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A Trilogy of 5-MeO-DiPT Reports
Citation:   Morninggloryseed. "A Trilogy of 5-MeO-DiPT Reports: An Experience with 5-MeO-DiPT (exp11026)". Jan 21, 2002.

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  oral 5-MeO-DiPT (powder / crystals)
I carefully prepared a solution containing one hundred milligrams of 5-MeO-DiPT dissolved in fifty milliliters of distilled water.

Experience #1 2/24/01

My first 5-MeO-DiPT experiment was with eleven milligrams. This was too high of a dosage, especially considering it was my first time working with the substance. Many of the problems I ran into were due to the fact that I took so much. As we all know, you'll never know how a material will affect you until you try it.

5-MeO-DiPT tastes extremely foul, and the orange juice I dissolved it in did little to cover up the bitter taste. The effects began within twenty minutes of ingestion, and by the first hour I was at a full plus-three. When the substance fully hit there was difficulty in moving, and I basically couldn't do anything but lay back and experience the ride. It took quite a bit of effort before I was able to get up and start moving around again. There really wasn't any perceivable peak with 5-MeO-DiPT. It came on, the most intense effects were felt for about five hours, and then it just slowly tapered off over the period of an hour or so. I also had a few balloons of nitrous oxide during the peak, though nothing particularly exciting or mind-blowing ever occurred. Usually the combination of nitrous oxide with a psychedelic always results in me being instantly catapulted to another dimension.

I experienced little in the way of visuals with 5-MeO-DiPT, other than some extremely vivid blue trails left by my red laser pointer left on the white tiled ceiling. These trails lasted for a good second or two, and they actually looked as if they were drawn with a magic marker! I also saw some colored objects on the ceiling which were reminiscent of the color effects produced by psilocybin. Objects in the room would waver and breathe slightly if I concentrated on them, but there was never anything that particularly grabbed my attention.

Perhaps the most fascinating effect I experienced were audio distortions reminiscent of what DiPT is said to produce. I first noticed these distortions around the third hour while listening to the Grateful Dead's 'Anthem of the Sun', an album I am very familiar with. The music would change its pitch, both up and down, without actually slowing down or speeding up. It just generally sounded 'wrong' and 'off'. I found this effect both interesting and disturbing.

5-MeO-DiPT lived up to its famous reputation as an enhancer of the erotic to a degree, but I can’t say this enhancement was really any different (quantitativly or qualitativly) compared to other psychedelics. To be honest, making love was really the only thing that made me forget about how lousy I felt. In addition to being physically pleasurable, there seemed to be an intense emotional connection between us as well.

Other than the audio distortions and the erotic aspect, I really was not very pleased with the experience. The body load was rather significant with slight nausea, restlessness, a sensation of extreme heaviness, and a general overall feeling of discomfort. Marijuana helped, but only so much. Thankfully, I never experienced any of the diarria commonly associated with this drug. The comedown was also extremely rough, and I went from feeling bad to feeling worse. There really were no useful, rewarding, interesting, or even fun mental effects other than the audio changes. Absolutely no insights or anything I would call mind expanding occurred. I personally couldn't see this material inducing a classic, mystical, psychedelic trip though I have read one or two reports of it doing so in others.

Experience # 2 3/18/01

On a spur of the moment, I asked my best friend if he wanted to conduct some research so we each ingested six milligrams of 5-MeO-DiPT. This was his first time with the material. I took it on an empty stomach, while my friend had eaten some three hours earlier. Both of us noticed the effects develop within thirty minutes.

It quickly became apparent that this ride was going to be much easier than my first experience, and I began to feel very pleased with the changes than were occurring. The nausea was limited to a minor tummy rumble, which was easily quieted with a few toaks of some very potent cannabis.

All in all, the transition of this trip was free of misery for both of us. My friend and I were both very surprised at how much of a change in consciousness occurred with a mere six milligrams. Neither of us reached ever reached a full plus-three, but the effects were definitely more than just mild.

At about the one-hour point my friend and I were both at a near plus-two, and we took off on a walk to the old elementary school to rekindle some memories. We spent a good hour camped out on a stairwell smoking cannabis and philosophizing with our open and stimulated minds. Conversation flowed rather nicely, and our discussion was deep and constructive. Six milligrams of 5-MeO-DiPT produced moderate visual effects for both of us, which consisted of mellow trails on moving objects and color enhancement. My friend commented that it reminded him of a low-dose mushroom trip.

Eventually, we left the school and relocated to my friend's residence. Upon arriving, the lights were turned off and classical music was played; I forget the composer. No audio distortion was noticed, but I was not familiar with the piece. My friend did not notice any and felt it actually enhanced the music in an LSD or mushroom-like manner. I experienced a moderate show of color in the darkness.

