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Speed For Days
Amphetamines (Adderall)
Citation:   Anonymous. "Speed For Days: An Experience with Amphetamines (Adderall) (exp110077)". Oct 20, 2018.

T+ 0:00
10 mg insufflated Amphetamines (ground / crushed)
  T+ 1:25 20 mg insufflated Amphetamines (ground / crushed)
  T+ 3:30 10 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:00   repeated oral Caffeine  
  T+ 4:45 30 mg oral Amphetamines  
  T+ 8:00 1.5 g oral Kratom (ground / crushed)
Before I get into this, I would like to note that I am not new to the drug scene whatsoever. I have experience with many different chemicals such as marijuana, Klonopin, Xanax Soma (Carisoprodol), psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, Hydrocodone, Whip-its, Codeine, Methylphenidate (Concerta), DXM, Meth, Cocaine, Oxycoton, high doses of caffeine, I could continue this list on for a another paragraph or so. With such a large list, you can say I'm very experienced in a wide variety of controlled substances.

I have plenty of experience with stimulant prescriptions such as Concerta and Vyvanse, but I've never been able to really 'abuse' these two simply because they don't do much for me. And I haven't been able to get ahold of Adderrall for some reason. I have heard many great things about this prescription ADHD pill, and I have been very eager to try it for months now, but with my luck I could never find a reliable source. I had tried buying Adderrall once before, but the guy tried passing sugar pills as addys, I shut that shit down real quick.

So when I had discovered one of my best friend's that I go very far back with had a prescription for Adderall, I had to hop on this opportunity to list another chemical on my 'Junky Resumè'. Let's refer to this friend as John.

It had been a few weeks since I had last spoken to John since I am enrolled into an independent high school that is branched off of our public high school, where John goes to school. It was lunch and I had searched around for him and when discovered, I started conversation with him about the latest update for a game we mutually love and occasionally play together when we have the time.

After a little chatting, I brought up that I had heard about his Adderall prescription, and like music to my ears he confirmed that I had heard correctly. I asked if he would be willing to bring me a few the next day, which is now the day in which I am writing this, and he agreed to hook me up, but mentioned that I wouldn't need to pay him anything since him and I go way back.

Sooner or later lunch ends, and we continue our standard schedule and the day ends. I arrive home anxious for the next day to come around and I spend the night reading up on the chemical make up of Adderall, how it works on the brain, and the effects I should expect from a 30mg dose, which is what I had planned to start my experience at after reading up and informing myself on what I was about to experience the next day.

After a few hours of educating myself on the effects and warnings of this drug, I smoked my ritualistic bowl before falling asleep to ease the discomfort that my Crohn's disease causes me.

I wake up around 7:25am the next day and message John on social media to ensure he does not forget to bring me the pills I was ever so anxious for. He instantly replies, relieving me of my anxiety by ensuring he has them on him. Now aware that my plans are in place, I prepare myself for the day ahead of me by showering and dressing myself up a little nicer than I usually do.

I arrive at school around 7:45-7:55 and I sit at the table I usually do in the public high school (the independent school I go to doesn't open their doors until 8) anxiously waiting to his arrival. After about 15 minutes of waiting, I go into the Indo (this is the nickname that all Independent High school students refer to it as) set my stuff up at my desk, poured myself some coffee and went back out into the public High school to find John sitting patiently at the table I was just waiting for him not even 10 minutes ago.

I sit across from him and we start to have a pretty basic chat, and after a few minutes of catching up on the events in each other's life, he says he's got the addys on him. I thank him again for being a homie and not charging me anything, and he hands me a prescription bottle that I quickly stashed into my pocket to avoid it being spotted by anyone. I would like to add that at this point I offered him $5 for helping me out, but he was very quick to decline, even though I insisted that he took it.

The bell rings after some more chatting so we say our farewells and go our separate ways. I go back into the Indo and since our schedule is different than the public high school, I still have 15 minutes to socialize before my first class begins. I take this time to grab a couple spoons from the kitchen, a piece of paper from my desk, and the $5 from my wallet, I go into the bathroom, lock the door, (we have two separate bathrooms that are meant for individual use at a time) and lay all of my supplies on a little table thats in there.

I pull the prescription bottle out of my pocket and read the label to find John's full name written on the bottle, and right under that, '10mg Amphetamine/Dextroamphetamine, take two throughout the day as needed' and I open it to a find a surprise of 9 pills left on the bottle, totalling up to 90mg. Triple the dose of which I had previously asked for, which was a very generous gift of him to give me for free.

I pull one of the blue, round pills out, crush it up with my trusty spoons and release the very fine powder onto the paper, fold the paper on half so the powder settles into a line in the crease, rolled up my $5 bill, and got to snorting the 10mg Adderall.

