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Personal Effects Summary
Citation:   verax. "Personal Effects Summary: An Experience with Pregabalin (exp110327)". Jul 9, 2017.

25 mg oral Pharms - Pregabalin
Pregbalin a Personal Effects Summary

I've been taking a modest dose of pregabalin for a while now [25-100mg], ocasionaly taking more to test the waters. This is what I have to say about it. This is just my personal experience.

The feeling or headspace of pregabalin is one of psychedelics or dissociatives in addition to that of a benzo type drug. It's very different to any other class of drugs I've tried in this aspect and yet this feeling is subtle, and in low doses usualy non existent.

There is almost always a euphoria, not the euphoria opiates for example give though. It's more an almost anxious, energetic, yet pleasant euphoria. It also manifests physicaly as a warm feeling in the stomach and as pleasant Tactile sensations. This effect is notable at any dose for me. There is also a sedative anxiolytic effect, more prominent at higher doses.

Music is certainly different on pregabalin although I don't find it as enhanced as with cannabis as many users report, but rather to be more absorbing and capable of inducing a sort of trance, as music can anyway but in a more intense way. Music may also be more meaningful, beautiful, but not on par with the euphoric quality cannabis gives it. Sounds may also be more crisp or louder.

There is also dissociation, a dissociative feel especially at the peak and sometimes the come up. Things have a different look to them and it's easy to be overwhelmed by and lost in music or thought, I haven't noticed any derealisation, which I consider unpleasant, just a feeling of being wrapped up in a thin veil of trippiness, for lack of better words. This effect is also dose dependant and occurs at higher doses.

Colours seem somewhat brighter, and vision may seem to be of a better standard, more defined and 'HD'. Visuals are rare for me but when they occur they are minor, mild tracers are the most common ones, along with fleeting after images and faint colours, occasionally objects may breathe or change size a little. Higher doses have produced mild, faint fractals with eyes closed on par with a hit of strong weed or two, but these have never became immersive for me.

There is a nice boost to my energy level, and I may want to move around or dance. All I can compare this too is the boost of a can of energy drink... I've never taken MDMA or major stimulants. When lying down, I may feel I am being pulled backwards or melting into the bed, for example, which can be snapped out of to an extent. I do notice an increase in feelings of love and empathy too, but this also happens to me on opiates although in a more 'fuzzy' way if that makes any sense at all. My libido is definatley enhanced and sex or pornography can be twice as enjoyable as it is sober. I don't really get sleepy on this drug, and if taken in the evening it will actualy prevent me getting any prolonged or deep sleep. Sense of taste is enhanced. Anything tastes alot better on pregabalin. I also experience Cottonmouth, though not as consistently as with cannabis.

Overall I'd describe pregabalin as having qualities similar to z drugs (particularly zopiclone) as well as very mild but notable euphoric/stimulant, psychedelic and dissociative effects. I find pregabalin synergies well with opiates, and even more so zopiclone, although I only take small doses of these with it and do not recomended anyone do this simply because they heard it from me, dose too high and you may hurt yourself. Thankyou for reading.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110327
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Jul 9, 2017Views: 5,120
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