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Learning Patience
Citation:   SpiralOut. "Learning Patience: An Experience with 1P-LSD (exp110661)". Jul 4, 2017.

300 ug   1P-LSD
    repeated smoked Cannabis
[Erowid Note: The term "acid" has been used as a common name for d-LSD since the 1960s. Although confusion associated with newer psychoactive substances has lead some people to use the term "acid" to refer to anything LSD-like or anything psychedelic on blotter or sold in drops, we believe this represents an error and not a useful evolution in language.]
This is my latest experience with the substance 1P-LSD. Two of my friends, A and B, came to stay at my house for a couple of days, and we had all planned on tripping together over the weekend. We would each take 3 hits of 1P-LSD. Me and A had both tripped several times throughout the year, both on LSD and 1P-LSD, The most we had taken at a time being 500ug. B had tripped twice, both times on 200ug of 1P, and both times by himself. He said he didn't really like the experience, as it was uncomfortable and frightening by himself. We assured him that he would be comfortable with us, in a complete safe environment.

We all took 3 hits of the acid at approximately 7:30pm. At this time a friend of mine was on route to deliver a dub of cannabis to us. We waited inside for about 20 minutes before going outside and looking at some trees while coming up.

In mine and A's experience, the come up of 1P-LSD always seemed to be faster than LSD. 1P also seemed to make us sweat much more than LSD.

We could definitely tell the effects were starting to kick in, and as each minute progressed, we got hotter and hotter, as it was very hot and humid outside. We went back inside finally and a few minutes later, the weedman showed up. I went outside to his car to get the weed, and by this time I could tell I was starting to trip. As was A, B seemed to be a bit quiet. I came back inside, and put Dark Side of the Moon in the stereo system. So began our trip.

We all sat in my living room, enjoying the music and watching the texture on my ceiling swirl around and change color​. By the time Dark Side was over, A said that he began to feel ill. We went into the guest room, and A laid down on his bed, while me and B sat on the other bed, trying to make sure A was alright. We turned off the light, as A said he wasn't reacting to light very well. I made sure that I and A were drinking plenty of water, but B refused to drink any.

It was at this point that I noticed B was starting to act quite strange. He seemed to be very nervous, and not his usual self. At this point he wouldn't be quiet, and it was clear that it was annoying A quite a bit.

Eventually B kept telling me, 'Play the game, play the game.' He was referring to Dragon's​ Dogma, an Xbox that I had showed both of them the previous day. It was a RPG styled game where you fight goblins and other monsters. We all agreed that it would be cool to play the game.

I turned on the game and began playing, B started complaining because my party in the game was speaking in Japanese, a cool setting that I had enabled. I tried to change it but at the moment, I couldn't find out how. So I told B he would just have to deal with it for now. The game looked amazing, everything was so bright and vivid, I felt as if I was actually in the game. Once I started slaying some goblins, it started getting kind of disturbing for me, even more so for B, the screams of the goblins as they were being slaughtered was so hellish that it seemed the screams were coming from Hell itself. B began begging me to change the game, so I took the game out and came back with the most peaceful game I could think of, Minecraft. A and B were both excited about this game, as it was sure to be a blast on acid. I started playing it on Creative Mode and it was very trippy indeed.

While I was playing, I began to feel more uncomfortable by the minute. I could feel B staring at me out of the corner of my eye, and when I looked back at him he had a very crazed look in his eye. I looked back at the game, but B kept staring at me, it was making me very uneasy. As I looked back at A, it was obvious that he was also aware that B was acting disturbingly strange. Eventually I gave the controller to A, and watched him play for a bit.

I was extremely uncomfortable at this point
I was extremely uncomfortable at this point
, with B looking directly at me, and then away, and then back at me, and then away, over and over, all while mumbling some kind of gibberish. It was in that moment that I zoned out on the screen, and lost footing with reality.

