Crave for Higher Depth
Citation:   TrippingAlone. "Crave for Higher Depth: An Experience with ALD-52 (exp110500)". Jul 16, 2017.

260 ug sublingual ALD-52 (blotter / tab)
SET & SETTING: I've been looking forward and preparing myself for this trip for almost two weeks. I'm feeling really excited and a bit anxious. I'm not going into the experience with a recreational intent, but with the intention of exploring my psyche. I have been struggling with some aspects of my personality that I wanted to understand, and in order to do this I decided to trip alone, for the first time.

I've had ~10 experiences with LSD before with dosages ranged 150-300ug, and I'm feeling quite confident in myself and my self-control ability. The fact I'm taking a still little-researched RC does not bother me much since during my preparatory documentation I've read that the substance has a safety profile potentially equal to that of common LSD.

The setting I chose to trip in is my own room, which I prepared to be the coziest and better looking I could. I prepared some white paper sheets and pencils for drawing, and few other activities I found fun to do during my previous experiences. I even skipped dinner in order to avoid potential nausea. I had my two cats with me during the experience, which didn't bother me at all.

Note that I was able to write a real time report only for the first 40 minutes after ingesting it. Not because I couldn't write during the experience (I actually tried to, and felt it was easily manageable), but I just didn't feel the need to. Everything after the T+45 mark is written two days after the experience.


T-2 hours : Had a bowl of weed to lower my anxiety level that usually rises before the experience, timing it in order to be coming down from it during the ALD52 comeup.

T+00 - 10PM : Dropped 260ug of ALD-52 and decided to directly swallow it to prevent the usual annoying throat tingling sensation I get from keeping them sublingually. The blotters were tasteless. I'm feeling a bit of anxiety, but mainly because it's my first time tripping alone. I put up some lo-fi music and watch some videos on the internet to keep my mind off anxiety.

T+10 : Still feeling nothing, but anxiety seems to be gone. I chew some gum to clear the throat-tingling sensation from ingesting the blotters.

T+20 : General mood seems uplifted. I may be feeling the first chills, but might be placebo as well.

T+30 : Feeling some level of relaxation in my whole body coming in waves. I'm getting myself the coziest I can. Chill music (I specifically chose for the pre-onset) is playing in the background.

T+35 : I put on 'Pink Floyd - Meddle' album, I'm starting to feeling some dizziness in my head, really similar to every LSD experience I had before.

T+42 : A mild sense of psychedelic is coming in. I'm relaxed, swaying to the music.

T+45 : I'm definetly feeling it now. My fingers are slower and typing is getting harder. Light is also enhanced and assumed a psychedelic colour, visuals are starting to come in. Feeling I'm up for a decent-strength trip I get off my PC and head to my bed with and mp3 player and my earplugs still listening to Pink Floyd.

I lie on my bed with my eyes opened admiring the beautiful and non-ignorable fractal patterns all over my ceiling. Shortly after laying down I have to get up quickly and puke into a trash bin I prepared for myself besides the bed, knowing I might suffer from nausea (I already puked another time on LSD). I mostly attribute the puking to the fact I've been skipping dinner, and I could feel the hunger sensation making my stomach uncomfortable. I am quite amazed by the short time this substance took to hit me
I am quite amazed by the short time this substance took to hit me
considering I didn't let it absorb sublingually. The song 'echoes' (which is known to be kind of scary, but I didn't know that at the time) from the same Pink Floyd album comes in, and I struggle to not skip it, but somehow manage to remain calm thinking 'it's just music'. From now on the concept of time becomes really abstract, and I can only have my music as a real time reference. My mindset is still really calm, helped by me doing breath exercises I learnt beforehand, and I'm quite enjoying myself. I'm feeling ready to let the drug 'do its thing', I'm not afraid of it.

