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Wonderfully Smooth
Citation:   Sylvanas. "Wonderfully Smooth: An Experience with Deschloroketamine (exp110286)". Apr 16, 2017.

50 mg rectal Deschloroketamine (liquid)
  150 mg oral Pharms - Sertraline (daily)
  25 mg oral Pharms - Quetiapine (daily)
A Wonderfully Smooth First Experience

Subject: 210 lbs female, early 20s. Currently prescribed and taking 150mg of Zoloft daily, in the morning, and 25mg Seroquel at night.
Duration: 3 hours
Note: Allergy test was completed 24 hours prior to this trip, at a dose of approximately 10mg.

50 milligrams were taken rectally (after having been dissolved in 1 ml water) at 6:45 pm on a Saturday. It was a gorgeous day out after having been very bad weather for a week, so I went for a walk prior to taking DCK to help set the tone for the trip. I also did my standard preparation of cleaning my physical space, body, mind, and soul. I had a few personal issues I wanted to explore during my trip, but went in with no expectations.

T+0:00 Initially, there was a slight warm feeling and a faint burning sensation felt, which stopped after approximately 10 mins.

At T+0:10, initial effects were felt. Slight visual distortion and the standard dizzy feeling that seems to occur with dissociatives.

At T+0:15, a small amount of nausea was noted but nothing overwhelming. I had also not eaten properly, which likely contributed to this. I have general nausea on an almost daily basis, so it's hard to distinguish between effects of DCK and my own body. Definite overall anesthesia effect; my legs were numb, mind was floating, and overall a sense of dissociation.

By T+0:25 mins, extreme euphoria had set in, but the dissociation was also very intense and there were a few moments where I was afraid it might get more intense. (Fear of the 'K-hole'.) Visual and audio was enhanced.

At T+0:35, definite overall feelings of anesthesia, but still able to move, walk around and talk. I did almost fall once while walking, when I got up to check on something I had stupidly left in the oven. I also ate, which required a significant amount of effort.

At around T+1:15, an odd audio distortion was identified: the volume of music was intermittently getting louder and softer, as though someone kept turning the volume up and down. I thought my headset might have been broken or had a loose wire. This persisted for approximately an hour, and was annoying at worst. Colours seemed much more intense at this time, and I had a profound appreciation for art and even colours I dislike. (For example, I hate the colour orange, but it was absolutely gorgeous.)

By T+3:15, I was into the afterglow, being mostly down from the trip.

Overall, it was an excellent trip and I look forward to experimenting further with DCK.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110286
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Apr 16, 2017Views: 12,061
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