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Candies n Hugs
by OMJ
Citation:   OMJ. "Candies n Hugs: An Experience with LSD & MDMA (exp110101)". Erowid.org. Mar 16, 2017. erowid.org/exp/110101

T+ 0:00
0.5 hits oral LSD
  T+ 1:30 150 mg oral MDMA
  T+ 5:00   smoked Cannabis


In Brazil, one of the largest and most awaited festivals is the carnival, it lasts from friday night till midday wednesday (in some states people do party for even longer time). So, a couple of friends from the countryside, Bomb, Maurice and Snow, decided to come to my hometown, a capital, to enjoy the festivities. They were really interested in having some molly for the time being, so we ended up getting some really pure MDMA powder from a friend of mine. Iím not a big fan of parties neither the carnival itself, but since I also got some E for myself I thought it could be fun if we hit some kind of electronic music party, among the hundreds of street parties that happen in the period (this kind of parties are pretty unusual in carnival, since most of them are ďsambaĒ, ďaxťĒ and other brazilian music parties). On thursday we finally found an electronic party, from some guys of a huge rave group from the town. Previously I have had bought a big bulk of marquis tested acid blotters and still had some with my friend Slickback, so I thought it would be nice to do a candyflip since I have a pretty decent experience with lucy, and various other psychedelics, and have had MDMA 2-3 times prior.

It was a very long day. I had to go get the acid with Slickback before the party, since some of my friends, me and my girlfriend (Liebe) were all going to candyflip and, even before that, I had to go to my auntís house in a nearby city. So I woke up early, had a small breakfast and went to my auntís. Weíve had a good nostalgia time there looking at really old pictures of my family and had lunch around 14:00.

Later on I got back to town to meet up with Slickback. He was at a really nice bar full of old school carnival goers (I mean, they were pretty much old people dancing to old carnival songs, it was fun!). We hung out for a while with two other mutual friends for a couple of hours and then I had to go meet up with my girlfriend and her friends, so we could go to the party. Slickback handed me 6 and ľ tabs, so, I went downtown to gather up and party on! Once with Liebe and her friends we moved on to the block where the party was happening. The place looked kinda shady and with a lot less people I expected, but the party was going on hard and I quickly found with my friends from out of town.

As soon as I met up with my friends, I dropped half a tab and my girlfriend dropped the other half at 20:50. She decided to stay back with her friends, since one of them was having kind of a birthday party, and I stood close to my friends that already were feeling the substances kicking in and were dancing crazily near the boomboxes.

When the acid started to shift my perception, I decided it was time to find my girlfriend and get ready to take the E. I wandered pointless without finding her, but was surprised to find my usual dealer (the one who got us the MD) and a very dear friend that were my classmate at Uni, she was really happy to see me and got even happier once I told her our friends were also here (the guys from out of town). Finally I glanced up and saw Liebe with her friends uphill, by the side of the party. I climbed rapidly and greeted her and her friends really excited. Some of the people with them wasnít quite enjoying the place, so they were pondering leaving, but my gf and the birthday person wanted to stay more, so they ended up splitting up and the three of us moved to the dance floor.

Back to the crowd we looked for a while for my friends but didnít have any success, so we just danced for a little while until I became too determined to find them, left the two and went on my quest. It was getting almost impossible to find people there, the music was getting too distorted to not care and the small crowd dancing looked like a maze ever shifting and moving. Once again, after several minutes searching, Iíve found my friends uphill too and tried to find my girlfriend and her friend so we could all regroup and hang together. So, I failed once again in locating her and was so tired of searching for people that I decided to join my friends and sat uphill. I ran to climb it again, this time almost falling off in the middle of it. When I looked down I was just amazed by so many people dancing and sharing the same vibes, we chatted for a while and I then realized I havenít dropped the E yet, so I needed to find Liebe so we could share the MD and the trip!

This time I was so focused that I finally found my girlfriend. She took 100mg and I took 150mg, the reason being is because she have never done MDMA prior to this day. Once we were together we danced and had a lot of fun, visuals were really mild and the headspace was clean, since I wasnít feeling much (as expected since we were doing low doses of LSD) I was eager to start feeling the E so I could just unleash myself into the dance floor.

Around 30 minutes after taking the E and roughly 2 hours after the acid we decided to take a break since we were getting a little tired. This time, as soon as I was uphill I was able to find all the people I know. This is a very distinct characteristic for stimulants for me since I always get this concentration and precise thought processing, this plus the acid perception increase, made me not get too distracted with everything and be able to finally find people amidst that chaos.

As I was sitting there feeling like I had the eye of thundera and its ďvision beyond sightĒ, some guy with a beautiful german shepherd sat by my side. I am not a very sociable person, I mean, I am fully aware that Iím slightly socially awkward and starting conversations and almost every person approach to me itís kinda difficult, but well, this was not the case. I didnít feel any anxiety at all at approaching the guy and asking about the dog, he then told me it was a lil girl and her name was Princess. Oh man, that was some amazingly soft fur and the dog was so friendly I could stay there for hours, but since everybody was getting back down to the music I went with it.

