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Never Going Back
4-Fluoramphetamine & Ecstasy
by Rotterdam
Citation:   Rotterdam. "Never Going Back: An Experience with 4-Fluoramphetamine & Ecstasy (exp110434)". May 23, 2017.

T+ 0:00
120 mg oral 4-Fluoroamphetamine
  T+ 4:00   oral MDMA


I had done XTC twice before, and was planning to do it again during a techno rave this evening. A friend suggested I try 4-fa, because he as well as some of our other friends had come to prefer it over XTC. I had heard of 4-fa and how it resembles XTC, and I started doing some reading up. I also asked some people about their experiences. So eventually, I decided to try it instead of XTC.

The two times I've taken XTC, the onset has always been really long for me. Moreover, even though I've always enjoyed it, there always seemed to be something missing that I had hoped to feel but didn't: sure, there was euphoria; sure, I kept grinning; sure, my scalp was always prickling. But I had expected so much more, and hoped that because I had only done it twice, the third might be the proverbial charm.

4-fa, however, turned out to be everything I expected XTC to be, and better. The onset was short compared to my XTC trips.
The onset was short compared to my XTC trips.
I took a full 120mg capsule and 30 minutes later, I was feeling a deep emotional warmth coming from inside my body, and everytime I ran my hand and nails softly over my scalp, a trail of wonderful goosebumps would follow. This would continue for the entire trip, and is even still present at the time of writing (T+13h I guess). I also felt it on my arms and face, but it was most noticable on my scalp. The euphoria and energy washing over me were better than any XTC trip I'd had, and I relished in the fact that time wasn't even moving that quickly, so I could really, profoundly enjoy this experience and the music.

The best difference between 4-fa and XTC for me was, however, the clearness of mind I retained. There were times when I was on XTC (always during raves) that I would find myself in a state of constant pondering whether the things around me were actually real, or where I was exactly, what the music was, how many people were actually talking through the music creating an annoying hum, or whether I could control the DJs with my hand movement (dead serious). And although these sensations are all interesting in their own right, I found they could become fatiguing too. 4-fa doesn't do these things at all. My mind is completely clear, my vision is wide open, and everything is as it is, just 100x more enjoyable.

Around T+4h, I felt the effects dwindling. Wanting to hold on to it, but not having any more 4-fa on me, I took around 40mg of XTC to get through the last hours. Unsurprisingly, when it finally came up (took quite a while again), the mild hallucinogenic effects of the X started taking over. Bummer, I would have loved to end the rave with a smooth final 4-fa rush.

All in all, I honestly think I will hardly ever use XTC again. 4-fa is phenomenal.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110434
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 26 
Published: May 23, 2017Views: 3,413
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4-Fluoroamphetamine (276) : Rave / Dance Event (18), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), First Times (2)

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