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Overly Caffeinated Mild Hallucinations
by Austin
Citation:   Austin. "Overly Caffeinated Mild Hallucinations: An Experience with Coffee (exp110339)". Feb 1, 2021.

9 - 13 cups oral Coffee (daily)


I work in a warehouse that supplies us with an unlimited amount of free organic coffee. Since my adult life began I have always been a heavy coffee consumer, but at the time i would drink 2 or 3 cups of light roast before work, drinking 2-3 cups of a breakfast blend on both my 15s, 3 or 4 during my lunch, and sometimes another cup or two on my way out the door. I liked energy and coffee helped me perform better at the labor portion on my job.

After spending approximately a year as caffeinated as possible I began to experience something I can best describe as waves of confusion and deja vu. I would be in the middle of a work task when the world around started to fade away, top to bottom, in a black-green-purple haze. As this happened I would have scents come to mind that would take me away to something like a memory that never happened, in a dream like state. Like I said, I would become really confused, almost nauseous, and while the world was barely visible time would appear to stop.

This would only last a second or two, but when I snapped back into reality I would abruptly halt what I was doing and just stand there dazed, worried about how much could have happened while I was not in tune to reality. After a few moments I would go back to whatever I was doing, only to be reminded of the mini dream or memory I had experienced from a chain of events that would unfold after the hallucination.

I felt like it was almost prophetic, like I momentarily saw a future possibility, and would experience deja vu for the remainder of the day. Regretably, after researching my experience it became apparent what I was going through could be considered a partial epileptic seizure. Already before learning that I had decided to cut back my caffeine intake, so after my discovery I have scaled back to 2 or 3 cups per day. Since then I have not had one of those experiences, although smells that seem to not exist still trigger deja vu.

Here I am, remaining undecided. Was the excessive amounts of caffeine a trigger, or was the caffeine forcing my consciousness into other states of being that allowed me short term insight? I have never before or since experienced symptoms, and I dare not drink that much again without a supervised situation. Losing consciousness and regaining it moments later while my body is in motion is somewhat terrifying.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 110339
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26 
Published: Feb 1, 2021Views: 2,265
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Coffee (173) : Health Problems (27), General (1), Workplace (51)

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