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Precision and Finesse
Citation:   Kaleida. "Precision and Finesse: An Experience with 2-Oxo-PCE (exp110402)". May 24, 2017.

10 mg oral 2'-Oxo-PCE
    smoked Cannabis
This was my third experience with 2'-Oxo-PCE, though it's my first time writing a report on it, and I will be covering a bit of my first two experiences as well. This is my first report on a dissociative in general too, or at least other than being combined with a psychedelic and having the report focus on that, so I'm going to go a bit into my feelings on and past experiences with them too. I will just say now as well that I am much, much less experienced with this class of drugs than I am with psychedelics, so please forgive me if I am not able to elaborate on the effects I experienced to the level that I have been able to in past reports.

My previous experience with dissociatives, before any of these doses of 2'-Oxo-PCE, includes DXM, ketamine, nitrous oxide, and memantine, in that order. When I first started using DXM I tried it in several 300-400 mg doses, and experienced effects that were largely similar to alcohol except a bit more spacey and stoned-feeling and less carefree, along with a sense of numbness in my body, and especially my face. I found it somewhat interesting overall, but the body became less comfortable each time I took it, and I wasn't really getting enough out of the experiences to make it worth it. Finally, I decided to try 600 mg in combination with a small amount of LSD, and that was a totally different experience. It still wasn't that hallucinogenic, but it was very psychological; I completely forgot that I was on a drug, that I was in the real world, or that I was alive, and invented a fantasy scenario for what was happening to me about floating through a ghost dimension and having discovered the secret truths of the universe. It was intense, but it honestly still wasn't really what I was looking for at the time, and it was very hard to remember almost any of it in retrospect. Satisfied with it for now, I shelved the DXM and didn't touch it again for some time.

The only other dissociative I attempted to use in this period of my life was ketamine, which I could only obtain once, while already on 25 mg of 2C-I. I insufflated 100 mg and had some very interesting and intensely trippy effects, involving a highly realistic hallucination of a beautiful woman and the sensation of floating through a field of colorful spires floating out in the cosmos somewhere, for a moment. However, given that it was a combination and not the ketamine alone, I wasn't really sure what to make of it all in terms of what dissociatives are capable of ultimately.

After a couple years, I started slowly dipping my toes into the water again. The vast majority of my dissociative experiences from this point on were on nitrous oxide, which I mixed with over a dozen different psychedelics, mostly tryptamines, and also memantine. This became my by far preferred way of using this particular substance; nitrous oxide on its own is interesting, but its relatively simplistic and unchanging nature causes it to get old more quickly than most hallucinogenic drugs do, in my experience anyway. Nonetheless, combining nitrous oxide with an already full dose of a psychedelic or another dissociative remains an incredible option for blasting any experience into the ether, synergizing with the hallucinations exponentially and creating some of the most intensely delirious or euphoric states I could ever imagine being possible. There are a lot of nitrous oxide experiences I could talk about, but for now, suffice it to say that I have gained a lot from using it as a way to allow myself open up more in a way that past inhibitions had made very difficult to me, to the point that I've even had spontaneous orgasms as a result of using it while tripping already, so it's pretty darn special to me. It's actually been my process of going through all this that really revitalized my interested in dissociative drugs, especially when I did start to get tired of the ultimately more basic trip it provides and found myself becoming curious of the stronger and longer-lasting options.

My next opportunity to try a dissociative presented me with something that was indeed stronger and longer-lasting, but the last point maybe a bit too much: memantine suddenly popped into my life and I was thrilled, until I tried it and realized that I would be feeling any full dose literally for most of a week. It's a shame because the trip is gorgeous, it has a euphoria that I'm now learning is uncharacteristic of dissociatives in general, and it has some absolutely beautiful visuals that are admittedly somewhat less deep than I've experienced on other non-nitrous dissociatives, but the reason for that being because I actually find them strangely highly similar to tryptamines and lysergamides rather than other dissociatives, not the psychedelic geometric visuals mostly but the colorful visionary imagery of them, and in this way I also find them more cartoony, but also more artistically abstract than dissociatives generally are for me. Unfortunately, the really great effects pretty much only last the first day, and then I'm feeling myself coming down for at least the next three days, just waiting and waiting and waiting.... It gets old quickly. So, while I do still have a little bit of memantine left to work with, I haven't found myself returning to it again yet.

