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Very Good for Sex
Morning Glory
by Some_Trippy_Guy
Citation:   Some_Trippy_Guy. "Very Good for Sex: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp110220)". Apr 26, 2018.

500 seeds oral Morning Glory (liquid)


This is my forth time using lsa. The last two times lacked visual effects with a body load. I am a father with one healthy baby boy and a wonderful fiancee. She ordered 2000 morning glory seeds and the suppliers messed up with our order. Instead of getting morning glory seeds we got some other shitty seed that had no psychoactivity. Anyway, lets get to the trip :).

18:00 to 21:00
Grinding the seeds so that I can just drink them with water. The water was boiled to get rid of any chlorine as chlorine destroys lsa.

22:00 (preparing myself)
I drink the powdered seeds and nearly choke, the taste was so bad. I had instant nausea as soon as I put it in my mouth.

22:30ish to 23:00ish
This is the second worst part about the seeds, the onset. Its full of cramping, feeling sick, shitty mood, mildy regretting taking them.

23:00ish to 00:00
This is the worst part, the come up. I thought I was going to have a very bad trip, I look at the wall and in the corner of my eye I could see the women looking at me and kinder turning into a demon. This fades when my fiancee walks into the room and feeds our baby. I remember feeling my stomach, it was weird. I thought it was the start of a bad trip. So I went to the toilet and made myself vomit. I then flushed and looked in the mirror, my eyes look a bit bigger than normal.

I look at my fiancee and I saw this multicoloured circle in her eye, I said out loud 'You look so beautiful'. She smiled and it added to the beauty. I got a sense of euphoria, it got stronger and stronger. I then went to the bathroom again and look at my eyes. They have not been this big for a while. Its like I only had a pupil in my eye.

01:00- 05:00
This was the peak. Everything I looked at was bending, it looked realistic. It was almost like was in a lucid dream, as if I could control the trip. We had sex and we did for a while, it was amazing. It shown me that sex is great all the way through, not just the end. I had a vibe. It was not me, it was codeine. I am still in recovery from this. I remember that I kept talking, it was more of how everything works and I came up with my own theory about how psychedelics work. Alot of interest stuff happen that I am too lazy to write atm.

The Come Down
The visuals are going, I didnt want to come down, but I knew I had to. One I noticed that I was very sensitive to sound.


Would do again but not for a while
Would try a higher dose

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110220
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Apr 26, 2018Views: 560
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Morning Glory (38) : Sex Discussion (14), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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