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The Silliest Drug I Have Ever Taken
25I-NBOMe & Cannabis
Citation:   Ancient. "The Silliest Drug I Have Ever Taken: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe & Cannabis (exp110315)". May 1, 2017.

T+ 0:00
2 hits buccal 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:10 3 hits smoked Cannabis  
I am a fairly experienced drug user. I haven’t tried a hundred different drugs, but I’ve stumbled my way through a collection of different benzos, opiates, dissociatives, and psychedelics. I’ve had lots of positive experiences and plenty of negative ones as well, but no drug has fucked me up as bad as 25I-NBOMe. I had taken it 3 times before this experience.

I was surfing the deep web one day, as I sometimes do in my free time, and noticed a deal for 50 tabs of the substance, dirt cheap. Curiosity got the better of me, and I ordered it that hour. I did a little research on it before, and a lot of research after I made the purchase. I was reading about how people’s experiences on this drug had been absolutely fucking CRAZY. Things to the tune of people jumping out of the bushes at them, seeing the ground split open, watching the ceilings melt and mold and drip into strange shapes right in front of their eyes.

I know that drugs are powerful, and that they have the potential to do some really wild, mind-expanding things (my favorites being hallucinogens), so I believed what I was reading, no question, especially after looking through 20+ testimonies swearing by it. But not until I actually tripped the first time on the stuff did I realize there was a small voice in the back of my head saying it wasn’t possible.

It is possible. It is very possible. That type of shit is basically what I experienced on my first real trip of the stuff (the actual first trip being 500mcg, feeling nothing but a strange body load and a jittery, cracked-out feeling). The “real” trip was 1500mcg. I know that this is a huge leap because when dosing 25I the effects increased exponentially as the dosages got higher, but, hey, I felt that I could handle it.

I did handle it, and very well. I remember the first time I noticed that I was tripping balls was when I walked down my long hallway, turned around and saw that the ceiling was no longer flat - it was moving like waves in the ocean, and the waves were fucking RAINBOWS. I mean VIVID rainbows. The visuals were intense but I enjoyed them a lot. Staring at a single point, the visuals would start to build on top of each other. Patterns were created in everything I looked at, then those patterns would start to become part of a bigger pattern, then a BIGGER, trippier pattern, and it just kept building until I decided to look away. It was very cool.

But that trip is not the one I am here to write about. The trip I am going to write about is when I foolishly decided to take 2000mcg and proceeded to hit a joint a few times on top of it, simply because I had fallen into an addictive spiral that week and wanted to take a drug. Let me tell you, that is a STUPID fucking idea and universe slapped me in the face big time for that one. I am happy to be alive and not in the hospital because 30 minutes into the trip, I was losing my shit, not just mentally but physiologically. It was terrifying. I have decided I have understood all I need to understand about this drug and I will never take it again. Here’s why.

The setting was in my apartment with two friends on a warm-ish spring day. “Alex”, friend #1, took the same dosage as me and smoked more weed than I did, but was fine. “Sasha”, friend #2, did not take 25i that day but did smoke some of the joint. Alex and I also [assumed we] had some tolerance to the 25i having taken it only 6 days prior, which was part of our reasoning for the dose we chose.

T: +0:00 - Alex and I slipped two 1mg tabs between our bottom gum and lip at 2pm.

T: +0:40 - Strangely, I did not feel any body load in the first 20 minutes like I was used to, but figured it must be the tolerance. This is when we spit our tabs out after holding them in our mouths, not swallowing. Alex reports feeling it minutes later, but I still felt nothing.

T: +0:50 - I now notice the familiar body and headspace of the drug entering my consciousness, a dissociative feeling of being pulled up out of my body and an interesting mood lift. We had talked about smoking some weed on top of the 25i earlier and Alex now decided to roll a fat joint.

T: +1:00 - The joint is rolled and I am definitely tripping, but the visuals are not at the level I had experienced on 1.5mg. Again, must be the tolerance. Strangely, Alex says he is in full trip mode, and had a hard time rolling the joint. 25i, like shrooms, seems to take away some of my fine motor skills and balance, but it also makes it hard to focus on whatever I'm looking at the closer I get to it. We get up and walk into another room where the window does not have a screen so that we can step out and smoke. As I open the window the heat hits my body and fills me with joy. Colors are very vibrant, and the sunny day is nearly blinding. Even still, I did not feel like I was tripping too hard, because of the lack of OEV native to this drug (morphing and melting surfaces, rainbowy outlines on objects, and trails).

T: +1:10 - The joint is now smoked, and I have only taken 3 puffs. My body does not react well to weed anymore, so I have to smoke it in small quantities or I can’t smoke it at all. Alex and Sasha burn down the joint for the most part. After smoking, I notice that the OEV are getting more intense now, obviously because of the cannabis. The tips of the grass seem to dance when I stare at them, and after 10 seconds of staring a swirly circle has superimposed itself on top of my vision, making the blades of grass swirl as well. This is what I was more used to with 25i. Success, I thought.