Despite that however, the intensely psychedelic-like effects I experienced from the memantine compared to what I was used to from DXM really had me interested, I suspected that all of my working with nitrous oxide might have helped open up this side of dissociatives to me more finally. I wanted to explore more, and I tried DXM one more time, but unfortunately it was still much too unpleasant physically for me to enjoy. However, my reaction was indeed more intensely psychedelic-like than it had been in the past, and that left me in the mindset that I remained for some time before the 2'-Oxo-PCE finally fell into my possession, without a strong dissociative to easily enjoy but with much interest in what they had to show me. So, naturally, once I did get this fascinating molecule I became quite ecstatic from thinking about the possibilities, and found myself dosing on roughly 5 mg within an hour or so of receiving it.

The effects I experienced over the course of the day were a pleasant intoxication that was alcohol-like in much the way I generally found lower doses of DXM to be, but far more comfortable beyond a slight stomach heaviness while coming up, pain relief, a small but noticeable boost in energy, and a very vaguely 'trippy' headspace in which I could tell that I was becoming slightly confused about things, like whether social interactions really seemed right or not after the fact, but nothing major.

I enjoyed it thoroughly enough that I decided to take it again five days later when I had a better setting to try for an actual trip, and I went with 10 mg. The feelings I experienced on 5 mg all generally increased, and for the first hour and a half I had fun listening to music and dancing with the energy I had, before the intoxication and heaviness would put me down on the couch again. Once I felt the energy shift into more of a trippy headspace, I went and got in bed with some cannabis and turned out the lights. I wasn't able to completely pass into any stable hallucinogenic point for more than a moment, but I had many quick flashes: thinking that I was lying down in warm bath instead of under the covers in bed, seeing two young woman standing together from a disembodied third-person perspective, seeing a floating row of transparent colorful trees, and so on. That last detail is actually something that I recalled seeing on the combination of 2C-I and ketamine, so I was particularly excited about that, though the first two examples were much more impressive hallucinogenic experiences overall. In the end, I fell asleep easily while lying in bed and awoke the next morning eager to try a higher dose in the near future.

This was now about a week after that experience, and I had originally planned to take 15 mg and try to go for the full-blown trip, but some things came up and I ended up having company for most of the night, so I didn't feel like trying for that dose anymore. I did still want to trip though, and I didn't feel like taking a psychedelic instead, so I opted to try for 10 mg again and see how it would work when alternating between external and internal focuses. I was still hopeful that it would surprise me with its hallucinogenic strength, but wasn't getting myself too worked up for what I assumed would instead more likely be slightly weaker than the previous trip on the same dose. Still, I would say that I was quite happy with the experience in the end, and I did get a good amount of insight into how I think I would like to use this molecule in the future, but I will of course go into the more in the actual report. So, without further ado....

T+0:00 - I swallowed 10 mg of 2'-Oxo-PCE, washed down with water and followed by a Starburst chew. Some familiar comedies were playing on Netflix on the TV while my company played the new Legend of Zelda game on the Wii U GamePad on the couch, and I was in a good mood and ready for an experience.

T+0:25 - I'm beginning to feel heavy, slow, and clumsy, but not bad in the way that all those words would generally seem to imply.
T+0:25 - I'm beginning to feel heavy, slow, and clumsy, but not bad in the way that all those words would generally seem to imply.
It's a nice, again somewhat alcohol-like intoxication, but with a slight, not uncomfortable anxiety rather than a slight loss of anxiety.

T+0:40 - Considering how much time has passed since my last note makes me think there is some time dilation going on, but it's hard for me to gauge with this class of drugs I'm less familiar with. I'm doing a good bit of stumbling, and yawning quite a lot not unlike coming up on many tryptamine psychedelics.

