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The Throbbing
Nitrous Oxide & Various
Citation:   nervewing. "The Throbbing: An Experience with Nitrous Oxide & Various (exp110534)". Feb 19, 2018.

  inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
    smoked Cannabis  
  40 mg oral 4-AcO-MET  
At long last, nitrous oxide had come into my possession. I had a 50 pack of whipped cream chargers and a dispenser at my disposal. Several trials were attempted. The first 6 were all done in the same night in the span of 2 hours. Other accounts were more spontaneous and less controlled.

Trial 1:
1 Canister
Dim room
Time elapsed: 1 minute 10 seconds
Other substances: none
Barely felt anything, a shallowness of breath and a bit of a throbbing head rush with some throbbing in my limbs. First time noting the sort of dry, sterile, sickly sweet flavor of the gas.

Trial 2
Quantity: 2 canisters
Setting: dim room
Time elapsed: forgot to record
Other substances: none

Much stronger effect this time, full on dissociation for a brief period, numbness not only in the extremities but all over the body. Visual effects were a sort of morphing and swirling of surroundings. The effect was primarily felt in the body-an intense throbbing dissociation. Rather than the sort of fade-out dissociation that other dissociatives give, this came in intense pulses. More grounded and centered than other dissociatives, leaves a feeling of dry numbness in the skin for a bit after.

Trial 3
Quantity: 2 canisters
Setting: dark room
Time elapsed: 6:22
Other substances none

Done in the dark. Was even more intense this time, a full body dissociation, spitting and pulsing in my face, none of the dizziness or gradual numbness of other dissociatives. It was just cold and sudden full body anethesia, like I am being dipped repeatedly into liquid nitrogen. Not many auditory effects, though I feel very separated from myself. There is a persistent throbbing numbness in the head and in the extremities. The visuals present as concentric designs, swirling and warping with my throbbing heartbeat.
The visuals present as concentric designs, swirling and warping with my throbbing heartbeat.
It is as though one eye is throbbing at a time and each throb distorts the vision from that particular eye. My skin feels dry and numb. Slight nausea and a bit of discomfort in my head. As it fizzles out, I get random pangs of numbness across my body. For about 10 minutes afterwards I feel somewhat lethargic, movement is labored and uncoordinated.

Trial 4
Quantity: 3 canisters
Setting: dark room
Time elapsed: 8:42
Other substances: none

This time around I instantly became very hot and sweaty, it was a warm gushing dissociation that shot right into me. I was rendered entirely immobile and felt like a statue. Auditory effects were a sort of clipping of the sounds I was hearing, as if every other frame of the sound was missing. Everything also sounded deeper. I felt like I was being sucked really quickly into the core of my body, a place where it was very warm and wet. I was being pulled in my pulsing, gasping throes.
My vision is swirling and strobing and pulsing, I feel like some great soft being has attempted to squeeze the life out of me. The darkness around me is rippling and pulsing and shaking and I am rippling and pulsing and shaking, this was a crushing sucking shrinking dissociation. As it fades out, I feel random pangs of numbness as I come down along with a distinct sort of nausea. I feel the numbness in my tongue especially. Every now and then it seems like the world twitches, or I briefly have a shift of perspective. There are also occasional waves of tinnitus. It feels like there something is drumming on he air around me.
Coming down, about 15 minutes later, I can't help but smile.

Trial 5
Quantity: 2 canisters
Setting: dark room
Time elapsed: 14:52
Other substances: Cannabis

This time I consumed a bowl of cannabis prior to the experiment.
Effects were prolonged substantially and imbued with an incredible pulsing euphoria travelling up and down my body an encasing me like a cocoon. The numbness this time around was incredibly warm and ripply, it felt like I was sinking into a vibrating bath that took away all feeling. This pulsing was most pleasurable in my extremities, I felt like I was being massaged by great warm and soft yet crushing hands. Sounds were mostly unaltered and the visuals were synesthetic. With eyes open, there were great colorful concentric circles before me, like grainy ripples on the surface of a lake during a particularly vibrant sunset. 5 minutes on and I am still in a bit of a daze. Closing my eyes feels colorful and euphoric with soft angular visuals. Felt longer than it actually was, like time slowed down. Much more pleasurable this way. I can feel my skull and I feel like my toes are fading away. This eventually passes as I come back to baseline. Still that cold, clammy, dry feeling on my skin.