Unfortunately by the third hour, the nasty side of 5-MeO-DiPT started to make itself known. A strong body load crept up on me and I became very uncomfortable. It was not as severe as the time with eleven milligrams, but I was still squirming with unpleasant nervous energy. It reminded me of what I read alpha-methyltryptamine (AMT), a substance I have not personally conducted research with, will often produce. We smoked more cannabis, but it really did not help much. I went home and ended up taking five milligrams of Valium in an effort to relax.

All in all, this experiment was a good one, save for the comedown. In retrospect, the experience was definitely psychedelic and the conversations it stimulated were very insightful. This is a good example to show that taking less material can end up producing a better experience.

Experience # 3 4/24/01

I've always enjoyed a nice concert, especially one from a 60's icon, with a bit of a psychedelic flowing through my neurons. When Bob Dylan came to play for me, I ingested eight milligrams of 5-MeO-DiPT. That substance was chosen because I had to be at my place of employment early next morning, so being up all night on a longer-acting material such as LSD or 2C-T-7 was not an option. I would have rather had psilocybin but none was available.

Because there was the threat of a security search, and the 5-MeO-DiPT solution was contained in an impossible-to-conceal-in-your-shoe glass vial, I wisely choose to take the material before entering the auditorium. Having been thoroughly frisked and forced to empty my pockets at too many concerts before, I was not about to take any chances of having to explain what was in the vile. Not to mention I had a small amount of pot in the sole of my shoe.

I really wished I hadn't taken it so early because there was no security check, and I began to feel the effects before my friend/designated driver and I found our seats. Unfortunately there was still over an hour to wait before show time. I became very uncomfortable in that auditorium. The bright lights from the ceiling were beaming down on me, the chairs were very small and cramped together, and people were rapidly filling up everywhere. The gentleman sitting on my left insisted on talking to me, and I found it very difficult to act normal and carry on a conversation.

The physical effects of the drug were felt strongly within a half-hour of drinking it, and my body was filled with a nervous, uncomfortable energy. I was also slightly nauseous, but the nearby ushers and the fact that it was a non-smoking indoor auditorium meant I couldn't smoke any cannabis. Though I tried my hardest not to, I found myself squirming in a slightly agitated and paranoid state. My friend informed me that I was staring off into a noticeable daze, which looked a little odd. People seemed to be staring at me, and I actually felt 'crazy.' This furthered my feelings of paranoia and general discomfort. Basically I was wigging out.

Much of this negative state-of-mind was due to the fact that the eight milligrams of 5-MeO-DiPT had taken me by surprise. I knew that a milligram or two could make a big difference with a potent substance, but this trip seemed almost as intense as my experience with eleven milligrams. The strange thing was I couldn't quite figure out why I was so far gone.

My state reminded me of Shulgin's experience with twenty milligrams of the related 4-HO-DiPT; 'I struggle to put a name to it…just smashed…no visual, no sensory.' Of course he enjoyed his experience and was in comfortable surroundings, I wasn't. I did my best to remain as calm as possible and practiced some deep breathing techniques, which helped a bit. The trip was at a plus-three, and my perception of time was severely dilated.

Finally, at about the one and one-half hour point, the lights finally dimmed and the show began. From this point on, my experience significantly improved. I was very surprised to find that the music sounded fantastic and intense, instead of distorted. There were also some pleasant visual changes that occurred. Objects shimmered and looked as though they were geometrically shaped.

About three hours into the experience the effects began to decline, so I excused myself to the restroom and promptly broke the law. There was only enough time to take two good hits of pot before someone came in, but I still managed to get high. I returned to my seat with a big smile on my face and really began to get into the music. The cannabis brought the experience back up a notch, though I never returned to a plus-three. Dylan put on an impressive show, and I soon forgot about the very difficult transition I had experienced earlier. By the time the show was over, five and one-half hours after I took the substance, I was largely down.

After the concert, my friend and I returned home. We smoked more cannabis, which helped me to relax and become rather tranquil. Strangely enough, there was little of the unpleasant post-peak stimulation that I had experienced on my previous exposures to 5-MeO-DiPT. All in all the night was very positive, but I still consider eight milligrams to be too much for me. Well…at least in public

If I try this material again, I'll see if seven milligrams will give me a trip where a certain level of intensity can be achieved without running into troublesome physical side effects. I am also curious about the combining 5-MeO-DiPT with DPT, as I hear this is particularly powerful trip reputed to be valuable for the serious psychonaut. Either way, I really don't ever see this psychedelic as being something to reach for first. 5-MeO-DiPT is defiantly not my favorite material.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 11026
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 21, 2002Views: 22,632
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