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Demons Gate
Hyoscyamus niger
Citation:   eblis. "Demons Gate: An Experience with Hyoscyamus niger (exp110604)". Nov 7, 2019.

T+ 0:00
100 mg oral Hyoscyamus niger (tea)
  T+ 1:20 100 mg oral Hyoscyamus niger (tea)
  T+ 3:00 100 mg oral Hyoscyamus niger (tea)
  T+ 4:35 100 mg oral Hyoscyamus niger (tea)
Because I am passionate about medicinal plants many times I pick my own herbs. Usually I don't use dangerous plants but this time I wanted to make a tincture from Henbane. After I identified the plant correctly as being Hyoscyamus niger (because H. Muticus can have even 5.2%, 30 times more than Niger) I picked some leaves and dried them for my future experiment.
I picked some leaves and dried them for my future experiment.
I wanted to use the plant medicinally in a regular, normal dosage. According to my books it has been used between 100-600 milligrams of dried leaves. I knew that tropane alkaloids can cause very unpleasant effects and even death in large doses. So I weighed a gram of plant and made a tea with one liter of water. The potency of H. Niger is somewhere between 0. 05-0.15 percent of alkaloids. For every 100 milligrams of dried leaves I could have as much as 0.15 total alkaloids. I knew that a therapeutic dose can be somewhere between 0. 4-0.6 so I thought I was safe.

T 00
I drank 100 ml of tea (100 mg dried plant) to test the potency. 20 minutes later I start to feel relaxed and a bit euphoric and somehow sexually aroused and sleepy but nothing different from a normal drowsiness or relaxation. My blood pressure was 122/80, pulse 67.

T+1hour, 20 min
One hour later I drank again 100 ml of tea. After 30 minutes I feel something different in my perception. A difficulty in 'watching' my thoughts. My focus is on external world. It is a little difficult to feel emotions. It's something weird. For example when I imagine happiness I can feel it too. I am imagining but I am not feeling like usual. So it's definitely making me numb. I feel the same nicotine buzz. My blood pressure is 125/85, pulse 71. 20 minutes later I start to feel my 'emotions' again. I am still sleepy and relaxed.

T+3 hours
I drank again again 100 ml of tea. Ten minutes later I feel little bit drunk. I can walk properly but I feel like I am a little slow. 25 minutes later I feel dizzy, drunk, sleepy and slightly paranoid. Fear of losing control and dry mouth but not so much. Blood pressure 125/70, pulse 67. I think fear is just because I am paranoid about losing control but I am not sure.

T+4 hours, 35 min
I drank another 100 ml of tea. 10 Minutes later I feel obvious sedation. I feel like drunk but not euphoric just drunk and something is pushing me back on the bed. I feel tired.

2 hours later I am back to normal but I am still relaxed and a bit tired. So far so good. Nothing unusual. I felt a buzz after the first dose but only for 30 minutes maybe. After that just sedation and relaxation (but mild). But the side effects appeared in the night time. I thought I am back to normal. Just my imagination I guess. I tried to sleep cause I was feeling very sleepy and I said ok let's go to sleep. After 30 minutes I felt restless and I woke up. I managed somehow to sleep and I woke up again with a mix between a night terror and sleep walking.
I managed somehow to sleep and I woke up again with a mix between a night terror and sleep walking.
I experienced intense fear for 10 seconds or so and it was obvious I was not awake completely I felt like I am having a nightmare and I was watching helpless. No clarity. No willpower to get over. I watched the time I was sleeping since 25 minutes ago and I felt like I slept for couple of hours. I went in the kitchen. I drank a glass of water and I came back to bed. I managed to sleep again.

After some time again a night terror. More intense than the first. This time I saw something on my wall although it was dark in my room. The wall seemed illuminated and I saw couple of small spheres rotating on the wall. They appeared like they were made out of smoke. This image lasted only for a second or so until I was again on my feet trying to control my fast breathing and my heartbeat. Again normal but restless thinking why the hell I did this experiment. I feel asleep for a short time and another night terror and some hallucinations with it. I slept again and I remember I woke up all the night but I was more and more sleepy and I can't remember how many times I woke up having this feeling of intense fear.

In the morning I felt tired. I wasn't hungry or just I couldn't eat. I felt depressed and somehow not myself. Fear of losing my mind was present. I was still psychotic and thinking how stupid can I be to try this. I went shopping to distract my mind. I started to feel better after sometime. I came back home and drank a glass of milk.

Now in the night time when I'm writing this I feel normal or almost normal. I knew that datura and others can cause psychosis and hallucinations and terror but I never imagined that after a normal dose used by doctors this shit can happen. I drank 400 ml of tea so if the information is right I had only 0. 6 milligrams of alkaloids and still I experienced hell. I will never try this plant. It's not worth it. I could drink a beer or two and still feel a better buzz than this shit. I know that I will never do it again. It's better to be healthy and clear. Don't play with this poison!

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110604
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 36
Published: Nov 7, 2019Views: 12,139
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