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Euphoric Stimmy Rollercoaster
Citation:   Volsam. "Euphoric Stimmy Rollercoaster: An Experience with 3C-P (exp110307)". Jul 9, 2017.

T+ 0:00
43 mg oral 3C-P (capsule)
  T+ 3:30   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 17:00 150 mg oral Tryptophan - 5-HTP  
  T+ 17:00 100 mg oral Theanine  
There was a nice warm dry day and I decided to go on a bike ride and take 43mg of 3C-P. A day before that I've sampled it at 0.5-3mg to do an allergy test.

The 3C-P powder that was obtained from a trusted and tested source appeared very similar looking to 3-FPM (3-FluoroPhenMetrazine - an entactogenic stimulant) - same white scaly crystally looking powder, but 3C-P is a bit whiter, so I naturally was suspicious and decided to carefully sample it by taste (about 1mg or less) - 3-FPM is a bit salty, caustic and not very bitter, whereas 3C-P powder has characteristic phenethylamine bitterness to it that persists.

Plan to purchase new reagents for testing in the near future so I can avoid guessing.

Subject: 170Lbs male with extensive psychoactives research, phenethylamines, tryptamines and beyond. Previous psychoactive substance taken was 30mg 4-FA with 60mg 5-APDB at the concert more than a week ago. Decided to follow an advice and eat something light before taking 3C-P, in retrospect - great idea with this one!

Set & setting: Biking alone on deserted trails in the wilderness, partly in public, middle of day, feeling comfortable, curious about experience.

Dose: 43mg (measured on a decent milligram scales with +/- 1mg) of 3C-P (3,5-dimethoxy-4-(n)-propoxy-Amphetamine) in a gel cap.


T=00:00 - Loaded 43mg of 3C-P in a capsule, took some cannabis and my trusty pipe with me, took my mountain bike, loaded some Wooden Shjips and Moon Duo playlists on the phone to listen while riding and decided to start going for as long as I would want. Also, after reading that by itself 3C-P may be lacking psychedelia, decided to take with me a blotter of 1P-LSD as well - never used it that day...

T+00:30 - Perhaps light alerts, some nausea, but since I'm biking, not really feeling it that much. It's a great feel to be on the bike and with psychedelics it always brings out childishness amazements, sense of novelty and discovery.

T+01:00 - Definitely alerts, come up is somewhat similar to MDMA, 6-APD and 5-APDB with light persistent nausea and a light feeling of disorientation, also a familiar feeling of mescaline's warm energy started to emerge.

T+02:00 - Still climbing, slowly reaching ++ by Shulgin's scale. At this point external stimulis becoming a bit annoying. Killing the music and just enjoying the sounds of nature. Birds chirping and river flows - beautiful! Definitely feeling energy building up in me, also still a little dizzying feeling of being slightly drunk.

T+03:00 - Finally! I'm peaking and very nicely - it comes in waves of mental and bodily euphoria and all I need to do is to relax my thought process! Lights becoming sparklier, my body feels very light, tingly and becoming tired actually feels quite pleasurable. If I were a woman I'd probably have couple orgasms at this point as the sense of touch became ultimately nice and throbbing...

I dont even notice that I've gone through about 25 miles of trails and still kept going, later I was thinking about it.

T+03:30 - Stopped next by the river to have a break from pedalling, layed down on the rock and smoked some cannabis... At this point I notice that I'm tripping and I'm tripping quite hard. I feel that I can't keep myself 'sober' and started to overanalyze myself as being quite inadequate to talk to people - strange desire to do something weird and shocking in public was ovepowering me so I started concentrating on breathing which eventually calmed me down. The trippyness was somewhat similar to Mescaline, MAL (Methallylescaline) and 2C-P. I never tried DOC or DOM but I think the feeling was somewhat similar to what I was reading about them.

After a little break decided to bike more as I still was not feeling tired at all.

T+04:00 - Damn, I'm too high to continue going, I just realized that I biked out for about 30 miles out, perhaps even more and its starting to get dark and cold and I need to bike back down. Didn't even feel like I need that 1P-LSD as I was thinking about to go to the natural spa nearby and soak there after the bike ride and I was feeling strongly high already.

Feeling huge increase in energy and some alarming heart rate so I slowed down and put on 'Beach House' and 'Washed Out' playlist - perfect for amphetamine euphoric psychedelic, and slowly started rolling back to where I started.

T+04:30 - Going downhill was so euphoric! The images around me were getting smoothed with visual trails which was pretty to observe and I felt very empowered, I felt great!

T+05:00 - I have noticed that with this chemical at this dosage it's starting to become hard to deal with any external stimuli
at this dosage it's starting to become hard to deal with any external stimuli
, even thinking started to kinda 'hurt' me. And out of the sudden, a huge and smelly (I actually was producing olfactory hallucinations!) Jimmy Jones club tuna sub sandwich appears in my mind's eye so powerful, bright and real that I start salivating profusely - the hunger becomes all-encompassing feeling and the only desire to reach. So I start pedaling harder...

