Ended Up in the Hospital for Delirium
Phenibut & Taurine
Citation:   Anonymous. "Ended Up in the Hospital for Delirium: An Experience with Phenibut & Taurine (exp110559)". Erowid.org. May 5, 2020. erowid.org/exp/110559

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In the late winter of 2017, I had traveled to an NAD infusion clinic to rapidly detox off of a benzodiazepine dependency and reduce cravings. Unfortunately, nothing effective was being done for my intense anxiety (PTSD).

One mainstay of this clinic was a certain brand of supplement containing taurine and phenibut. When the contents were explained to me, being the student of pharmacology that I am, I felt compelled to know more. Several hours later, I decided I knew enough to experiment with it as an option for anxiolysis. I was able to purchase a bottle directly from the clinic, and that night I tried taking it for the first time. My first experiment with it using a dose of 4200mg produced a short period of pleasant feelings after about T+3hrs from dosing that quickly wore off (I now assume it was placebo) and have not recurred since upon any subsequent doses. Nothing else happened. I attributed the underwhelming effect at a 'strong' dose to my massive GABA agonist tolerance.

The next morning, I tried again with a dose three times as large. I felt nothing for three hours, then an intense blurring of my vision occurred to the point where I was barely able to read at all. Within an hour of that happening, I got up in the middle of the main treatment room in the clinic and puked into a trash can. That's when the blackouts began.

This was nothing at all like a benzo or ambien/lunesta blackout where one loses track of huge blocks of time with the occasional moment of lucidity that one is later able to recall in memory. My blackouts on phenibut [+ taurine] lasted anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, and they happened constantly. Ever spoke directly into the grate of a fast moving desk fan and noticed how you hear your voice being interrupted and then resumed so rapidly by the movement of the fan blades? It was like that, but with my consciousness cutting in and out rather than my voice. I suspect that this is the point when the delirious state began and I started to lose contact with reality.

At this point, the doctors and nurses were really concerned, and they kept suggesting to me that I should go to the hospital. That's when the nodding phase started, and I have to say, the nodding was exactly like the kind you'd get from a large morphine dose. I could not keep my head up, and I was babbling (and still losing small chunks of time every few minutes), and at this point one of the nurses decided she was afraid and called the police and paramedics.

Luckily, the head of the clinic told them to fuck off and reprimanded the nurse for what she did because I was not displaying any remotely threatening behavior, but the delirium was getting worse. I forget what year it was. I forgot who the president was. I thought a broken clock frozen on the number 93:37 (what) was a real time. I tried to ride a bicycle that wasn't mine back to my hotel. This was the point at which they demanded I go with them to the nearest hospital.

I was in the ER for around 13 hours while I failed hourly challenges to my lucidity that I frankly cannot remember the details of. At around the 13 hour mark, my mind was really starting to come back (although I was still having a serious vision problem), and within an hour the doctor allowed me to leave. During this whole time, I had periods of pretty pronounced anxiety (although I will say it wasn't as bad as it should have been), and I was displeased with its efficacy as an anxiolytic.

I felt this really heavy, drugged feeling for almost two days afterwards, and my vision didn't return to normal until the night after. It was highly unpleasant (not as bad as the time I had amphetamine psychosis, but that's a whole other story), and I will not be attempting a large dose ever again. I do, however, still keep bottles of phenibut around for one purpose that I have found combining a small dose (300-900mg) with one Ambien or Lunesta is an incredibly efficacious way of overcoming tolerance to produce an extremely solid night's sleep. Sadly it does not restore any of the pleasurability of either drug, but every time I've tried it I have ended up sleeping like a rock without a single awakening for at least 9 hours (I usually wake up 5+ times a night and sometimes that number can hit the double digits).

A little goes a long way.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110559
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Age at time of experience: 26
Published: May 5, 2020Views: 4,146
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