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I Enjoyed the First Hour the Most
Tramadol & Cannabis
by Annie
Citation:   Annie. "I Enjoyed the First Hour the Most: An Experience with Tramadol & Cannabis (exp110152)". May 1, 2020.

150 mg oral O-Desmethyltramadol
  1 bowl smoked Cannabis


Iím an 18-year-old, petite girl. Due to a childhood disorder, I am temporarily unable to walk and am on crutches. The pain caused by this disorder is moderate to severe and I have been prescribed tramadol as my main painkiller. Iím 5Ē3 and weigh 127 lbs.

Iím having a pretty boring day and have been meaning to try my tramadol on a recreational level for some time, now seems as good a time ever. I live in a studio unit with an open living plan.

Iíve just had a small cone (weed) and am curious to see if it will have a large effect on/with the Tramadol. Perhaps I should have tried the tram without weed for my first time, can't change that now though, woops.

Iíve taken 3x 50mg Tramadol capsules and am laying down on my bed watching a series.

Iím beginning to feel a little nauseated and restless, I stopped the episode I was watching and am starting to cook some dinner.

My head is spinning and my hands have the strangest sensation, (trying as best as I can) Iím dancing around the kitchen cooking whilst Skyping my partner, my body feels like it is being carried by the music and my partner notes that I have a massive grin on my face. This feels nothing like what I was expecting, I feel like the music has me in a trance and is pulsating within me. Currently this is highly comparable to a 2nd/ 3rd plateau dxm trip.

Iím sitting on a bar stool at my kitchen bench now listening to music on my laptop The nausea has intensified, the (incredible) stir-fry I made has gone straight to the fridge. Iím extremely hot and sweaty and half naked at this point trying to cool down, clothes felt strange against my skin anyway. If I didnít know what I had taken Iíd guess I was on DXM, although it is only comparable in physical effects as I still feel mentally sober.

Iíve developed an all over phantom itch, once again similar to DXM and its robo itch, although its only irritating, not too intense. My brain feels like it has fallen behind in relation to what Iím seeing. Every time I move my gaze it seems to take a few seconds for me to comprehend what Iím looking at. I have zero motivation at this point, Iím uncomfortable as hell but thatís not enough to move me. I also need to clean the kitchen up from cooking but that looks unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Music makes me uncomfortable so Iíve had to turn it off, Iím now relaxing on my couch listening to the rain with my eyes closed. Still nauseated.

I had a random burst of energy and decided to clean up the kitchen, in the process of washing the dishes I realized I was EXTREMELY thirsty, I drank close to a litre of water. The itching has subsided, I wish I could say the same for the nausea. My eyes feel extremely heavy however Iím not tired. Iím listening to music again, much quieter now as loud sounds seem to make me very uncomfortable, and have returned to my bed. Iím laying naked with my eyes shut.

Iím curled up in a fetal position in bed, laying still with my eyes shut as though Iím sleeping; Taking this into account Iím still very awake mentally and am concentrating on the soft acoustic playlist Iím listening to. When I open my eyes, I notice that some textures seem to have changed, an effect Iím finding really pleasing to watch, for short period of time of course before my eyes flutter shut again.

Quite suddenly Iíve found myself drifting off to sleep. It has been an interesting trip and I enjoyed still feeling as though my brain is sober throughout most of the experience, a feeling I donít often have when taking drugs recreationally (not that thatís a bad thing).

I wouldnít consider this trip anything special, not to say I didnít enjoy it or expected to be blown into a different universe. Perhaps the dosage of 150mg at once was not correct and my info sources were wrong. Perhaps what I've experienced is simply how a normal Tramadol trip goes and feels. I enjoyed the first hour of the trip the most, feeling the new sensations and the drug starting to take effect. I believe I am coming down now, again Iím unsure if thatís normal, but Iím ready for sleep.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110152
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: May 1, 2020Views: 723
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