T+6:00 - Stimulation, along with tiredness, muscle soreness, hunger and still going psychedelic effects made me reach my base a lot sooner - I load my bike in my truck and sit inside to catch some breath. Some chest pressure is observed. My pupils are plate-sized, wide opened eyes, looks like I just took 150mg of MDMA, I'm also twitchy, paranoid and slightly delusional, looking quite insane compared to the standard of 'normal looking person'.

T+06:30 - I feel that the speediness is still increasing, besides I started to feel cold in my extremities so I rushed into the spa.

I'm quite used to be in public while really high on different forms of amphetamines, LSD and both but this compound rendered me completely out of it this time - it took an enormouos effort to look 'normal', to take out the wallet and to simply pay the fee for the entrance and get a towel. I felt that everyone and everything was talking about me, thinking about me and looking at me - your typical amphetamine paranoia with psychosis emerging

T+07:00 - Trying to be calm and just lay there at the spa - dark stone walls, water dripping everywhere, hard to notice details around as everything seems to be swirling together, in and out. Time is warped too, hard to say how long I was inside for. People near me make me a bit stressed but I'm starting not to care - actually it's becoming enourmously funny to watch people.

Catching another wave of euphoria and... Catching my heart rate going up through the roof again so I get out of the steam room and trying to chill on the recliner in the dry sun room. Hard to stay still at this point, I constantly need to move to correspond my body with the energy going through it, plus the tuna sandwich came back to my mind again and started drilling holes in my sanity...

T+08:00 - Very, very stimulated. Body tremors and shaky hands, one more set at the steam room, taking shower and getting out of there.

T+08:30 - Calling my girlfriend as I am not able to drive at this condition at all. Hands shaking, can't hold still, twitchy, the tuna sandwich stuck in my mind.... I wished for benzos, Validol, anything just to calm me down but nothing was available handy and I had to wait.

T+09:00 - My girlfriend finally arrives and we take off and immediately stop by the sub shop and get a sandwich and a sprite. My senses are overloading with smells and anticipation of food, it's almost impossible! I feel like a dorky dog who got his favorite food but cant eat it because of overexcitation. I try eating and it takes lots of effort to just bite it, but oh God, it was delicious! With all the hot peppers goodness... After about 15 minutes of nibbling on the sub I feel significantly better, only ate a quarter of a sub though.

T+09:30 - ...And then, Snap! All of the sudden I understand how things work around me, how people think most of the times, how automatic and autonomous our society is. Strong surge of transcendental truth, I feel super empathetic and I say to my GF how much I love her and how much she means to me and it makes me feel so free... I'm happy again.

T+10:00 - Finally home, taking 500mg of Validol, Scullcap and Valerian extracts. Getting a six pack of Czech beer and full collection of Invaders (60s show about aliens) ready!

Smoking weed and drinking cold ones feel awesome! I'm so grateful for little things that life grants us! Visual activity subsided, along with psychedelic mind set, stimulation had let go a bit but was still noticeable for the next 6 hours.

T+17:00 - Took 150mg of 5-HTP and 100mg of L-Theanine along with hot shower and was finally able to start falling asleep.

6 hours later I was up already and in good moods. Some remaining residual stimulation and anti-depressant effect is observed throughout the following day.

Conclusion and thoughts:

Very interesting compound! I think I want to take it in a lot less hectic setting, and definitely lesser dosage as I think 3C-P's beauty is in it's entactogenic and stimulating properties. So, thinking of 25mg for my next time and not so much of a physical strain.

Also noticed quite interesting staged pattern of trip development (could be affected by intense biking in my case):

* First three hours - setting in, a little nauseous and drunk.

* Three to Seven hours in - the actual trip, it's pretty heavy on sensory overload so better be prepared! Very sensual too!..

* Seven to Nine hours - intense coming down from the trip and setting in entactogenic amphetamine mode - better be prepared and be with loved ones, preferably in the safe place.

* Nine to Seventeen hours - entactogenic amphetamine mode. This is the perfect time for chilling in a company of friends, having jokes, beers, watching movies, playing games - all this activities felt greatly enhanced!

I'm thinking about combination of 3C-P and perhaps ETH-LAD, or some 'slower' tryptamines. Also will take it in combination with Proscaline and write up about it!

Also I should mention that I take a good stack of nootropics daily and usually stop a day or two before the trip, in that particular case with 3C-P, I have taken my stack (CDP-Choline, Aniracetam, Piracetam, Noopept, Agmatine, Phenylalanine, and various herbs extracts) a day before, but not on the day of the trip.

For those wanting to try 3C-P, I'd suggest to start with 25mg or lower, to get the feel for its psychedelia and avoid uncomfortable stimulation. All in all, it was rather a surprise for me that I got such a strong nice effects at 43mg as all. The info I was reading about it pointed me to even higher dosage. Keep in mind 3hr come up time too!

Thank you for reading friends and be safe!

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110307
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 9, 2017Views: 5,103
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3C-P (320) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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