T+100 : The Pink Floyd album ends and the next song in my self-designed playlist is a 4 hours mix of my favourite Psytrance. I love tripping listening to repetitive music, it really easens the trance-like state that I thought could get me the 'deepest' I could. I don't really have much memories from the couple hours I spent on the bed listening to psytrance, but I remember keeping my eyes completely closed and looking at the CEV which were present, but really mild and not colorful. It felt like the CEV were much weaker than those of my previous experiences, but my mind was 'seeing' my thought much better than it usually does when sober. I would not define those as CEV, but as a really more vivid imagination. The images were mostly curvy and twisting continuously, ranging from unintelligible abstract patterns to female-like figures (which persisted consistently during the whole trip, it had a somewhat 'sexy' feeling). A weird fun thing I noticed is that I was imagining those females to be of afro-american ethnicity, while I'm caucasian and rarely have any contact with any other ethnicity. At one point I even felt myself changing ethnicity to become an afro-american male.

T+ 4h : Two hours into the psytrance session I decide to get up (which was kind of a hard task, due to low balance and a mild sense of body weakness) and head to my PC to play with some trip-toys I found on the net. Before doing that I open my window and look at my outside garden, which was completely filled with really vivid geometric patterns and beautiful bright colors. I could describe my sight at that moment as if I was looking at a 3D movie without glasses, but instead of only having two layers in green and red colors there was even a third one which was yellow. I then closed my window and turned on my pc. It felt really strange to interact with technology, even though I'm used to spend most of my day-time on my PC. Icons were moving and twisting, to the point I really had to focus to even be able to read any word. I spent 10 minutes or so staring at an infinite fractal zooming website, amazed by the colors of it. My concentration ability at this point was almost null. My mind would get lost in trippiness leaving me with a blank stare. I think I would have struggled talking rationally to anyone if I had the need to.

T+ 4:10h : I look for my cats and enjoy petting them, feeling a strong sense of love and connection seeing them enjoying the petting as I did. So I proceed to play with a red laser pointer which, of course, they would run after. Visuals and tracers were so strong at this time that I literally could see at least 5 laser points going around, and with them 10 cats running after them. It was a really fun time, probably the most recreational activity of the whole night.

T+4:20h : I'm feeling really trippy and kind of weak, so I head to my bed again, preparing an album from 'Shpongle' which has been suggested in various forums. I enjoy it really much. I have almost no memories from the subsequent four hours, in which songs would play one after another without me being able to recognize when one song would end and the next one would start. During this whole time of me laying in my bed my only purpose was to try and dig deep into my mind, unsuccessfully. I had this sensation of my mind telling me 'I want to go deeper', but never really managed to fully leave my real body. I always was able to easily recognize I was in my bed, in my room, in reality. At one point I had the frustrating sensation that the drug was not 'talking' to me as it did on many other experiences. I was surely tripping, but no real realization or meaningful thought was coming out of my experience.
no real realization or meaningful thought was coming out of my experience.
It almost felt as my mind would show me only the purely recreational part of the experience, but that was not what I was looking for. I know you cannot control the direction your trip will take, so I wasn't bothered too much by that. I was still fascinated by the headspace I was in.

T+ 8:20h : I'm still laying in my bed, and I decide to try to take some rest since I felt I was already coming down. I knew sleeping was not an option, but I still managed to relax my mind and slow the thoughts speed down.

T+10h : Still awake and almost completely sober, I get out of my house and head to a friend's house where I would spend the whole next day recovering and trying to integrate the experience. I did not feel tired at all until 10PM, using some coffees to keep the mild sleepiness controlled.

Summary: It was an overall positive experience. Considering it was my first time tripping alone I was satisfied with the control I had on myself and my trip, but I'm left with the will to go deeper into the psychedelic experience and into my mind. Except for the 'echoes' song part there was absolutely no sense of fear or anxiety, but that could be because I literally spent two weeks researching this substance and preparing myself for any kind of positive or negative experience I would get. Compared to my previous LSD experiences I would define this RC as almost undistinguishable from it, exept maybe for the really lower energizing aspect. In fact, I felt totally relaxed or even weak for the whole night, but that could even be caused by my set and setting.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110500
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Jul 16, 2017Views: 5,649
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ALD-52 (748) : Music Discussion (22), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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