It stung a little bit when I first got to sniffing, but once I pulled the bill from my nose and gave a big ol' sniff to make sure all the powdered goes up into the nasal membrane, it kinda numbed out and wasn't nearly as bad, this burn faded fairly quickly. I had read the effects took a few minutes to kick in after snorting an Adderall, so I flushed the toilet to make it seemed like I had used it, ran some water on my fingers and inhaled it into the nostril I used to snort the pill to flush out all that nasty filler and help with the dried up feeling I get when I insufflate anything.

I walk out and went straight to my desk, logged on to my PC, and got straight to work on my online classes.

This is how my experience went:

[T+0:00] I am just starting a new assignment for my history, some topic on ancient China. I feel very sleepy, for I had taken melatonin the previous night so I could have a good rest before I took an amphetamine which was garunteed to keep me awake.

[T+0:05] I can feel the onset of the effects, I feel much more 'wired', this was a VERY good wake up, call. I have a slight 'buzz' in my spine and the back of my head, kind of like a cold numb feeling. I can tell my moods lifted, and more content with my environment. The music I'm playing sounds much more 'alive' and I find myself finding deeper meaning in the lyrics.

[T+0:20] I can tell the effects have hit me as hard as it's going to. I am slightly disappointed, but I remind myself that I had only taken 10mg. I am much more productive though, in the 20 minutes it has been since I had left the bathroom after railing the script I had already completed an entire assignment, which usually takes me 30-45 minutes to complete. Although I haven't taken very much, I can still notice that there is a chemical in me and it's doing 'something'.

[T+1:00] The slight effects I have been experiencing are slightly less noticable. I don't if that means it's worn off, or if I got used to the feeling.
I don't if that means it's worn off, or if I got used to the feeling.
The happiness/lightheaded feeling has kind of calmed down a little bit although there wasn't much in the first place.

[T:1:25] The first class period ends, and our 10 minute break begins. I decide to take this time to wish a friend of mine happy birthday, and I give him one of the addys I had on me as a gift since I didn't have anything else. After speaking to him, I grab my spoons and head into the bathroom to rail another 20mg. Same preparation as before, but this time it didn't burn nearly as much as it did with the first line I had done earlier, but I had to use my other nostril since I couldn't inhale hard enough with the one I usually use (the right nostril) to get the powder up into it.

I finish up railing the three 2' lines (roughly around 2') that the two pills granted me, cleaned my nose up a bit, flush the toilet, and I head on out back to my desk to continue working on my history.

[T+1:35] This time around it hit me a lot faster, and a lot harder. I felt the buzz I described earlier, and a moment later my face felt like it had been splashed with ice water, and a bolt of chills charge down my spine. I am 100% sure at this moment, that I am over the edge it had me on at 10mg, I am VERY high right now. I now have 30mg of Adderall pumping through my body, and damn it feels good. I understand now why this drug is so addictive, it makes me feel a strong rush of energy and happiness and productivity, and oh my god does that rush feel good.

[T+1:50] To my surprise, the Adderall hit me again with another 'rush' and I start to feel much more tweaked out than I was 15-20 minutes ago. I notice I can't stop taking 'educational' notes in my journal unless I stopped reading the paragraphs on my screen, and watched my hand be taken away from the page full of notes. I never take notes, and I had four pages filled with semi-usefull information that I had just read. For some odd reason I was working simultaneously on two different assignments, and doing just fine? I had my online history open and working on that, and at the same time I was jotting down notes about fungus for my agricultural class. To be honest, I didn't even know I was taking notes for the first five minutes of writing, I had been so focused on my computer screen. When I put down my pencil, both hands would shake, and my fingers were a lot twitchier/shaky than I had expected
both hands would shake, and my fingers were a lot twitchier/shaky than I had expected
from a 30mg dose, but this doesn't bother me at all for I knew this was common with amphetamines.

[T+2:30] It is now 40-45 minutes since the second rush I had experienced, and I have already completed 3 history assignments, 1 science project that I have been avoiding for weeks, and a few math assignments.

[T+2:50] I now have 7 pages of notes just on a single type of fungi, I didnt even know that much information on one species could even exist, but my adderall fueled web surfing certainly did not leave me empty handed. A buddy of mine in the Indo somehow found out I had addys on me and aproached be asking if I would front him one and he'd pay me back the next day with 4mg of Xanax. So, with the offer that would require me to only give up 10mg that I got for free in exchange for 4mg of my favorite sedative, of course I accept (Xanax in my town usually go for $10-$15 a mg so this was a VERY good offer on my part, practically a steal) and I trust him enough that I will be treated tomorrow with his barter.

[T+3:30] Its now lunchtime and I am left with 40mg of Adderall left. I notice my euphoria is starting to fade away, so I pop one normally to bring back that aspect of the high. So now I have 40mg amphetamine/Dextroamphetamine pumping through my veins. My body feels VERY light, almost as if I didn't weigh a thing. Walking gave me a very satisfying energy and it was almost a challenge to get me to stop and sit down again.

[T+3:45] The addy I popped is taking its effect and I'm feeling MUCH more euphoric than I previously was. I don't know what effect this may of had on my experience, but throughout the morning until maybe 12:45 I had been sipping on a couple large cups of coffee as I usually do in the mornings.

