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Dissociation and Re-association
Deschloroketamine & Cannabis
Citation:   wordsaremagic. "Dissociation and Re-association: An Experience with Deschloroketamine & Cannabis (exp110581)". Jul 28, 2017.

T+ 0:00
  insufflated Deschloroketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 4:00   smoked Cannabis  
We (my girl and I) would like to share our discovery in dissociatives and cannabis combos.

(T:0:00) It was to be our first party since recieving our second batch of deschloroketamine, and needless to say were psyched and in the best mindset possible--and free of the influence of any medicine or alcohol. My girl and I were enjoying the company of many old friends with this being hosted by an older friend of mine rather than our more usual circle these days. At around 12pm we sneaked to the bathroom to do some big lines, probably around 55mg each and continued our hip-hop and reggaeton dancing in the midst of fruitful conversations (while laughing at the people who assumed we went to have hyperfast sex in the bathroom).

I’m sure many of you have done K or other dissos in party setting and know how it is—I myself would describe it as a dark/Halloween-like and cubist version of getting drunk, what with all the shadows and contours accentuated and the dream-like qualities to everything happening in what seems a weird timeframe. What’s interesting to this report is what came afterwards.

We moved to a gathering of other friends who often party to either 5pm of the next day with the aid of acid and ecstasy or even just to 6am with the power of music ranging from mexican pop to techno to avant-garde and math rock. Well, a friend offered us a hit of his high quality weed and we said—well dude, if you insist!

(T:+4:00 and beyond) After thc: Despite feeling tired before and almost calling it a day the weed revitalized us in a way it never had before—and this is coming from someone who usually just feels tired or a bit anxious with thc. It felt like this: after the –dissociation- of the DCK which is a fascinating experience unto itself it seemed like thc –reassociated- us with this newfound way of feeling all our dissociated experiences and thoughts
it seemed like thc –reassociated- us with this newfound way of feeling all our dissociated experiences and thoughts
in a way extremely personal… and most of all, extremely euphoric.

The rest of the night was spent karaoking in the most immersive way songs like The Knife’s Kino or Heartbeats and Delta 5’s Mind Your Own business, our own heartbeats pounding like an extra beat drum to the music.

After this we made our way to my house, luckily at walking distance, commenting on the incredible electric energy we were feeling and how everything looked even more vivid and dreamlike and yet present than it does in acid. The very act of moving was an undescribable joy as it helped channel our electric euphoria outwards, and we remarked about it maybe even better and as introspective and creative as lsd. Even in my home the sounds of playful avant-garde Lucky Dragons and Cornelius seem to engulf the room in a sound-fog that felt like love as we had playful sex before sleeping soundly (no hangover!).

We have tried this combo two more times and each time has been and immersive and euphoric, which is all the more amazing as neither my girl really like cannabis on its own—one can only imagine how those who do will enjoy it! But for us it’s enough having found a way to reassociate from the dissociated to the viewpoint and headspace that novel dissociatives do.

TL:DR: After dissociatives it seems like thc and its capacity to associate it us more intensely and personal with the things we experience makes the dissociated state like a vivid personal and euphoric. Like zooming out the world to find a new angle for it, and then zooming in through the weed so that it fully envelopes us.

Good luck with your experimenting and I hope we unlock many more fascinating ways of feeling and experiencing the phenomenology of the world through not only the hundreds of new drugs available but also the exponential possibilities of how these interact between them and our own frame of mind and settings. Happy experimenting!

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110581
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Jul 28, 2017Views: 3,491
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Deschloroketamine (708), Cannabis (1) : Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), Various (28)

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