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I Am Deaf but I Could Hear the Universe
by Hearing is believing
Citation:   Hearing is believing. "I Am Deaf but I Could Hear the Universe: An Experience with DMT (exp110437)". May 9, 2017.

  repeated smoked Cannabis
  50 mg vaporized DMT


I have auditory neuropathy, which means my ears would work if the neurons that brought the sound to my brain worked, but I have lesions covering my auditory nerves, that got worse as I grew older. My auditory cortex is underdeveloped as a result but can still function, primitively.

My homie D invited me over to his pad to vaporize some of the purest DMT he's found, and smoke a couple bowls while preparing to trip. I show up and he is lighting incense and putting up trippy tapestry. I help him set up some UV lamps and lava lamps, and smoke some weed out of his lava lamp bong. By the time we were done setting up the room for the trip we had blown through two grams of weed and were rightfully stoned.

D pulls out his vaporizer, weighs out 50mg, and puts it on the ceramic nail. I take it and proceed to pull in as much vapor as I could, held it in for 20 or so seconds, and let it out. I repeat this once more, this time finishing off the rest of the 50mg. I hold it in longer than the first, and I begin to accelerate backwards.

(T- 00:15) I am falling. I see colors and fractals whizzing past me as I tumble into an alternate reality. I am slightly nervous as I've never tried DMT, but overall feeling cool.

(T- 01:00) The falling sensation eases as I descend into this new world. I imagine I am entering an alien atmosphere on an alien world, and below me I can see millions of creatures scurrying up and down valleys and crevices. A faint vibration can be felt in my headspace.

(T- 01:30) I am no longer focusing on the creatures that stand before me, but am fixated on the unknown and yet familiar feeling that is filling my head with joy and wonder.

(T- 01:45) I realize that the creatures are the ones making this vibration, and if I face one way the vibration can be felt coming from the other direction. I quickly realize that I am hearing these scurriers harmonize and sing.
I quickly realize that I am hearing these scurriers harmonize and sing.
At this point I am overjoyed. I can hear. And I don't need my auditory nerves at all! After the comedown, D would tell me that I was crying and softly saying, 'I can hear... I can hear..'

(T- 02:30) The scurrying creatures are just a memory at this point as I ride the multiversal waves of energy, slipping in and out of different universes, each with a distinct and beautiful sound emanating deep from within their universal cores. Light and sound were synchronizing and as the lights got brighter, so did the sound.

(T- 03:30) I am now coming off of the miracle drug, with waves of sound blitzing my mind occasionally, each time with a longer interval between the rings. I am back in D's trippy room. Walls are moving, but other than that my experience had come to an end. We embrace each other and we call it a night.

Apparently hearing for the first time is exhausting because I slept well that night.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 110437
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: May 9, 2017Views: 7,394
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DMT (18) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), Health Benefits (32), First Times (2)

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