T+0:45 - I probably would have waited slightly longer to smoke some cannabis myself, but my company was interested in smoking now and I didn't think it would be the end of the world to start now, so we went through a bowl together. Almost immediately I felt much, much higher, from both the cannabis itself and the dissociative feelings being strongly potentiated. Within a few minutes I was actually starting to get some full-body tremors like I often get on psychedelics, but which I did not get on my previous experiences with 2'-Oxo-PCE during which I waited over an hour to smoke. I suspect that this is a critical factor, because I used to get these sorts of tremors from high doses of cannabis alone, but have not in many years. The tremors were actually a bit more uncomfortable than I generally get on psychedelics as well, but I quickly reminded myself that because I was on a dissociative instead it would probably be much easier for me to force myself to not be bothered by them, so I just told myself it would pass and to remember that there's nothing to fear and my emotions quickly sank back to baseline levels. The physical sensations still continued, but they didn't get any stronger and didn't really get to me other than stopping me from being able to move easily while they were going on.

T+1:05 - I decided to put my headphones on and listen to some music while lying down on the couch and still waiting for the tremors to pass, as I've had success using this to actually somehow force that to happen in the past. I put on some familiar songs and just tried to remain calm and listen, and very quickly the tremors ceased. Success again! A strange but awesome use for music during physically difficult hallucinogen experiences.

T+1:20 - The music sounded very nice and deep, but I definitely wasn't on any level that I would call tripping, and there were no closed eye visuals or anything while I was lying there. Once I was sure that the physical discomfort had passed and that I would be good for that point on, I sat back up and started interacting with my company again, who now had the game they were playing showing on the TV.

T+1:50 - Now that I've accepted that nothing too crazy is going on for the moment and I've just been having fun talking to my friend, I've gotten to a point of feeling very content and euphoric about my current state. It feels still like being drunk but more centered and peaceful, and I feel very nostalgic about past memories that I am bringing up fondly. Shortly after this we also smoked a second bowl of cannabis.

T+2:05 - From this point until about T+3:15 I went back to listening to music with my headphones on, first while just lying on the couch, and then going to lie down in bed for a little bit. I thought that this might help bring out the hallucinogenic aspect somewhat, but I think what was holding me back was the same thing I think was holding me back on the couch: knowing that I had company to return to was just keeping me too consciously aware to dissociate into another world. So, I just enjoyed listening to the music, blasting at full volume despite my phone's warnings without having to worry about any pain or anything like that due to the anesthesia, and then eventually got myself up and came back out of my bedroom.

T+5:00 - My company finally left, and I considered trying to salvage the rest of the trip, but decided instead to just watch an episode of Bob's Burgers, eat some leftover pizza, and get ready for bed. I was pretty tired, and definitely still felt intoxicated but not like anything too crazy was going on. Still, when I actually was finally lying down and getting comfortable, I decided to go for one more, now responsibility-free meditation session.

The first thing I recall seeing appear from the darkness was some colorful psychedelic-like imagery that was not unlike what I would normally get just from smoking cannabis and meditating anyway, but generally only at the spontaneously most intense experiences I've ever had with it, not just your average everyday high meditation session. This imagery quickly became even more solid and detailed than that, but still retained its sort of tryptamine-esque colorful virtual reality feeling to everything rather than being like a realistic dream scene. I recall that at the center of a somewhat dark and transparent but relatively complex and ancient-looking pattern there was a female body that was not exactly my own but which I interpreted as myself, the kind of mental-self imagery that often appears in my hallucinogenic experiences. 'I' was naked, and suddenly, after centering my attention on the image for a moment, I was vertically ripped in half down the center! My two halves were ripped apart and I could see all kinds of only somewhat accurate human innards draped between the two torn edges of my body, still very cute and colorful and psychedelic in their appearance. While I could recognize the morbid nature of this scene I was not afraid of it and found it largely amusing, and simply watched myself be put back together and then be pushed out of my perception for the next scene to form.

