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A Feeling of Profound Love and Engagement
by Blaise
Citation:   Blaise. "A Feeling of Profound Love and Engagement: An Experience with Kratom (exp110459)". Jun 9, 2017.

7 g oral Kratom (ground / crushed)


Kratom and Unconditional Love

This is a report on my personal experience with kratom and will cover physical and mental effects, and other relevant information that is deemed important.

I initially started to experiment with kratom during the summer of 2013, when I graduated from university. I would occasionally purchase it from the local headshop and use it on the weekends. On my first time trying it, I measured out approximately 7 grams of Bali kratom and mixed it thoroughly with water and orange juice. I had heard that the vitamin C contained in orange juice could potentiate the effects of kratom, thereby making the experience that much more enjoyable. It should be noted that I am taking this on an empty stomach.

After stirring, to ensure that all of the kratom was dissolved, I braced myself for the taste that I was about to experience. Just looking at the mixture made my stomach turn, but I was determined to go forward and get it over with. Up to that point, I donít think Iíve ever tasted anything so bitter and, for lack of a better word, disgusting. It automatically made my face squirm and caused me to do a little dance in my kitchen. Looking at the glass in my hand, I noticed that I was only a fourth of the way finished. I took another swig of the dark green liquid noting that it wasnít as foul the second time around. Almost finished. I take a final drink and am greatly relieved that itís over. I go to the refrigerator to grab some iced-tea to take away the bitterness in my mouth. The weather is nice out, so I decide to relax on the porch while the effects kick in.

15:00 P.M. I am in a calm and relaxed mood and am looking forward to the next couple of hours. It has only been five minutes since my last swig of the kratom and decide to read to pass some time. I am overall happy. No effects at this point.

15:20 About 20 minutes after ingesting, my body feels slightly itchy. Mentally there are no effects.

15:30 Half hour later I notice that I am much more relaxed and am more motivated to continue reading. There is moderate increase in energy and I am slightly happier and optimistic. I continue to itch somewhat.

16:00 Around this mark there is a very noticeable difference physically and mentally. I feel as if I am in a protective blanket and any pain that I may have had is no longer present. The itching seems to have subsided as well. I have an urge to talk to friends and am more socially engaging, something of which is very out of character for me. A feeling of profound love and engagement with others overcomes me. I have a feeling of great euphoria and feel as if every cell in my body is gently vibrating.

16:30 I begin to feel a little bit tired and want to lie down and close my eyes. As I do that, itís as if my mind and body are being transported somewhere else. The feeling is comparable to a good dose of vicodins. Totally and utterly relaxed, I drift somewhat between waking and twilight sleep. I often check the time and notice that itís hard for my eyes to adjust and focus.

17:15 I begin to walk around and, feeling a little hungry, grab some potato chips. The euphoria I felt before has decreased indicating the comedown from the peak. I continue to feel greatly relaxed and less socially anxious. I call a friend telling him Iím going to stop by.

18:00 Halfway to friendís place and head feels slightly heavy and have the same effects as before but slightly diminished. By the time I arrive at friendís I am just a little buzzed and feel the lingering effects diminish with each passing half hour.

19:00 I am reasonably sober and any effects have now passed.

My overall experience with kratom was very euphoric and similar to the effects of painkillers. One of the most interesting things about kratom is its ability to both stimulate and sedate. Though I took it at a slightly higher dosage, initially it had more sedative than stimulating effects. Another property was its ability to aid with social anxiety, making me much more inclined to want to contact friends. The amount of love and engagement I felt with myself and others was a true hallmark of kratom. One adverse effect was the slight itching, though I attribute this to the quality of the kratom at time of purchase (headshop brand). I have now been using higher quality kratom with much cleaner effects. Also, my experience with visual difficulty is an effect that has been termed the Ďwobbliesí. In my experience, especially at high doses, (8 grams+) visual focusing may be difficult and dizziness may be a factor.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 110459
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26 
Published: Jun 9, 2017Views: 7,217
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