Father Yopo at a Paleolithic Burial Site Dock
Anadenanthera peregrina & Cannabis
Citation:   GreekJacob. "Father Yopo at a Paleolithic Burial Site Dock: An Experience with Anadenanthera peregrina & Cannabis (exp110426)". Erowid.org. Jun 21, 2017. erowid.org/exp/110426

T+ 0:00
  insufflated Anadenanthera peregrina (ground / crushed)
  T+ 0:00   vaporized Cannabis  
  T+ 2:00   smoked Cannabis  
This was my first time doing Yopo in my entire life. I have done a variety of Acid Trips, Mushroom Trips, Research Chemical trips, and I felt a strong desire to return back to the basics, and try something seemingly organic for a change.

Prior to beginning this I ordered 14 g of Yopo, and 500G of Calcium Hydroxide (as this was the cheapest method of ordering pure Calcium Hydroxide).

1. I roasted 20 Yopo seeds in pirex on a skillet caked in BHO (Oil), and experienced a slight high from vaporized dabs (approx 160-220deg). This process probably took 10-15 minutes.
2. I Peeled the husk off the seeds.
3. I Chopped the meat of the seeds into granules as fine as possible
4. I Eye balled about one to one Calcium Hydroxide to yopo ratio
5. I Mixed and smashed the Two ingredients together.
6. I spread it across floor of a Pyrex dish very thin
7. I put it in Vacuum Chamber/ oven at 160 degrees, pulled slightly past a full vacuum at -30 for 2 hours.
8. I Removed the Pyex from the Vacuum, scraping the paste into a plastic bag for transportation

The whole time we (myself and my Shaman/Wise Guy friend) were in the process of making it (about 3 hrs), we were in a room with vaporized weed that was at a sitting temp of around 85-90 degrees. Essentially we were (unintentionally) recreating a sweat lodge environment.

I drove down through Indian Rez with Wise Guy to a Paleolithic burial site / ancient dock on the river.
We smashed Yopo Mix into semi-powdered form. We both snorted an estimated 5-7 seeds (equivalent) each. I instantly felt a bit of nasal pain, followed by an increasingly strong initial load. The nausea increased from initial insufflation as well.

T-10 min: Ridiculously short come up from insufflation relatively good legs.
T-15 min: Even puking felt good!!! It felt as if bad things/spirits from my life were being purged from my body. I blew my nose a bit during this step. It felt amazing afterwards. In all seriousness, there was no actual pain from the puking.
T-30 min: The Come up was extremely nice.

It was Totally different than other trips in terms of visuals. With my eyes closed there was an explosion of visuals, shapes and lights. Basically no ego crushes felt really good. With my eyes open, I definitely saw an extremely peaceful looking Wise elder mandala with a hand raised in the trees across from the calm river facing me, I feel like it was Talavi kachina. Extremely wise benevolent spirit. 3 dimensional visual, undulating, spinning, geometrical shapes in the air directly in front of me in the sand before the river,
Extremely uplifting, euphoric, visual experience. Feels mind sharpening. I am talking 3d moving geometric shaped very bright and scientific in appearance almost. When I closed my eyes, I heard tinkling bells, as if a door was opening in my mind, with wind blowing through a chandelier to make that soft musical noise that those pieces of glass make.

T- 40-50 min: We walked back to the car. I was sitting in the car, visuals mostly gone, still feeling extremely uplifted.
T-1 hr: Absolutely no ego crushing (which meant for me no negative introspective thinking).
Heavy on Observing the environment extremely meditative experience. Just being one with the environment. It's a intense philosophical experience for me so far.

T-1hr: able to hold a conversation with friend while writing and processing their words simultaneously
Per my Friendís account, he felt like puking was extremely cleansing and healing as well. He looked in puke and saw evil looking faces [evil spirits]. Had to look away because it looked like demons doing Maori shit to him, with mandalas outside of it.
T-1hr 10min: In retrospect, still had body load but due to sharpness of experience, mental capacity overwhelmed body load.
Extreme focus extreme ability to multitask, extreme ability to organize multiple lines of thinking, communicate verbally, and write with regards to separate subjects.
My friend saw visuals and had petite seizures from minutes 40-80. Well into 1hr20min.

T-1hr 20 min:
The whole time a friend of mine was praying to her Hopi Kachina for me. She said 'He sings about brighter tomorrows, being good with rain, good crops and good health. He is a morning Kachina but technically this is your morning. Talavi kachina' She said 'I sat in my room the whole time with only some candles lit and meditated while listening to flute music. I burned incense beforehand and prayed. And after meditating I got up and stretched. My metaphysical Connection with the spirit world made me feel as if I was tuning in on a visceral level with her good vibes.

T-1hr30 I feel cleansed, with my physical body strengthened, my Spiritual and Emotional Self Cleansed.
My mind sharpened, cleansed, reinforced, healed.

T-1hr50 min Still experiencing Medium body load. Stopped at Medicine Creek on way out of Indian Rez for Medicine Water. We hit the three points with the water, that is hands, hair (top of head), and mouth.
T-2 hr in: I am feeling Spiritually sated, but mildly physically hungry. Smoked weed out of a ceremonial Peruvian Pipe at this point.

Next day: I woke up still sharpened from and cleansed from experience. My mind, spirit, and body feels cleansed and rejuvenated from this experience. In retrospect, they were the strongest visuals I have ever experienced, along with some auditory hallucinations as well. The interesting part was that this was coupled with a clearheadedness that seemed to be almost at odds with my experience. Instead the entire process was given a distinct medicinal tone, with purgatory affects at the onset, a healing and rejuvenating high, which left us feeling mentally fortified and physically strengthened. My wise guy friend who has severe PTSD, was left feeling no symptoms at the outset, and in Day 2, still feeling as if those symptoms are still removed from his perception of self.

Lack of ego crushing and relatively mild negative side affects.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110426
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Jun 21, 2017Views: 6,372
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