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Quite Similar to MDMA
5-MeO-MiPT, Phenibut & Lisdexamfetamine
by Proton42
Citation:   Proton42. "Quite Similar to MDMA: An Experience with 5-MeO-MiPT, Phenibut & Lisdexamfetamine (exp110447)". Jun 8, 2017.

50 mg oral Lisdexamfetamine  
  1 g oral Smarts - Phenibut (liquid)
  6 mg oral 5-MeO-MIPT (blotter / tab)


Drugs ingested: +/- 6 mg Moxy, 50 mg Vyvanse and 1 gram Phenibut.
Set and Setting: At home, in a good mood and mindset.

I take 50 mg Vyvanse daily for my ADD, although I hadnít taken any for about a week prior so I had near to no tolerance at the time of the experience. I took 50 mg of Vyvanse together with 1 gram of Phenibut in liquid solution at approximately 07:15.

14:17 took +/- 6 mg 5-MeO-MiPT, I say +/- because as I was pulling 2 blotters off I got residue powder on my fingers and licked it and it tasted bitter.

14:27 Most likely placebo but my mindset is a little different and my body is slightly different.

14:33 Body is starting to feel heavier, as if each millimetre of my body is starting to weigh more

14:39 Something is definitely happening, I feel generally slower and my body is starting to change in terms of feeling. Just swallowed the 2 blotters with water.

14:47 Vision is changing slightly. Everything looks slightly smaller and colors are starting to pop out more.

14:54 My body is starting to feel really good. Moving and touching it makes the sense of touch spread more throughout the skin. Music sounds very good and I can almost feel the sound.

14:58 It seems to be a bit visual after all. If I look outside my window, itís very bright and the edges of the blinds have red and blue color to them

15:08 Visual acuity increased and everything is trippy. I feel more nauseous than I would like, however.

16:02 definitely peaking, body feels incredible and music pulsates through my body.

22:22 Near end of experience, still feeling pretty good body wise however.

Between 16:02 and the end of the experience I mostly experienced the same effects. Those were a very good body feeling, a warm tingling when the skin is touched. The tactile sensation lasted for a long time, over 10 hours after I first took the tabs and the mindset of the experience was somewhat trippy, although not nearly to the same extent on say LSD.

In summary the entire experience was quite similar to rolling on MDMA, as the body sensation was similar and the way it made music sound was also similar. I agree with another report that said itís the Tryptamineís version of MDMA. Itís mostly tactile and auditory hallucinations in low doses, although visual distortions and slight hallucinations is clearly present.

Prior drug experiences: 1P-LSD around 6 times, Cannabis in the form of hash and flower, MXP a few low doses and one dose enough to put me in a hole, medicinal mixed Laughing gas with oxygen at the hospital multiple times, Air Duster, Oxycodone a few times and once together with Cannabis, HBWR seeds, Flubromazolam, Nifoxipam, Alprazolam, Oxazepam, a mixture of 3-FPM and 2-Ai, MDMA, Alcohol, Nicotine, Phenibut.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110447
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Jun 8, 2017Views: 4,132
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5-MeO-MIPT (287) : Combinations (3), Unknown Context (20)

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