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Noopept & Cannabis
by Phox
Citation:   Phox. "Enlightenment: An Experience with Noopept & Cannabis (exp110428)". Jul 29, 2017.

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120 mg oral Noopept (capsule)
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Noopept Enlightenment

I had bought a bottle of noopept 30mg capsules about a year ago and took it consistently for about a month. It was 90 pills though, so I had a lot left and continued to use it sparingly with little to no success on either occasions. Since then, I began experimenting with psychedelics, and tried Psilocybin mushrooms as well as LSD. Both of these were relatively low doses, a basic beginner dose.

About half a year after those two psychedelics, I decided to see if I had any noopept left. I had 5 pills left, and I decided to take 4 and another about 20 minutes later. Within the 20 minutes, I smoked a couple bowls. About an hour and a half later I was noticing a very heightened level of abstract thought and it felt as if the speed of my ability to process thoughts increased drastically. I was not high at all anymore, and had no haze from the pot, but I am a regular smoker with a heavy tolerance.

At this point, I felt so good that I began studying for an upcoming final. I was able to study not only at an extremely rapid pace, but also with accuracy. I was able to push my brain to a place it has never been. It felt as if I could push my brain as far as I wanted. So far, that I began to feel as if it was not a heightened 'stimulant' high, rather a heightened level of consciousness. At this point, I had finished the practice exam in about 20 minutes. I had 2 hours to take the final, so I started to feel very confident, and combined with the noopept created a strong sense of euphoria.

I felt as if I had achieved a higher state of consciousness with the help of this chemical. I decided to sit and listen to some mellow music and let my mind be at the will of the drug. At this point it felt like a psychedelic experience and I hoped to teach myself how to reach this level of cognition on my own. The amount of abstract, rapid thought and creativity produced by this chemical at the dosage I took was indescribable. I felt as if I could think about any problem I was dealing with, ranging from university to relationships I kept letting my mind go deeper and deeper down this rabbit hole that was my train of thought at the time. I started looking at deeper life decisions and started thinking about the beauty of my existence as a human on this earth. After about an hour of this, I went to a friend's house to study a little more and then smoke afterwords. The entire night I felt as if I was in that higher level of consciousness and I continued to make profound realizations up until I slept about 5 hours later with little ease.

Today is the day after, and I continue to experience this level of cognition as I am writing this over 24 hours after the dose. At this point I can not say confidently if this higher level of consciousness is something that I will carry with me for the rest of my life yet. I feel as if it will be, but the feeling is so similar to the afterglow of a strong psychedelic trip that I need to let more time pass before I am sure.

I have no interest in taking noopept again, as I suspect there would be long term adverse effects if a dose of this amount was taken regularly. Also, I had previously taken doses of 30-90mg without feeling anything many times before this. I took this dose because I wanted to see if I could get anything out of the nootropic that I had thought I wasted money on. I was so wrong. The experience I had and the level of cognition and consciousness I still have today are a direct result. As of now, this is the type of experience that will change me forever, in the best way possible.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110428
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Jul 29, 2017Views: 6,680
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