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Industrial Mindfuck Mayhem
MDA & 2C-E
by australianalien
Citation:   australianalien. "Industrial Mindfuck Mayhem: An Experience with MDA & 2C-E (exp110049)". Feb 22, 2017.

120 mg rectal MDA (capsule)
  120 mg rectal MDA (capsule)
  7 mg insufflated 2C-E (powder / crystals)
    smoked Cannabis  
  4 tablets oral Pharms - Diazepam  


I've up until this experience my previous drug history has mainly been deeply rooted in hard drugs, Shard or Ice, Amphetamine sulphate, heroin, Dyhydrocodeine mixed with codeine phosphate, Xanax, Valium, Clonazepam and your pharma grade uppers methylphenidate, dexamphetamine, and chronic usage of cannabis naturally :)

There was something I had always turned my nose at, eccies! Well with large campaigns in my youth to demonize the usage of empathy producing amphetamine based pills (MDMA, MDA). In other words I'd smoke a point of ice and say how dangerous eccies where haha pretty ironic!

I had a group of friends constantly in the rave scene of Sydney and they would revel about pill trips and the like, it had me wondering there's something about this that has always fascinated me, the profound intoxication and hyper drive of love and loss of ego without having to go through some gauntlet of mindfucks. However this story in specific did involve gauntlets, mindfucks, complete ego death and rebirth and to this day I believe in some way I will always have to integrate the results of this self experiment and experience.
So curiosity killed the cat.

After dabbling in a few 10 packs of a print sporting a jesters hat, I immediately understood the hype but street pills were pricey and were impossible to calculate dosage so through a friend we had built a contact who distributed the most pure stuff ever, Metheylene Dioxy Amphetamine. Immediately in the period of a year we had acquired a half ounce of MDA.

There were other flavours on the menu through this contact such as the famed 2cX family b,I and e. So we purchase a gram of 2cb and a gram of 2ce ( we end up with 2 grams of 2ce). Being tripping partners we get to action in cleaning out the tripping space whilst thinking only of positivity to get the most we can out of the night.

It's go time I rectally take 1 capsule with 120mg of MDA dissolved into a oral syringe, immediately almost the exact same rush of the first time I took opiates then a symposium of love, and understanding for the sadness, I suck air deep into my soul and feel every good sense in my body ejaculate hope and affection for those who are in pain and suffering, Rapidly my close vision comes alight with neon electric blue and a red that almost blinded, sculpted figures of great wisdom, all I could do was observe their movements as I was being mentally transported to somewhere beautiful and neon. I open my eyes and with the most drugged up smacky looking smile I exit the bathroom and join my buddy in the room. I let out a sigh of relief as open eyed visuals start to progress like tectonic Mario. Lofi esq screen savers appear on walls and floors.

Several hour pass, we decide to boost the roll with another cap, this time we also dab out a lil 2ce on the table, for after we've dosed in our own different way with our MDA. Dosages done and that's where things get a little fractured. We've immediately snorted the 2ce after.

The immediate presence of the mda rushes through both our solar plexus flooring us. We are rolling so fucking hard and fast this isn't ecstasy this is mayhem and fuck we love it gurning and clicking like mental patients with the look of shock plastered to our faces like porcilan dolls. We delve into the closed eye realm there is no escape now, the looming sense of what we've done seems not to phase my parter as much as it did me. I hadn't ever felt this way, this out of my mind before, can I grip this bitch by the horns and make it out? The rapid circulation of thoughts spiral and twist with the patterns in a sickly chime. I convulse in fear for a micro second.

Deep breath cunt, it's all cool, I blank, I am nowhere. I can say it was a vision or a sensation between touch and sound, mechanical chips and circuitry silos of madness. I could feel a sense that this large steel claw was rearranging my mind faster and faster.
I could feel a sense that this large steel claw was rearranging my mind faster and faster.
It worked smelling its gears heating up to a burning smell of carcinogenic vapors, what the fuck is this. Slight sparkles appear on the outline of this synaesthesia doom-like mind rape, greens yellows dominant, reds that chilled me when I focus upon its hue appear on everything's outline.

I realise I'm awake I'm back in my body I'm me or am I me idk. I'm rolling faster than ever before even after 10 pressed pills. I can even speak, I'm a puddle of serotonin, I balloon my cheeks out like some chimpanzee 'I can feel the fucking blood vessels in my teeth cunt' I cry in a happy way 'how are you feeling bra?' He groans saying something along the lines of 'it's pretty strong hey bra'. Suddenly that realisation what I had experienced is only a mere microcosm of what was to come. Thud. The fear grips me like a silverback, and boom I'm back smacking out clicking and gurning like a stroke victim. I strip all my clothes off, I'm in my jocks, my friends rolling too hard to even see this. I feel my temperature soaring. I jump into the shower and run the cold water damn! Fucking rainbows entering my vision I realise I've not turned the light on, in pitch black water running, rainfalling, like a pantone colour scale of every shade dissolves on my body.

I start to regain some sort of will to power on and actually challenge this trip, confront it. This probably was the catalyst to the escalation in open eyed hallucinations and inability to disclose closed eyed from open. There's a slight anesthetic quality to this trip where I am out of body but also feel 2 feet deep. I am feeling 3 sides of my being the third my physical, is this madness? The risk of challenging yourself in a trip is you might get more than you bargain for.

Previous pill trips had enhanced music, never though had I heard things that were not there like martian like alien jabber. I could feel it in my brain, I awaken again, sort of anyway. I dry myself off put on some footy shorts and lay down in the room again.

I can't manage to deal with this fucking trip anymore it needs to chill the fuck down. I pop 4 valiums and smoke a fuckload of weed this however temporarily skyrockets my trip into some sort of void like purgatory I really can articulate. I pass out, finally salvation, rest, too much info being blasted into my body, engulfed into the psychedelic doldrums that exist every day hidden before all of us see unless completely mad or mindbent.

It's been about 2 years since this trip, I'm still processing it all, the one thing I'm left with though is I now perceive some sight textures to have a grainy nature to them and everything given the right light has a flouro orange dusty speckle. This at the start concerned me, and perhaps I am either cooked or just resilient but I have integrated it into my life. I don't let it affect me and it doesn't affect motors kills or thought patterns, I just see it as a reminder of what's hidden before all of us.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 110049
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Feb 22, 2017Views: 1,300
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MDA (34) : Small Group (2-9) (17), HPPD / Lasting Visuals (40), Combinations (3), General (1)

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