T: +1:15 - We come back inside and as soon as I step into the room I feel like I am hit by a brick with body load and visuals.
I feel like I am hit by a brick with body load and visuals.
This itself was not immediately concerning, though it was slightly undesirable. I laid on my bed for a brief minute, musing the time when a third friend took this stuff and laid in the exact spot, rambling about ancient tribal and Indian images dancing all across his vision. I get up and go into the main room, and I throw on a Louis C.K. special to get my mind off of the strong feelings in my head and body. The vasoconstriction was becoming strong but not necessarily unbearable, because I’d experienced it before. My body temperature also began to fluctuate.

T: +1:20 - I was only able to watch the special for 5 minutes when the vasoconstriction all of a sudden relaxed and I got hot. When this happened I realized that I had to pee, since when the vaso was strong my bladder was restricted. I got up and went into the bathroom, and then shit went really, really wrong.

I walked to the bathroom tearing off my clothes on the way, because damn, I was HOT. I lifted the toilet and began to pee, but as soon as I did this, it was like I started to lose control of my body. While peeing, 15 seconds after taking my clothes off I got cold, VERY cold. My face looked white and it didn’t exactly rub me the right way. Also starting were audial hallucinations - white noise was in my ears, and it was ever-present, slowly crescendoing. Unable to stave it off any longer, anxiety hit me full force. I started getting scared, because I was hot again, and the white noise was getting louder. It turned into a high pitched ring - not a wubwubwub sound, but one long, drawn out note. I started panicking and couldn't stop. I felt like I was having a seizure. I knew I had to calm myself down, so I thought to myself, “It’s okay. You’ve ingested a dangerous research chemical. It’s going to get worse.”

What the fuck? No! Oh shit, it IS getting worse. I flush the toilet and stumble out of the bathroom into the main room. I’m starting to feel sick and surfaces are glistening. I say to Alex and Sasha, “I think I’m starting to have bad trip. You guys need to help me, man”. Alex was tripping hard and didn’t react but Sasha asked me what kind of music I liked. I mumbled “Future. No, Anderson .Paak. Yeah”. I fell to the ground on one knee because my legs gave out and when I rolled onto my back, the ringing fucking took over my entire head. Alex and Sasha’s words were muffled to a point where I could barely understand them and it sounded like I’d been hit by a train. My heart rate was high as fuck and I started to sweat, and it was dripping down my face. I couldn’t hear the music.

T: +1:25 - I crawled to the kitchen because I was hot once more, scared for my life, needing to cool down because I feared heat stroke. I tried to open the fridge to get colder but couldn’t, and collapsed on the kitchen floor. The ringing was intense, the heat was intense, the sweat was obscuring my vision, and I thought I was fucked, because this is what I had read about from people who overdosed and barely made it out alive. I threw my hands out to the left and right, searching for something to ground me. Visuals were killing me. I kept closing and opening my eyes so that they wouldn’t start to manifest. My body was jerking uncontrollably. The cool metal from the oven door on my left and the cabinets on the right saved my life because I had forgotten where I was. Once I knew it was the kitchen I just kept repeating in my head, “I’m in the kitchen. This is my kitchen. It’s cool in here”.

After five more minutes of hell and repeating the kitchen phrase in my head, things slowly started to descend from hell to agony, agony to pain, pain to discomfort, and then I basically bounced back. Sasha came in and asked me how I was doing. I didn’t want to talk because I was afraid any type of mental exertion would send me into another downward spiral so I just mumbled, “Better. Stay here.”. I laid on that floor for 10 minutes, slowly regaining control over myself, little by little. My body temperature was still fluctuating but it started to fluctuate less, and I allowed the visuals to take over once more.

T: +1:35 - I slowly rolled onto my side and crawled back into the main room, taking it slow. I laid down near my friends. They wanted to play a game of Civilization 5, but I didn’t think I could handle it so I just let them play my turns for me. I was getting better, but I was shaken. During the game I got up and decided that since I’d just been to hell and back and almost died I would explore more of the visuals, since I was on 2mg of this shit and I knew it was going to stick with me for a while. I went into my room and laid down on my back, staring at the patterns on my ceiling.

