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Wasp Fight
Citation:   Purp_Scurp. "Wasp Fight: An Experience with AL-LAD (exp110313)". Aug 9, 2017.

T+ 0:00
300 ug   AL-LAD
  T+ 3:15 1 cig. smoked Cannabis
I have always considered myself an animal lover, so this was one of my greatest drug-induced epiphanies (which I have had many like the young Albert Hofmann who had several mystical experiences as a child): That some animals are ASSHOLES. This one was just on 300ug of AL-LAD while staying in the mountains. I'm no psychedelic newbie either. My life completely changed after this experience. Not even Mamma Ayahuasca or the DMT entities could ever give me such a strong and mostly pointless opinion about the Hell's Angels of nature.

T+2:00 +++ I was having a good time and drinking water until a wasp came along and he got into my cabin and tried to fuck with me. For someone as enlightened that I already am, I was already scared. I hid under the bed and the wasp went away and then he came back again. I grew up in a fairly sheltered suburban household so fighting the wilderness was a great feat of mine, especially on a drug that I was trying for the first time. I hid in the room and he kept buzzing at me.

T+2:15 +++ This happened about five times going back and forth between the 'safe' (room) and 'unsafe' areas (couch) until I realized that I just needed to make peace with the wasp and be one together with nature (including him). We are all one just like the people r/psychonaut say but I'm more enlightened than a lot of those people in the collective consciousness.

T+3:15 ++++ Definitely peaking at this point. I smoked a joint and got out some smoked provolone cheese from the fridge and the wasp would still not go away. At one point, he got in the way of my provolone and I was scared because I just wanted my provolone. I kept telling him, “Why do you have do do this, angry wasp??? I just want to mee be to be left ALONE and enjoy my provolone! And be like the shulgin drugs man.” I even asked the tripsit chat for help. And I was PEAKING, so it was even worse!

T+3:30 +++ I tried to collect my chakra energy and make him go away telepathically and he did not. Stan Grof told me it worked on LSD but I guess it doesn’t on AL-LAD what a bummer. Please don't hate ok he said it worked.

T+3:45 +++ The clouds and the trees looked like people it was as if I was looking at them in 4D. I think it's a sign that my seventh stage of enlightenment is coming (thanks for the cool tip mccartney!!) Eventually the evil asshole wasp went away and I got to enjoy my smoked provolone on the porch with my stevejobmachine. ANYWAY FUCK YOU WASP.

T+4:00 +++ A telemarketer lady named FLORI called me on my phone and the sun went down really quick and back (must be those chakra powers) and I told her in the soberest way FUCK YOU FLORI!!! Even though I was seeing wack stuff. AL-LAD is so cool I was able to talk and be kinda normal in the soberest way possible.

T+4:30 +++ I am now working on my greatest invention, which is the sun-solar-watercollector - I think I will be the next Steve Jobs of the innovator drug world! I am currently using it to fuel my inner drive for WATER and keep me warm. It is also known as a water bottle, but I have much better uses for it than just THAT. (this = that = I also thought a lot about my cheese, Bill O’reilly (TRASH!!!), and WTC 7. Then I made a couple posts on REDDIT and bragged about my embarrassing benzo addict past.

T+5:00 +++ The mean wasp went away, but then came back. I was like FUCK YOU WASP. After finishing my art, I went outside because he clearly wasn't gonna go he thinks he rules my place or something like go away this isn't yours. I left the porch door open in hopes that he would get out.

T+6:00 +++ I crawled over the porch and found a weed themed lighter outside (I am from Colorado) and it said Medical Genomics on it. I think it's a sign that I should get a medical card soon. Major cool cool.

T+6:30 +++ I went outside wearing my blanket for extra comfort and rode the gondolas over and over (I was staying at a ski town ok) for about an hour and then I went over to the where the giant trampoline things are and trespassed so that I could play on the trampoline (it normally costs $20 I broke the law) for free. I think some people laughed at me but they don't understand just how comfy this fuckin blanket is.

T+7:00 ++ I went go to the cabin. The scary wasp is still threatening me, but I telepathically assert my dominance here on the spiritual plane and made it clear that I wasn't going to put up with his shit.

T+8:00 (Sober now)

To put it simply, my great revelation today is that some animals are just assholes like my stupid cousin who puts paper in his mouth and pretends that it's LSD and Flori the telemarketer.

+T24:00 (Sober) Oh, and just when I thought the wasp was dead, he finally came back and then I killed him.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 110313
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 9, 2017Views: 1,712
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AL-LAD (603) : Nature / Outdoors (23), General (1), Alone (16)

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