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Trifecta Phantasy
4-AcO-DMT, MDMA & 2C-B
by B
Citation:   B. "Trifecta Phantasy: An Experience with 4-AcO-DMT, MDMA & 2C-B (exp110397)". Jun 18, 2019.

T+ 0:00
30 mg oral 4-AcO-DMT
  T+ 1:00 110 mg oral MDMA
  T+ 2:20 40 mg oral 2C-B


+0:00 30mg 4-aco-DMT*
+1:00 110mg MDMA*
+2:20 40mg 2cb
*see the ďConclusionĒ section for how I would adjust my dosages next time.

Iím in my bedroom, alone. For most of the trip, I will be sitting at my desk on a computer. I will be discussing my experiences with an online psychedelics community and with a scribe who will record all my experiences. Later in the trip, I will retreat to my bed and remain in contact with my scribe via a phone, and finally a laptop. I begin 20 minutes after midnight.


+0:00: Ingested 30mg of 4-aco-DMT. I smoked marijuana four hours previous to ingestion. I am feeling decent and Iím ready. All substances have been tested by previous trials with the same batch. Erlich's and Marquis reagent are suggested.

+0:25: I have some nausea and Iím slightly uncomfortable. Iím turning on cinematic, ambient music to relax and keep calm.

+0:30: My peripheral vision turned into patterned hexagons. Vivid streaks of rainbows are going through my field of vision with my eyes open. Everything is building up more intensely-- colors are becoming more saturated and neon. The whole world is giving off a bright glow. When I close my eyes, it feels like Iím in another world. Iím very excited.

+0:45: Geometric patterns are streaking across my vision. Iím extremely relaxed-- feeling dreamy, deep, and spacy. The components of reality are falling apart and taking on a surrealist perspective, reminiscent of a very vivid dream.

+0:55: My closed eye visuals are so intense that at times they feel real. Everytime I blink itís like playing a game of peek-a-boo with vivid visuals when my eyes are closed. When I open my eyes, my vision startles me, as my eyelids feel like hands revealing the bright, imaginative world. I look at text on my phone and all the letters are dancing together. Iím slightly scared, but epiphanized. My logical judgement is warped and weird. When I look up, I hallucinated a tall ceiling of geometric colors which kept unfolding to show higher ceilings with infinite geometry. Breathtaking.

+1:00: Ingested 110mg of MDMA. Taking the substance felt pure and healthy, as if taking vitamins from my mother as a child. The room and all of its entities are moving back and forth, warping constantly. Thereís a black spot just barely in my peripheral vision to the left, and if I turn my head too fast, or if I blink rapidly, I hallucinate a hand or an eye in place of the black spot. It startles me for a moment whenever I see it. Regardless, my vision is dancing beautifully. Iím having full on audio distortions with mild hallucinations.

+1:10: It sounds like Iím in a very big room and the keyboard is reverbing and echoing. All sounds are perceived like Iím near an aquarium. The black spot has turned into a human face with its mouth wide open, but still disappears when I look for it. Iím not scared, but could be frightening for someone with little experience with psychedelics. The black spot has taken on a life of itís own, and I feel like people have thoughts and judgements about him. People donít like him, but I empathize with him. After all, the dot is just trying to have fun. My vision feels oddly reborn in a way, as if before tonight it was dirty, and today itís high definition. As I move my eyes and I look at various objects in my room, I can feel my eyeballs moving in their sockets. My eyes are watering, which happens normally in my 4-aco-DMT experiences.

+1:20: Little moments creep up on me with a sense of ego death just for a few seconds. I turn on a lamp, and it feels like a campfire. I feel like Iím in a void, but this little campfire is next to me providing me light. I am typing on my keyboard, but it sounds off in a very noticeable, yet indescribable way. In my room there is a light source which emits red, blue, and green light. The light rebounds off some crumpled up paper which has devolved into complex moving geometry. The paper is continuously morphing and moving from within my trash bin. My sense of virtual and real is being weirdly distorted. As I browse internet communities, it feels as if Iím viewing little towns. Each post and page of an online community website feels like a different road, home, or neighborhood.

+1:30: I turned on some cinematic music for a change of pace. The music starts slowly, but inspirationally, and suddenly transforms into powerful horns and nature sounds. Iím crying intensely because of how powerful the music feels. Tears are flowing down my face. I feel extremely emotional, in awe of the power and beauty of the music. Everything around me feels incredible. I have a heavy desire to go deeper. I feel like Iím on the border of ego death, just narrowly avoiding it. The void beckons for me to come closer.

+1:50: The MDMA has reached me fully now. I have a deep desire to increase the mindfulness and psychedelic properties of the trip. I begin looking through everything I can find, so intent on losing myself in this trip as I donít quite fully feel ďthereĒ. Itís worth noting that Iím not chasing a high; I just desire a deeper version of reality.

