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Unique and Pleasant
4-Fluoroamphetamine & Duloxetine
Citation:   mattenglish. "Unique and Pleasant: An Experience with 4-Fluoroamphetamine & Duloxetine (exp110319)". May 2, 2017.

T+ 0:00
    Duloxetine (daily)
  T+ 0:00     Pharmaceuticals (daily)
  T+ 0:00 20 mg oral 4-Fluoroamphetamine  
  T+ 1:00 100 mg oral 4-Fluoroamphetamine  
  T+ 1:50 5 mg oral Hydrocodone  
  T+ 5:00 5 mg oral Hydrocodone  
  T+ 8:00 5 mg oral Hydrocodone  
  T+ 9:30 5 mg oral Melatonin  
The Unique and Pleasant 4-FA

A little while back I acquired some 4-FA from a reputable source and spent a couple days learning some of the ins and outs of this substance. As a background, I have extensive experience with a wide range of substances to include opiates, stimulants and most of the commonly and not so commonly circulating drugs. Although my use is sparse now, I take on a regular basis an SNRI, cymbalta, and a dopamine reuptake inhibitor. I knew there was a possibility that the SN/SSRI could interfere with the experience, but as I found out, it was awesome regardless. My state of mind was relaxed and open going into this experience--slightly more tired than normal due to an early wake up.

I started off at T+0:00 with ~20mg oral as a test dose and waited 1 hour. I felt some positive mood lift and very mild stimulation, but overall at this low dose the effects were weak.

At T +1:00 I took an additional ~100mg oral and waited for the effects to build.
T+1:30 The effects build and I begin to feel a pronounced euphoria and restless energy that continues to grow. Although the euphoria is similar to a good MDMA high, I donít feel myself getting in touch with my inner emotions like I would on MDMA.; nor is it overpowering at this stage. The euphoria is unique; sort of a blend of a classic amphetamine rush but with MDMA qualities to it.

T+1:50 The effects are very strong now. I start to fear the dose may have been a little too much! I take 5mg hydrocodone to take things down a notch. The waves of euphoria are taking over and I am content to do small tasks around the house here and there. My heart rate is elevated to around 100, but I find that deep breathing and sitting down lowers it easily. There is some amphetamine like anxiety present at this point although it is fairly manageable.

T+2:10 At this point I reach the peak. The euphoria is almost overwhelming but Iím able to meander around the house with occasional breaks to cool down. Overall it is extremely pleasurable. I find myself praying more than normal while under the influence and thoughts flow easily and quickly.
I find myself praying more than normal while under the influence and thoughts flow easily and quickly.
Itís not difficult to focus on one thing at a time but I only desire to do this for a few minutes before moving onto something elseóthe newness and thoughts of something new bring increasing amounts of euphoria.

T+4:00 The initial euphoric rush wears off and a pleasant and speedy sensation accompanies me for the next few hours. I donít feel any ďcrashĒ like I would typically have on MDMA or similar. Iím able to eat a sandwich during this time but my appetite is definitely suppressed.óregardless it feels good to eat and I enjoy the food.

T+5:00 I take 5mg hydrocodone. During this time I had to do some work on the house, which I was initially having anxiety over because I felt I was a little too loopy and my heart rate was fairly rapid (100-120bpm). With some cheering from my family I remove a beam from the deck that needs replacing. I would not want to have to go to work on this for a whole day although doing the odd job here and there is both gratifying and keeps my energy from turning into anxiety. The hydrocodone helps a lot with some of the jittery side effects and is a pleasant complement to the higher energy 4-FA.

T+8:00 I take another 5mg hydrocodone and relax and watch TV. I was initially nervous because I though the show might be too intense, but it ends up being very enjoyable and relaxing.
T+9:30 I take 5mg time release melatonin to aid sleep. At T+10:00 I can still feel some of the speedy effects but they are definitely tapering off now. I fall asleep around 1 AM and wake up the next day feeling very goodóno hangover or depleted serotonin feeling.

This is a unique substance that straddles the gap between MDMA and amphetamines, and has many favorable characteristics that can sometimes be likened to one, but sometimes to another. For those who want to get really jacked up like taking a bunch of MDMA, this is going to fall a little short in its intensity. I think itís important, however, to go into the experience and take 4-FA on its own terms. It has a charm of its own and in my view is great if for haging out around the house and do some odd projects here and thereómaybe with friends or maybe without. It did not seem to matter that I was on a moderate dose of both an SNRI and an SSRIóso either the receptor affinity of 4-FA is fairly strong, or its main effects are not completely linked to serotonin and norepinephrine. Itís fairly long acting, especially when taken orally. I took it earlier in the day in order to get a good night sleep.

Having tried it a couple times since this particular experience, noon seemed about right to be able to calm down by midnight. Overall this was a good experience, and somewhat unique among the drugs Iíve sampled to date.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110319
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: May 2, 2017Views: 3,268
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