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Cannabis & Prayer
by Jesusfreak
Citation:   Jesusfreak. "Unexpected: An Experience with Cannabis & Prayer (exp110663)". Oct 3, 2017.

    smoked Cannabis - High THC


Had obtained a 1/2 oz of Dutch Hawaiian in Spring 2017. This high potency sativa strain was very strong (28% THC) and provided a Maui Waui type high. Vivid colors and vivid sounds.

As previously reported, I have been a saved Pentecostal Christian for over 30 years and am active in church ministry. My cannabis usage has been very sporadic for the past 30 years. With the advent of state legalization, I decided to revisit my favorite 70s era strain - my preferred Hawaiian. Since I have keys to my church, I decided to drive to the church on a recent Saturday afternoon. Over the course of 30 minutes, I smoked two large bowls of pure buds of the Dutch Hawaiian bud in the empty church parking lot. After the initial hit, I was very stoned. After the final large hit, I was impossibly high but still very functional.

I decided to go into our Sanctuary to pray. I played some of my favorite worship music and it sounded heavenly. Up above my head, I heard music in the air and felt the wonderful love and presence of the Holy Spirit. I felt his presence so greatly that I danced like a young man in the Holy Spirit (Praise Break) - feeling the love of God the Father, the Love of my Saviour Jesus, and the Love of the Holy Spirit.

The Dutch Hawaiian provided exceptional focus and spiritual energy - very uplifting and a very energizing.
The Dutch Hawaiian provided exceptional focus and spiritual energy - very uplifting and a very energizing.
After the worship music ended, I felt a strong desire to go to altar to pray and to worship. At first, I hesitated and drank some coffee and some water but the anointing of the Holy Spirit grew greater and greater. The entire sanctuary had a wonderful sweet aroma and the altar seemed to be filled with smoke. The desire to run to the altar and pray grew overwhelming and I gave up and knelt down at the altar. Resistance was futile as I always choose to be receptive to the Holy Spirit. Even though it was daylight, the entire altar was incredibly bright. I want to stress to the reader that none of this experience was due to THC intoxication and was not in my imagination. It was really happening ... ! Up to this point, it had been about one hour after my final toke.

After kneeling, I felt the immense and tangible love of Jesus and I lifted my hands and gave Him my soul over and over. I begged Him to have His way with me and He did... I remember praying - 'your will, your way - I will obey'.. My hands seemed to be glowing and I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit enter my body, my soul, and my spirit and He totally enveloped me - like a gentle rain. And I sang and worshiped the Lord for over 30+ actual minutes - but it seemed like hours to me .... I sensed the Heavenly Host all around me - sitting in the pulpit and encouraging me to submit completely to the will and to the Love of the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and God the Father. My worship continued until I found myself prostrate on the altar. I was so very glad that God gave me this special visitation and I thanked him profusely that He let me pour out my soul to Him. I prayed for my family and for my nation (USA) and the wonderful freedom we have to serve and worship God. The cannabis had just taken me to a new level in salvation and service to the living God. After an hour, my soul was satisfied and I returned to a church office. I can vividly remember everything that I experienced - It was an incredible visitation that I will never forget - Humbled and consumed by the powerful love of the Holy Spirit. Oh that men would really seek Him!!!

Later that evening, my wife told me that my face was actually glowing and I told her that I had been fervently praying for our family. Certainly, there must be something special about that Maui Wowie strain as I have not had similar experience with other strains ...

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110663
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 55 
Published: Oct 3, 2017Views: 995
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Cannabis (1) : General (1), Alone (16)

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