Once back I realized I wasnít thinking about the dance moves I was doing, it was like I was just feeling the music and interpreting it, making the sound waves turn into body waves. I wanted to close my eyes and see the visuals the music was forming, but since Iím a little shy (and there were two cop cars not far from us) I borrowed my gf sunglasses and danced with my eyes closed for some time. At this moment I was truly just feeling the music, since I couldnít see how I was dancing or how the people around me were dancing. And then out of nowhere in this trance like state a really loud noise overcame the music and people started cheering really loud, as I opened my eyes I saw this helicopter right above us, going up and down and blinking a light. A smile took over my face and I just stood there looking at that thing, it was pretty mental haha.

My sense of linearity is kind of foggy from here onwards. I know that I danced like hell and hugged lots of people (I really do love to hug, but most of the time Iím too shy to randomly ask people for hugs, but every time I used E, I just went on a crazy hug rampage
most of the time Iím too shy to randomly ask people for hugs, but every time I used E, I just went on a crazy hug rampage
). Unfortunately out of the blue, the DJ stops playing, thanks everybody and the staff starts packing things up. The party was supposed to last until 08:00, but it was barely 01:00 when they shut it down. I think they had some problems with noise complaints and the police forced them to end it earlier.

We were all really sad that the party had come to an end, we were still high as fuck and going home wasnít an option yet. We overheard that the party would continue back in downtown but we couldnít be sure. But well, since we had nothing better to do, we gathered up with 10-15 people and adventured ourselves in the city. The neighborhoods we needed to cross until our destiny werenít the prettiest of all, after all this is downtown in a big south american city. But the almost disaster turned on really good and we had lots of fun in the way. It was really great to be there with those people that I love so much! We chatted and hugged a lot along the way and I felt so good to just talk with them, having no anxiety or any bad feelings at all.

After arriving at the place, we just found some bars and drunk people that was having they last moments of carnival, before it ends. I do not drink, so usually when Iím high on acid I find that drunkens are just too lingering and such a pain in the ass sometimes, but maybe itís just the overanalysis that make me not like them that much in this state since they can get really touchy and dumb. We stood there for 30-40 minutes, but we were already coming down from the MDMA and getting tired.

So me, Liebe, Snow, Bomb and Maurice decided to head back to my place and finish the acid trip there after we smoked a joint. I believe they were already building up the sound system again, but after more than an hour that it ended, we werenít much into dancing like crazy again. So we made all the way back, since the bus stop is near the previous party place and hopped into the station. The guardsman said we could enter by the sidedoor and not pay the bus ticket, since it was late and carnival, really nice guy! The bus didnít take much time to show up and beside us, there was only a homeless guy on it. Later on this guy rolled a bill and asked if we wanted to snort some coke, as we said no, he kept up offering a list of different substances. I donít know if he was that crazy to offer us lots of drugs or if he was joking with us since Maurice and Snow were wearing sunglasses at 2 am and he did mention that but unfortunately I couldn't quite make sense of what he was saying.

Maurice slept as soon as we were home and Snow followed him right after we smoked a joint, I believe they were the first ones to sleep because theyíve been partying 4 days straight, and Maurice kept it up doing molly all 4 of them, crazy bastards those guys haha.

Once they were asleep, the remaining three of us headed down to the pool and laid at the hammocks, I believe we smoked another joint and Bomb told us how he totally freaked out when the copter showed up. Since there were a lot of police cars nearby, he thought it was a police copter coming to arrest us all and thrown away half a tab of nbome he had. In this moment I thought to myself, better in the ground than in his system! Shortly after I closed my eyes and was sucked into some kind of tunnel, I could see it and feel it, so I opened my eyes to find beautiful visuals that I havenít realized until that very moment! We were like 6 hours in the acid trip and the visuals were coming hard! I believe itís because the E was totally off and so the acid took over. As I was looking at the geometric patterns and the marvelous colors, the word ďEGOĒ popped into my head and as soon as that happened I started visualizing cables, cables that came from the same place and plugged and unplugged into several different bodies, like the consciousness was something apart from the body, that only connects to it and all the different egos come from the same place, really weird shit. I believe I slept some time after this, after trying to figure out what was that that I saw and contemplating the gorgeous kaleidoscope vision.

This is definitely a golden combination. Itís like all the harshness and anxiety of acid is stripped away and replaced with bliss and love. Of course the MDMA took the control of the trip when it kicked in, after all I took a big dose of Molly and a small dose of Lucy, but it made me feel so good and confident that even when it came down, the trip had no anxiety and had a more organized and clean feeling. Iíll definitely gonna try it again with the same MDMA dose and a higher LSD dose.

Lots of peace, love and nice trips!

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110101
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Mar 16, 2017Views: 1,570
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LSD (2), MDMA (3) : Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), Festival / Lg. Crowd (24)

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