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Why Do You Banna the Canna
by Cannabinaut
Citation:   Cannabinaut. "Why Do You Banna the Canna: An Experience with Cannabis (exp110366)". Sep 14, 2017.

  vaporized Cannabis


Cannabis Experience:
Dose: .2-.3g Indica Cannabis
Potentiators: Turmeric
Note: I have previously used today Turmeric, Ephedra Sinica, and Caffeine.
Method of delivery: Vaporization

5:03 Just took one 10 second hit off the vaporizer about 1 minute ago. The effects haven’t kicked in yet. Am currently listening to music in my bed.
5:05 Colors in the room becoming more vibrant and unique, heart is beating faster (probably due to adrenaline)
5:06 Vision is going “side to side” and my peripheral vision is becoming less and less. Feeling a body tingling sensation and head is feeling “squished”.
5:07 Eyes are feeling more “bloodshot”, nostrils are clearing and asthma is being relieved (bronchodilation). I’m going to meditate.

5:09 Feeling a distinct buzzing in the eyes, nose and face. Sounds are becoming louder and clearer.
5:10 Feeling lighter, fuzzy, and muscle relaxation is setting in, I must also note I feel like I’m leaning backward even when I’m not
I feel like I’m leaning backward even when I’m not
at this stage.
5:11 The visual field is starting to flash and swirl, almost as if everything is slowing down. Feeling a detachment from the body that is getting heavier and heavier.
5:12 Feeling lighter and starting to have a body buzz, almost like a soft blanket is being rubbed against my skin.
5:14 I’m feeling more relaxed, the music is feeling much more “real” my pain is fading away and I do feel happier (mood enhancement)
5:15 Logical and scientific thinking is starting to become impaired, I want to think more deeply and less structured.

5:16 I feel a sense of being connected with my subconscious, and that which my subconscious knows and understands are being brought to my mind and perception.
5:17 More lightness, eyes feel bloodshot, head does feel more “squished”, I notice the fuzzy feeling on my arms and legs now. Pain is more manageable. And I’m seeing some sort of imaginary circles in my eyes, kind of like when you look at the sun for too long.
5:18 Mouth is dry and I am noticing that my ears feel “plugged up”, yet my hearing is better.
5:19 I feel very relaxed, and ready to do the tasks at hand! (Mowing the lawn)

5:20 I must note I am using cannabis for a number of health reasons, as an anti-inflammatory, of course for all of the known and researched health benefits, bronchodilation, the feeling, the mood enhancement, pain relief, chronic hive relief, and for allergy relief.
5:42 Just got done mowing the lawn, some sniffles from the pollen, but not bad at all. Laying down and drinking some fruit juice and taking a steroid nasal spray (Fluticasone Proprianate) to relieve the sniffles. I’m feeling quite happy, more creative and imaginative. I have “tunnel vision”, a warm fuzzy and “airy” body high, pain relief, and pleasant sedation.
5:44 I’ve definitely plateaued so I will be ending my report here. Since I never feel any bad effects from “coming down”, I just only return to baseline.

Side note: I have a very low tolerance as I never exceed one 10-15 second hit from a vaporizer, once every other day or so. I'm in no way stoned, and wouldn't even call this feeling being high, but just lifted and relaxed. Peace

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110366
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15 
Published: Sep 14, 2017Views: 671
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