Miscellaneous further trials-

Trial 6
Quantity: 2 canisters
Setting: dark room
Time elapsed: not measured
Other substances: Cannabis

I was very very stoned at this point, having smoked a blunt and taken 2 hits from the gravity bong. A friend and I decided to top it off with some nitrous. For this particularly experience, I line up a particular song, 'Endless Fantasy' by anamanaguchi. This is important because this song is incredibly energetic and stimulating, and it crescendos in the most glorious way about 30 seconds in, just enough time for the come up of nitrous. We turned the lights out and blasted off. Just as expected, the song peaked just as we were. The feeling of overwhelming, all-consuming euphoria I felt at that moment is incomparable to any other substance I've consumed, even substances 'of pleasure' like empathogens. Everything that was bad was washed away like dirt in a warm shower, the possibility of anything feeling bad was discarded and left to wither. Nothing could bring me down in those 2 minutes. The music was pulsing upwards through my being, wrapping around me, forming an ethereal shell in the shape of the void that was once occupied by my body. These tendrils pulsed and seethed with the most spectacular prismatic light, a pure aesthetic pleasure to behold. This accompanied a synesthetic flanging of the music. Everything was strobing and each blast from the strobe was like being kicked by a great soft foot into a great soft mattress. I was smiling ear to ear, but this wasn't just some abstract happiness, I began viewing all of my life's circumstances with uncharacteristic and unshakable optimism. This feeling would unfortunately fade as the experienced faded out. I was left smiling, in total awe, still unable to move even after the nitrous had fizzled out, completely struck by what I had just experienced.

Trial 7
Quantity: 2 canisters
Setting: dark room
Time elapsed: Not measured
Other substances: 4-AcO-MET, Cannabis

This time I was in the pleasurable and delightful throes of one of my favorite psychedelics, 4-AcO-MET. I had heard much about the experience of stacking nitrous on psychedelics and was excited to try. The same friend and comrade from the last excerpt was also joining me here.

We turned the lights out and prepared our balloons. Already in the darkness, my visuals were much more apparent, great swirling feathers pulsing in ocean currents, radiating rainbows from within. I sucked in my balloon. As the sweet gas overtook me, I was blasted forth. It did not seem to contribute much of its nature to the trip, only intensity. The only distinctly 'nitrous' effects I noticed were the auditory flanging and physical dissociation. Otherwise, it was as if I had upped my dose of the 4-AcO-MET exponentially. The visuals I had seen before came out in full force, blossoming into a spectacular and overwhelming synesthetic garden of color and stimulation. The euphoria noted from last time wasn't present, perhaps due to the music choice. The visuals were kaleidoscopic and all encompassing, radiating outwards at all times from the focal center of my field of vision. They constantly appeared as though they were zooming in on me or approaching/shifting extremely close to my face. The ride down was gentle and the kaleidoscopic tendrils and geometrics slowly shifted into the peripheries of my vision before fading altogether. The experience was jarring, but in a pleasurable way. Of note is that the duration did not seem particularly extended in this state, though the progression of the trip was profound and exciting.

Trial 8
Quantity: 2 canisters
Setting: backyard
Time elapsed: Not measured
Other substances: 4-AcO-MET, Cannabis, DMT

By this time, later on in the night from the previous trial, we had consumed more cannabis and also some leftover DMT from my roommate who had smoked some by himself earlier in the night. The effects of the DMT were negligible at best, and that was immediately followed by some nitrous balloons.

This time, we were in my backyard. Someone next door was playing a fighting game extremely loudly by their window or something, so our soundtrack this time was the ambient neighborhood sounds. When we inhaled, a light drizzle had begun, the sky above was laden with mist that caught the ambient city lights to make the whole night sky glow a milky cold yellow. As we inhaled, it seemed like the world itself was being influenced by the pulses of dissociative energy that were pummeling me, as if the leaves and raindrops were shaking from these brain ripples. The fighting game became a fascinating piece of stimulus, as the grunts of each character began to flang and echo into oblivion, acutely amplifying and emphasizing what was a nearly imperceptible ambient sound when we began. The leaves above me seem to have separated into red and blue ghost images that dance and ripple alongside them, like snowflakes sticking together and being tossed about by the breeze. The sensory effects of this trial were sublime, some of the most fascinating auditory and visual stimuli I have experienced. Gazing upon intricate and detailed things outside at night is a delightful activity in this state, as they seem to exist merely for my aesthetic pleasure, presenting their primordial order and prismatic beauty humbly for my lascivious consumption. The flanging sounds were absolutely most apparent this time around, it seems they manifest the best as alterations of whatever ambient noise is around. This experienced passed somewhat quickly relative to the others.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110534
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Feb 19, 2018Views: 4,185
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Nitrous Oxide (40) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Retrospective / Summary (11), Combinations (3), First Times (2)

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