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Punished Me For My Ignorance
Salvia divinorum, LSD & Cannabis
by D-Evil
Citation:   D-Evil. "Punished Me For My Ignorance: An Experience with Salvia divinorum, LSD & Cannabis (exp110206)". Erowid.org. Apr 29, 2017. erowid.org/exp/110206

1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
    repeated smoked Cannabis  
  1 bowl smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


This is a fairly recent story of me using a few psychoactives at a time in my life that I probably should have been more cautious about consuming these things. Let me set the scene.

It was a Monday and I had missed work that day after losing my Grandmother that past Saturday. My brother had also died in a violent car accident the week before, so you could say I had alot of shit going on at the time. I decided to make good use of my day off with my beautiful and supportive girlfriend by doing some LSD. We had just recently dropped acid not too long before this, so the intention was for the trip to be a tad bit lighter. We wanted to have a good time but still be able to function, so we took the same dose that we had taken the previous week, 1 tab a piece (about 100ug).

There's this awesome creek through the woods in front of my house, so we rolled 2 decent sized blunts and dropped our tabs in. We had walked the path many times and began smoking the first blunt as we made our way toward the creek. It was about a 20 minute walk, maybe 25. We carried a bottle of water and my pocket knife with me in case we had to cut briars or anything. We got out to our favorite little spot by the water, but we had to climb over the train tracks which proved to be quite difficult. We hung out there and smoked our other blunt as we enjoyed our acid come up.

After vibing to some music for about an hour or so, we made our way back through the woods and up the hill to my house. I had more energy than usual so I made my way up top pretty quick and we walked up the little path to my house. I looked at my phone for the first time since dropping (I'm about 2 hours into my acid trip at this point?) and my dad texts me that there is a package for me in the mailbox... MY SALVIA CAME!!!

I was psyched to try Salvia for the first time after ordering some 20x extract from a trusted vendor. It came so fast! I called a friend of mine up who had similar experience with psychedelics and told him I had some shit for him to see. I normally see this guy and smoke bud with him every day, but today I had a surprise for his ass. We walked to the camper in my backyard (I had previously smoked DMT once before in this camper with my brother whom I spoke of that is now deceased... Maybe I'll write a report about that...).

I told him 'Look bro, I'm not gonna make you do anything you don't want to, but I'm going to smoke this Salvia and I want you and my girl to watch me and make sure I don't do anything stupid.'

Now to be truthful, I was stupid. I had done minimal research, and this shit was $20. I had tried up to this point: LSD, Psilocybin Mushrooms, Weed, Amanita Muscaria and DMT once. I had heard some pretty crazy DMT stories, but my experience with that had paled in comparison to my first Salvia trip. I was not prepared for what this stuff was about to do to me...
I was not prepared for what this stuff was about to do to me...

I took a few deep breaths to calm my mind. I was already on LSD and pretty high from the weed, but I considered myself a professional idiot and proceeded to hit the bowl like a champ. I remember pulling the smoke into my lungs deeply and exhaling a yellow-ish colored smoke that reminded me faintly of some mid grade weed I had. Now here's where my memory goes blank. The next thing I recall is being thrown into this loop where it was kind of like a book. It was like pages in a book kept turning faster and faster and faster. I had no body, no sense of who I was, I was just spinning out through different realities at breakneck speed. I remember it happening all so fast and it felt like forever. I was trapped in this endless loop, tearing through different realities like pages in a book over and over and over. I had no idea that I had just smoked a substance that was doing this to my mind, I had no idea that my girlfriend and friend were still in the room observing me. I didn't notice my girlfriend sit down next to me and start rubbing my back. The first thing I heard that pulled me back into reality was my girlfriend screaming 'He almost lit my hair on fire!'

It was true. In my absent mindedness of being torn through realities that I'm still not sure were entirely hallucinations, I didn't realize that I still had the lighter in my hand. I had thought the small hole in the knee of my pants was a vortex to another reality, I looked at it horrified that it was going to tear away and pull me into another loop. I didn't know what was real and what was fake, I fumbled with the lighter in my hand (at the time I didn't know that's what it was) until I flicked it and set my girlfriend's beautiful hair on fire!

It was at that point that I finally came to and realized who was in the room with me and what I had just done. I screamed 'Get it away from me! I don't ever want to see it again!' and began wiping sweat from my face and shaking violently. I was amazed that such a small amount of this substance could blow me out of my fucking mind. I couldn't even stand up, I sat down in the floor and continued shaking for the next 20 minutes, vividly describing this horrible experience to them. My friend had pretty much said 'Yeah, just stay away from that shit.'

We rolled another blunt just to try and calm down from the experience, but it took me a good 30 minutes to stop shaking like a small puppy. It was honestly the scariest fucking experience of my life. Pure insanity crammed into 3 minutes that is doomed to feel like eternity. I really can't imagine how anyone can have fun with this shit, but to each their own. Personally, I don't think I'll be having many more experiences with this stuff.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110206
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 29, 2017Views: 1,914
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