The next thing I remember seeing is a succession of intensely realistic images, again from a third-person perspective as I had during my last 10 mg experience on 2'-Oxo-PCE, of women walking around and looking in my direction, with an overall sort of 'spiraling' feeling to the direction subtly implied by the order of the images shown. I immediately recognized this, because it was clear to me that it was the exact same effect I get on psychedelics, just shown through a different medium. That is to say, on psychedelics there is almost always this common theme to the visual hallucinations, at the least the ones complex enough to have imagery and not just geometry or distortions, where that imagery will be largely dominated by generic (most often not people I know, as far as I can tell) images of beautiful women posing or reaching out to me, looking at me in the eyes, and occasionally moving around static backgrounds. However, like most psychedelic visuals for me, these images come off as generally cartoony or perhaps painting-like, but are also highly repetitious and beautifully artistic due to the way they blend with the extreme visuals of other types that psychedelic cause such as the fractals and form constants.

This 2'-Oxo-PCE on the other hand lacked these brilliant geometric structures, but was instead projecting this effect into a hallucinogenic world that was structured on the level of a vivid dream. I was in fact distinctly reminded of many experiences I've had going to sleep after smoking Calea zacatechichi, the dream herb, during which my dreams would become so intensely detailed that all of the scenes felt very busy and full, like in addition to the few people I was interacting with directly there would also be large groups of other people carrying on with their lives in the background, almost always traveling in one direction or the other. The hallucinogenic effect that I got from the 2'-Oxo-PCE at this point was intensely similar, as though I was again just a floating third-person perspective, each scene in this overall spiraling visionary journey involved only two or three women up close to me at any given point, looking right where my awareness was situated suggestively and knowingly, while large crowds of women moved eagerly around in the backgrounds. At this point, I distinctly recall thinking that this was possibly the most impressive kind of hallucinogenic trip I had ever experienced, comparable to how I felt about my first powerful trips on LSD.

One of the things that made me the happiest with all of this though, is that I was totally lucid and aware to process it all. As I said before, I wasn't even sure I was that intoxicated anymore before going into this meditation session, and during these hallucinogenic experiences there was no confusion, no fear, no loss of self. I wouldn't say I was totally aware of my location in reality as I did indeed feel a bit out-of-body at times, but I was totally aware that I was just having an experience that I was in control of, and I knew that I could open my eyes and come back out of it to my nearly sober open eye reality once again at any point. This was one of the things that made the experience overall seem truly impressive to me, not just its strength but its ability to deliver it with such precision and finesse.

T+5:30 - This is the point when I stopped meditating, and sat up to make a note of it. There were more experiences that happened while I was doing that that are harder for me to recall now, but those things that I described were the most meaningful for me, and I'm sure I'll get better as pulling other things out of that place as I get more experience with this class of drugs. For now, I was quite happy to have experienced what I had, and I felt quite content in both mind and body, so I rolled over and drifted peacefully to sleep.

I woke up close to twelve hours after dosing this morning, still feeling slightly dissociated and relieved of pain or tension, and just feeling happy and active overall. I decided to write a report about this experience despite not doing it for the past two, including one at this same dose, because I felt that this experience has allowed me to get the best understanding of this dissociative experience so far, and it was definitely the most meaningful trip I've had on 2'-Oxo-PCE as of yet. It was also the most psychedelic-like of the experiences I've had, possibly just on dissociatives in general; the body tremors while coming up, lots of yawning and sleepy euphoria, and relative mental clarity combined with the super classically trippy hallucinogenic phase really just brought this all together into a great experience, even when I had already reached the place where I figured that nothing deep was really going to happen on it. I was incredibly impressed with the potential that this drug seemed to show me, and I'm very excited to explore it deeply once again, though probably after a bit longer of a break now just to let me tolerance go down a bit again and try to ensure that I can really go 'all the way' into the kind of heavy experience I'm hoping for.

In conclusion, I am definitely now finding myself ever more intrigued with the realm of dissociatives than I was before, and am quite curious to see just what else they have to show me.... I'll certainly be eagerly awaiting my next journey with this substance in particular as well, as it really does seem to have potential unmatched by pretty much anything else I have taken in many ways. However, it is also clearly something that demands respect, so please keep that in mind as well if you should choose to research it yourself!

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110402
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: May 24, 2017Views: 5,730
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