I began to have a conversation with my ex girlfriend, who is for some reason still an active figure in my life. Usually, her and I do not get along, we are able to talk and kinda get along if we're with mutual friends but we usually never have too much to say when it's just us together. But today, I had the confidence of a lion and her and I actually had a really nice conversation and I walked away from it with a different perspective on her and the role she's played in my life. I'm now feeling very grateful for the experiences we've had together.

[T+4:15] Lunch is now over and I am back to my desk jotting down much, much more notes than I would ever need. I'm going to add that my school schedule is different every other day, and on this 'B Day schedule' I am at my desk doing my online work until the final class period which for me is English. I decided to take the Adderall today since I would be able to get the most amount of work done on this schedule.

[T+4:45] Once again I'm starting to lose the edge, or the 'Euphoric' part of the high, and I ask a friend who regularly uses Adderall if it would be safe for me to take another 30mg since I had already taken a 'standard' starting recreational dose of 40mg for a first timer. He said since I've done other stimulants such as Concerta and Vyvanse to be more productive, I would be able to handle a higher dose of Adderrall since I'm not stimulant naive.

Now reassured from a trust worthy source that I will be ok, I decided to grow a pair and finish off the last three 10mg in the bottle.

I decided instead of snorting or swallowing it whole, I would chew it just to try out the different ways of administration. These pills have a very unique taste to it. I can't say it's awful, nor can I say it's any good. It's very bitter and kind of sour in an odd way, but it has a slight sugar kinda taste. I guess you can describe it as 'sickeningly sweet'.

The white pills would probably be better for me if I'm gonna be snorting in public, it's not nearly as obvious as blue snot falling from my nose.

[T+6:25] The final 30mg hit me like a god damn train. I was pretty damn high already, and I thought that was a pretty good buzz going on for me. But when the final 30mgs hit, I felt a physically drop in my body. It was almost like my heart had completely stopped for a few moments, and when it continued to pump again it had the power of 1,000 horses' adrenaline pumping into my veins.

I can't describe this synergy with words, but I could feel the power striking every nerve in my body, as if I could feel the amphetamine flowing through my bloodstream, giving me the strength and confidence of the gods themselves. My fingers became very tingly, and I began to grind my jaw for it felt heavenly intoxicating. (It hardly compares to the feeling of grinding my teeth while on opiates though)

I went into the bathroom, not to snort any more pills (sadly) But to use it as it's meant for, and oh god does peeing feel weird on Adderall. I had a weird numb/tingling feeling in my body, especially around my genitalia. And when I urinated this feeling only intensified to an almost orgasm like feeling, I can't say I enjoyed it too much since it was very unexpected, but the sensation honestly wasn't that bad. Finishing up, I looked into the mirror to check my pupils, and dear god they were the smallest I've EVER seen them. It was hard to locate where they were in my eye, almost as if they disappeared.

[T+7:00] Once again, my euphoria is dying down. And I can tell I'm starting to come down a little bit. I have less energy, but I'm still highly motivated to do anything and everything that would keep me busy. School is about to get out in 20 minutes, and usually at this time everyone is getting ready to leave. And I'm usually the first one to get ready, but today I stayed at my desk jotting down notes until my friend who was giving me a ride home forced me to get up and quit working.

I craved to get work done, and that is probably the only time that's ever happened for me. Not even Concerta or Vyvanse made me WANT to work, they only help me stay productive. Adderall made me NEED to stay busy, and if I wasn't doing something my fingers would tweak and shit.

[T+7:30] My buddy drops me off at my place, and I'm still VERY high, my euphoria has completely disappeared and I have no hopes of bringing that feeling back, for I'm already out of pills, but I'm still charged up. I sit down at the desk in my room, and for the first time since 6th grade, I started doing my homework without having to be bugged for hours by my parent's.

[T+8:00] It's now around 4:30, and I am definitely starting to crash a little bit so I decide to take 1.5 grams of Kratom. This only seemed to bring the euphoria back so I was very pleased with this mixture. I'm still slowly coming down, I feel exhausted as if I had finished working out all day. My head was pounding, but once the Kratom took effect that quickly faded out.

It is now 12:38am, I still feel awake and I have a very slight amphetamine buzz going on, almost kinda feels like I've had a very small bump of coke. I am very happy with how my experience with Adderrall went, and the comedown wasn't nearly as bad as a coke or meth comedown, but it still hurt my head and has left me, very, very tired. Overall it was a great experience, and I look forward to experimenting with Adderall more in the future.

ADDED AT 7:43 AM: Well, it's almost 8 in the morning and I'm still awake. I'm tired, and I don't think it's exactly the pills that's kept me up but it has to be doing something to help me stay awake, I usually pass out around 10:30 or 11. Staying up past midnight is a very rare occasion for me. But I guess on Adderall that's a different story....

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110077
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 20, 2018Views: 10,425
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