What I saw in my head at that moment was a very strange vision-like slew of memories, I directly flashed back to the visions I saw when I dropped 5 hits previously. (That's a whole different story) It seemed to be very connected to my 5 hit trip at this point, but then it started getting very terrifying. While I was zoned out on the screen, A had submerged his Minecraft character in lava, and fire was enveloping the screen. All I could see and hear in my head was the fire, and the word 'Fire' and 'Hell' and 'We're all going to burn' chanted repeatedly. At this point I still was not connected to reality and I was extremely terrified. I finally snapped out of it when B tried saying something to me. I 'woke up' with a jolt and my heart was racing and I called out A's name loudly. I told him to get his character out of the lava, as I was having a moment and it was freaking me out.

Now B was acting even worse. His fingers began tapping on things very fast, he was acting very nervous and could not stay still. He had this 'tick' going on. It was obvious he didn't know where he was or what he was doing. His eyes started to roll up into his head and jolt all around, like a serpent was inside his head, yanking around his pupils in every direction. He began to spat nonsense and become almost violent, banging his first against the wall.

Me and A tried to help him the best we could, we repeatedly throughout the night tried to get him to drink water, as it would flush the drug out of his system quicker. He would refuse every time. After bugging him about it so much, he finally grabbed the water bottle out of my hand, took a couple of gulps, looked at me in the eyes with the most crazed feral look in his eye, and smashed the water bottle on his head. Water went flying everywhere. May I remind you, I've known B since we were young kids. He's always been the most passive and calm person I've known.

When he finally stood up, he could barely walk, he would stumble around like a drunken zombie. He went back into my room laid on the bed. After a bit, he started talking to us. He said something along the lines of, 'Hey guys, I'm having a reality check right now, sorry if I was a bit out of it earlier'. Me and A breathed a huge sigh of relief. It wasn't long before he started twitching and he soon returned to his spastic and erratic behavior.

We eventually went back outside, and convinced B to come with us. I think it was at this point, when A puked and started feeling much better. We all got in A's truck to smoke some weed. B took a few hits but me and A must have smoked a few bowls. We decided to show B this CD, Chocolate and Cheese by a band called Ween, it's a very trippy album that me and A enjoyed greatly, especially on acid, but it seemed to anger B. He kept saying that it 'Was just gibberish' and it 'Wasn't even music'. Strange, especially since B had the weirdest music taste of us all.

B left the vehicle and went back into the house while me and A finished our bowl. After we went back inside to join B, he was still up to his disturbing behavior. He would lay on the couch with his eyes closed and twitch and make agonizing sounds. At one point he screamed in pain, 'People shouldn't be taking this shit! This is hell!'

He continued this behavior for a good majority of the night. He would be fine one second, and then start tapping on things with his fingers, start to twitch, and his eyes would close or roll up into his head. He would clench at his skin on his arms, lay there and make strange sounds while his body would shake. Then he would go very still for a couple minutes, then wake with a jolt, not knowing where he was. He would sometimes, after 'waking up', ask where he was and what was going on, or state that he had no idea where he was or what was going on.

When he was able to communicate with us, he would be very aggressive and sarcastic at times. As the night grew progressed, his behavior became better and better. He was finally able to ground himself into reality, and we tried explaining what he had been doing for the night.

He was mostly fine for the rest of the night, we finished the night by listening to more music and smoking some more weed. We joked around about the spastic behavior, but it was very deeply disturbing to witness, especially while tripping on acid.

We all retired to our beds at around 6am, as my father would be back from work around 7. I maybe got 30 minutes of sleep, A didn't get much either but B seemed to have gotten the most. By the next morning we were all fine, maybe a little exhausted, and a tiny bit uneasy, but still alive and breathing.

I definitely wouldn't consider this experience a bad trip. While it left me with some disturbing images and memories, it mainly was a great learning experience. It taught me great patience. It taught me the struggle my friend A had to go through when he ended up taking care of me on our 5 hit trip. It surely bonded the three of us, as brothers. There's no doubt that we definitely all know each other better after the experience. It taught me the crazy effects 1P-LSD can have on the human mind and nervous system, when unprepared.

1P-LSD can be a great tool for uncovering the mysteries of the human mind, but it is not a toy, and it is never to be played with like one.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110661
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Jul 4, 2017Views: 3,924
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1P-LSD (682) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Second Hand Report (42), Difficult Experiences (5)

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