+2:10: My vision has become even more high-definition. All the objects which liter my room are dancing-- the chair, the desk, the bed. I am blissfully at peace with the world and everything around me as all my fears have been dissolved. A faint lattice covers my whole field of vision, stretching from the outer reaches, to the center of my dilated pupils, to the other outer rim of all I can see. Iím relying on muscle memory to type at this point and normal motor functions are becoming difficult, but not impossible.

+2:20: Ingested 40mg 2cb. I was supposed to wait 10 minutes longer, but I am taking this early because I am eager for a deeper experience. I am feeling better, more positive, and more happy than anything, ever. I am so, so happyÖ indescribably so. Iím feeling like my past year of hard work has finally payed off and this is the celebration. The visuals have quieted down a lot but the body high feels amazingly overwhelming with positivity. MDMA seems to be overpowering the extremely intense visuals from before but theyíre still there.

+2:40: People are moving around outside of my bedroom door, which is causing some intense anxiety. I am climbing into bed to relax for a bit until things settle down more. With the music off, I duck into my sheets and everything is very intense. I feel scared and startled, but am aware itís just the drug affecting me. I talk to the scribe via my phone.

+2:55: Everything is dreamy and swaying, even more so than before. I keep rocking back and forth because the change of motion in my vision feels so good. My vision zooms past my eyes as I move. My warped sense of direction and balance is completely disorienting.

+3:20: I have turned on the laptop by my bedside. It takes a while to start up, but I am now successfully logged in and in contact with my scribe via a website I am on. I am putting on ancient monk hymns to relax. My anxiety levels are quieting down due to the music. My fingers feel energized and I have a greatly heightened desire for social interaction. My thoughts are very scattered, yet easy to record. My vision is mirrored and symmetrical. Everything in life is balanced.

+3:30: The bright, neon colors have subsided and have been replaced with very fluid motion in all the surrounding objects. My headspace feels light, spiritual and cleansed. My thoughts are deep, introspective, and powerfully moving. At this point Iím reflective about my daily, sober interactions with my OCD. Iím having thoughts about balance in life, and my OCD seems to be totally in check-- no anxieties about inequalities or checks. I keep iterating over the phrase ďeverything in life is balancedĒ and I feel at rest with all of life. At this point in the trip, I am the most susceptible to outside stimuli having a deep, profound, and meaningful impact on me.

+4:00: I am having intense feelings of motivation. I am preparing. I am completely ready, passionate, and driven towards conquering my future goals. I canít wait until I come down and can start working more. I am grounded emotionally and in my thoughts. I am feeling very social-- talking to everyone I can and expressing everything that pops into my head. Even as my thoughts draw deeper into my psyche, I let my online conversations flow with a friendly socialness.

+4:20: Oddly, there is a slight increase in patterns and colorfulness again. Not as powerful as before, but still very visual. The vivid, colorful patterns are noticeable in my field of vision. I am very chilled and introspective. The trip has moved inwards, towards my inner self. The 4-aco-DMT was very outwardly revealing, about the world and my environment, but this is a sharp contrast.

+4:30: I am still very focused on my goals and my future. Iím planning everything out as I speak to my friends. I seem to be rebuilding a sense of self. Iím very involved in emotion and sentimentality. Every thought seems powerful and profound. My thoughts are emphasized, but not fictitious.

+5:10: I am feeling very nice, although the comedown has definitely begun. I want to sleep now, but I am aware it wonít happen for a while. I okay with the wait, although I do desire to go onwards with life.

+7:40: My jaw, neck, and teeth ache slightly from MDMA comedown. This is a standard comedown experience at this point. My visuals and warped headspace are slowly diminishing.

+8:40: I am now at baseline and back to normal. I fall asleep, yet awaken two hours later, restless.

DAY AFTER: The whole following day I have a headache, supposedly brought on by my lack of sleep coupled with the MDMA, but itís manageable. I suppose it would be different had I gotten more rest. I am relaxing today and am thankful I have no plans so that I can rest.

The scary parts were very scary, and the enjoyable parts were very enjoyable. Overall it was very intense. I would repeat this combination again in a more controlled environment without people outside my door. A secure, private, intimate nature environment would suite this experience well, possibly around sunset. This experience would be too intense to enjoy in public, whether at a concert or around lots of people. Some marijuana would have been nice to enjoy at the end in order to ease the comedown and relax. Since the MDMA overpowered the 4-aco-DMT at portions of the experience, I would increase the dosage to 35-40mg and bring the MDMA dose down to 100mg. This would be within ego death range and would avoid the feeling of not quite getting ďover the edgeĒ.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110397
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jun 18, 2019Views: 3,756
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4-AcO-DMT (387), MDMA (3), 2C-B (52) : Combinations (3), Difficult Experiences (5), Glowing Experiences (4), Music Discussion (22), Hangover / Days After (46), Alone (16)

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