My Roller Coaster Ride
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Citation:   ChristopherRobin. "My Roller Coaster Ride: An Experience with Phenibut, Caffeine & Supplements (exp110647)". May 7, 2018.

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My Phenibut Roller Coaster Ride

I'm at the far end of my taper, getting ready to jump off Phenibut. I just thought that I would record my entire experience here, in case someone is thinking of trying it, weighing their options; or maybe someone reading this is just scared to stop after reading the horror stories on forums.

I started with [B vitamins, caffeine, phenibut, GABA, and amino acids] pills. I live in Georgia and they are in just about every convienence store here this summer of 2017. They recently started selling shots as well and all this is heavily advertised, with actual big banners promoting it outside and inside the stores. There is little to no warning of addiction potential. They look like five hour energy ads. I can see how someone might be sucked unknowingly into an addiction by this. If it is sold at the corner store, it must be okay, right? I can't say this happened to me, however. I tried the pills, which are sold in packages of 2 for around $4.99 and in bottles of 20 (Considerably cheaper per pill)... Liked them at once because of the anti anxiety and depression crushing effects. I suffer from both.

I immediately isolated the primary ingredient (Phenibut) and researched it at home. I read all the glowing reports and all the Phenibut hell stories; said to myself, screw it! I'll taper off at some point... and began taking it with open eyes to the dangers. The pills began to be too expensive quickly even when bought by the bottle at $20+ dollars. I knew just what to do because I had already read all the stories. I began ordering it by bulk tubs, consuming caffeine in coffee and energy drinks alongside it.
I was the man at work; in bed, socially; etc.. I laughed off the warnings about drinking with Phenibut. I continued to drink. I had a few embarrassing episodes where I made an ass of myself in front of my girlfriend before I learned that I just needed to lower my alcohol consumption. Phenibut increases the effect of alcohol and less is needed to become inebriated. No more liquor and a six pack of beer made for a pleasant evening. My performance at everything soared; at work and at play.

I was taking huge unmeasured dosages of Phenibut 4 times a day... A good guess would be 15-20 grams daily for around 8 months. Finally, as I already knew it would, the drug began to stop working. Tolerance had set in with a vengeance. I began retaining water... Almost painfully so. It was a very uncomfortable feeling indeed. I discovered that this side effect lessened considerably when I cut out the accompanying alcohol in the afternoons. On with life I continued; knowing it was time to start my taper.

I started reading the horror stories and became afraid to stop. In hindsight I shouldn't have done this; I should have just confidently began my taper as planned.
I should have just confidently began my taper as planned.
Horror stories are good for dissuading folks from starting... Not so good for pumping up users for quitting. :). So I continued some months longer than I should have by procrastinating.

On to the taper story. I was working 65 hours a week through most of it, and probably tapered too fast. I was irritable, short tempered and depressed throughout. My boss was afraid to talk to me. :). Everything felt WRONG and it was hard to drag myself through the day. 2 weeks ago I impulsively quit my job after getting mad at my boss.

I immediately stopped ordering the tubs because the supply is too cheap and abundant. I began buying the bottles of pills again and continued my taper with them. I started with 5 pills daily in the morning with coffee and tapered quickly; going from 4 to 3 to my current dose of 2 pills a day, which is probably 1 to 2 grams of Phenibut daily. I've held it there for a week.

Through the entire taper I was depressed, sometimes severely anxious and had negative thoughts. But the dosage was always enough to stop the insomnia, and still is. I have a few beers in the afternoons and this also helps immensely. My emotions and mood are balancing now and I start a new job Monday that actually pays much more than my last one; after 2 weeks of unemployment. I'm about to jump off Phenibut completely now, because the amount I'm taking now is in a safe, non addictive level. I think that when you get below 2 grams daily and ride out the worst of the withdrawal safely you're golden.

All in all coming off sucked. But I'd still try it again responsibly at some opportune time to make improvements in my employment/financial life. I think Phenibut can be a useful tool if used responsibly. I was just a kid in a candy store and went crazy with it. I'll try it again at some point and try to do it right.

This is just my experience with it, others may vary. I've tried to be as honest as possible. Thanks to those who took the time to read this and good luck.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110647
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 41
Published: May 7, 2018Views: 4,885
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