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The Dave Perry Method of San Pedro Preparation
Cacti - T. pachanoi
Citation:   Zzantor. "The Dave Perry Method of San Pedro Preparation: An Experience with Cacti - T. pachanoi (exp110514)". Nov 30, 2017.

  oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (dried)
1. Cut cactus and put in the shade for 5-6 months.

2. Take a knife put the edge on a rib where the spines grow out and move the knife up and down rapidly breaking off the spines, do it all around on every piece.

3. Cut it into cookies about 3/4' to 1' thick.

4. Cut the green off leaving the circle in the middle, save the green throw away the white middle circle.

5. Put outside to dry completely. (3 days here in the Mojave desert with 2% humidity)

6. When completely dry, put into a blender and turn it to powder. (still dry)

7. When it is largely powder, sift the powder and save it, put what didn't sift back in the blender and hit it for :30 to :45 seconds and sift again, saving the powder, throw out the stuff that didn't sift (Or I blend it again for a short time, but I don't keep at it till I turn everything to powder or I will get upset stomach.) put all the powder together, it can be stored however long like this.

8. Put about an inch of powder in a glass, fill the glass with water, perhaps 8-10 oz. Stir and let sit for 20 to 30 min. It will have turned to a gel and can be swallowed in a gulp or two. Since it's a gel, it all goes down, there's not small pieces. The taste while still horrible is gone in seconds and I don't have to keep at it to get it all down.

Some notes and ideas: The 6 month wait stresses the cacti to make more mescaline. Cutting the center out reduces the bulk of materiel without throwing any good stuff away. The blender and sift actually are separating the skin, that's what the flakes are, the skin is what causes the nausea, and finally drinking it in gel form minimizes the taste experience enough to actually ingest the stuff.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 110514
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 50
Published: Nov 30, 2017Views: 1,385
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Cacti - T. pachanoi (64) : Unknown Context (20), Preparation / Recipes (30)

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