25i-NBOMe is a very stereotypical and clearly synthetic hallucinogen. I had read people’s experiences testifying to this before, but this is when I really experienced it. The longer I stared, the visuals themselves started to become less evident, and I realized that underneath all of the visuals (it felt like it had been behind my eyes the whole time) was a circular rainbow made up of rings, which was responsible for all of the rainbow hazes on the objects that I was looking at. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet would emanate out from the center at a very pre-determined pace. There was no flowy-ness to the rainbows like LSD. It was as if someone was flicking a switch inside my head every second, and each switch would send the colors out one ring. Think of how smoothly a conveyor belt moves, or a treadmill, and you’ve got the smooth, rolling, LSD-type rainbows. But fuck that conveyor belt up and jam it so that instead of moving smoothly it jerks four inches at a time and you’ve got 25i rainbows.

Very blocky hallucinations, akin to paper chains crafted by a first grader, slowly traversed my vision. I started to cry, because even though I realized this drug was so stupid, so clearly man-made, so dangerous and ultimately BORING, I was humbled and in complete awe that a chemical could do this to man’s consciousness. I was pretty happy from this point on, but I had already resolved to never do it again. I got what I needed out of it.

T: +2:00 - The next two hours I hung out with Alex and Sasha, ended up playing my turns in Civ 5, and taking a shower. The shower was incredibly interesting. I crouched down in the fetal position and stared at the drain. The closer I would lean my head toward the drain, the faster the water would appear to swirl around it. The closer I leaned, the louder this mechanical audial hallucination would get. Yeah, kinda like the sound of a treadmill. I experimented with this over and over again, leaning my head back, watching the drain swirl slower, and then jerking it forward, kicking the shit into overdrive. At one point I got cautious, because I felt like I was teasing death or some shit, getting closer and closer to the edge of this hallucinogen, testing how intense the noise could get before the treadmill just up and exploded. But then I realized I should stop this entirely because I didn’t want my brain to have an aneurysm.

Then I started to think about how I actually got to this point, hallucinating on some obscure research chemical in my shower.
I started to think about how I actually got to this point, hallucinating on some obscure research chemical in my shower.
I have a lot going for me in my life, what the fuck am I doing right now? Damn.

T: +4:00 - We went outside and walked the path along the canal in our town, just talking. Later we met up with some more friends, and had a pretty good time.

T: +7:00 - Headed over to our friends’ house and had a bonfire. No more noticeable effects from the drug in between the 4 and 7 hour mark, just the slow comedown. The twitching gradually faded, the jaw clenching stopped, and my tight muscles unraveled.

T: +11:00 - Alex, Sasha and I said goodbye for our friends and stopped for some food. It was now 1 in the morning. We figured after the food we would part ways, because Alex and I thought we could finally sleep.

T: +12:00 - Finally able to sleep. I slept for 6 hours, felt tired, went to work, came home and wrote this.

After they left and I was alone, I thought about everything I’d done that day. I felt very dumb and irresponsible for taking so much of this relatively unknown substance, and then consciously making the decision to smoke a drug I knew would potentiate the effects, and that I can hardly even handle sober. I don’t dislike myself for the choices I made, because life is hard enough without adding self-hatred on top of it. I just know that I acted impulsively for the sake of trying to get high, and I could have killed myself. I am better and smarter than that.

The main effects of 25i-NBOMe in my experience have included melting, morphing, and swirling OEVs; pixelated and fractal-like CEVs; increased awareness of patterns; rainbow hazes on the edges of objects and, in high doses, full-on rainbow hallucinations; visual trails; slightly distorted sense of time (in higher doses sense of location); inability to communicate thoughts and ideas (a very “dumb” feeling); sudden mood lifts; states of mania; uncontrollable laughter; vasoconstriction; body temperature fluctuations; rapidly dilating and constricting pupils; uncontrollable twitches in the eyelids and extremities; uncoordination; overwhelming anxiety; and a very dissociating headspace.

I would say 25i-NBOMe is a poor choice for anyone trying to experience the following: deepening of thought; epiphanies; a sense of oneness; connectedness to other human beings; connectedness to nature and inanimate objects; love for self or others. Nah, this drug is definitely a fuck-up drug. It’s like a goddamn cartoon. Search for the image of “rainbow hallucination” anywhere, pick out the most stereotypical, gray-rainbow image you can find and you’ll pretty much know what I was seeing. It’s like a kindergartner drew the shit inside my brain.

If you are reading this you may be doing just what I was before all of this happened - researching before you experiment. I won’t say not to do this drug, because it’s unlikely that it will stop you if you are interested enough, but I will say that you must be extraordinarily careful. I, like many others, am not joking. The visuals are as tangible as you have been reading. You might feel like you’re manipulating matter with your own hands a foot in front of your face and there’s people bending down to kiss you on the floor. It’s a crazy experience, no doubt, but start small. DO NOT combine it with another drug when you first do it and if you do end up combining later, take one sip, or one puff, and then just put that shit down and see how you feel. This stuff is too dangerous to let caution go. Be safe.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110315
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: May 1, 2017Views: 2,146
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25I-NBOMe (542) : Difficult Experiences (5), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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