the darkness I got a weird body buzz, like I couldn't not move, was feeling quite restless. Also was seeing CEV, mainly green, blue, and pink blobs, similar to what else I've reported on 2cx, and slightly similar to what I saw extremely early on in my psilohuasca trip. I had the feeling after about an hour that it was hard to see, even though it was dark.

I got a feeling of 'What is sight?' Kept getting weird thoughts like that in my head. 'Where am I?' And I kept getting a feeling of being a dot on top of a dot, trying to distinguish myself, and the higher I got the more I realized I was just a dot and everything else was made up of me, and I was made up of everything else. Extremely open minded and random deep thought provoking messages came to me. I say 'messages' because they weren't thoughts. A 'thought' would be something that originated within the thinker. These 'messages' were completely random, sporadic, and out of context. I remember going to get a bowl of cereal because I was hungry, and as I climbed the stairs I got one that was along the lines of 'if up is up and down is down, how is it for someone in Europe, Asia, etc. Their up is not my up, and my down is not the same as them.' And I was trying to justify it in such a weird manner. Like trying to convince myself that the world didn't exist as a large 26,000 mile around globe, but more like an infinitesimal speck, and therefore I could be in my kitchen while also in my bed at the same time.
Everyday weirdness right?

Even in the dark it felt like visually things were getting weird, I saw shadows everywhere, even when I knew there was nothing there.

I decided to turn on the lights after about 2 hours, and yes things were weird. Reminded me of an old windows screensaver, or the windows media player music background, the kind where the background stays normal and they have a little swirling thing bouncing everywhere. I would see normal things but it would be really deep, and layered with different patterns on them. Really difficult to focus on looking, so I had to let my other senses take over, which was kind of cool. After about 4 hours from the initial dose, I redosed with 7mg 2cd. I had meant to grab the 2cp, but read the wrong bag due to warping images.
I had meant to grab the 2cp, but read the wrong bag due to warping images.

I had planned this trip out for about a week in advance narrowing my selection to 2ce, 2cd, or 2cp, and I left the two 'top picks' where I could get to them for a redose. I had planned to redosed on 2cp, but instead now had a two-drug trip. Things were about to go from intense to insane.

I started playing around on my phone after the redosed, and just couldn't after about half an hour. I turned the lights on to find myself in my room, a la Salvador Dali meets van Gogh. Everything was dripping, blurring, and deep. Walls were curvy and going to the kitchen was a hassle as I was now tripping extremely hard (maybe an hour and a half after the redosed) I woke my dog up getting some more cereal and had to call it quits on movement. vWent back to my basement where I stretched my body to keep the blood flowing.

More strange thoughts, and really hard tripping. I don't normally trip that hard unless its 600+ mics of LSD. I realized it was not going to be done in time for work, and got comfortable, so at least my body would be rested. CEV dominated my vision as the green and purple blobs were replaced by extremely bright camera flashes, from somewhere behind me (some crazy hallucinations, I was in the complete darkness) which illuminated the room to the point where I could see things. Everything was really wavy (I thought someone had broken into the house at one point and had to reassure myself that no one was in the basement).

Around 9 am I got up and smoked some weed, which I only managed to smoke once during the first part of the trip. I was still tripping hard. Visually, I was at about 300 mics or so of LSD. At this point: I wanna get off the train someone tell the driver mine was nine stops ago, I'm flying supercalifragilisticexpialadociously high and its been 11 hours almost I didn't plan on being this high!

At 9:45, I suit up. I go into work all I gotta do is wash dishes and prep. I tell the head cook I'm fucked up and if he helps me on prep I'll pay him and smoke him out (please don't do this) he was really pissed, but I was really apologetic, I definitely still didn't want to be seeing the surface of everything melting like so much burning plastic. I was still getting the camera flash things, but much less often.

I was incredibly hot, sweating like a woman of ill repute in a socially unforgiving religious structure. Weird thoughts still pervading my thoughts what gives? Ok, they were not bad at all just I was now working, I should have planned much better as I don't have time to hear my cells in between my ears telling the cells in my arm how to keep from dissolving. I did manage to get my prep done, without help but still. I could have felt much better. I probably had about 6-7 bathroom breaks in 4 hours before lunch.

Flash forward to lunch? That's kind of what I did, putting my body on autopilot, telling it hopelessly to hurry up! Watching myself work until the clock struck 2pm. I grabbed a couple tacos and took a nap managing to get comfortable.

I woke up at about 2:15. 'I am dead' I was thinking. I was somehow in some afterlife hell, and I couldn't figure out where 'I' was. Nothing in front of me looked familiar (was sleeping in my friend's car). I couldn't even tell my eyes were open or closed or what was going on. Just the sensation that something completely alien was going on, and slowly realizing that 'I' was that alien thing. The concept of Ghost was so confusing. I couldn't sit and try to figure it out cause I didn't have a body I was a tiny speck inside of a great big humongous thing which was slowly becoming more familiar as my body.
I was a tiny speck inside of a great big humongous thing which was slowly becoming more familiar as my body.

It felt as if when I had been sleeping, my brain had been exposed to that ONE speck, that ONE singular neuron or atom or whatever where thought originates and that I was hearing its unfiltered voice since I started tripping, and now that it realized that my 'self' was paying attention, it was bringing more attention to it's 'self'. It was a very weird sensation. Like realizing the voice in your head, that voice which is reading this very sentence to You right now, is not the same voice as it has been. Like that voice is someone or thing else.

I woke up, and tried to get more rest, and by around 6pm, they were down to just some movement, so like 50-75 mics of LSD. I was still seeing a lot of movement, but it was a whole lot smoother than it was before, and I could ignore it and work.

All in all, I would do it again, but I would plan it better. 2cp and 2cd in less than those doses on their own haven't lasted me that long, so it really surprised me. It was fairly comfortable, as 'I' just let go and washed dishes like an automaton, and let my mind wander, thinking of things like why certain plants behave the way they do, what 'color' really is, how we could really rate speed (how does it compare to someone in the air? On the moon? In a different galaxy?) Simple thoughts lik

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 110047
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Dec 9, 2017Views: 2,102
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2C-D (103), 2C-P (305) : Various (28), Multi-Day Experience (13), What Was in That? (26), Combinations (3)

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