Dizziness, Nausea and General Weakness
Mad Honey
Citation:   Michael T.. "Dizziness, Nausea and General Weakness: An Experience with Mad Honey (exp110677)". Erowid.org. Apr 11, 2018. erowid.org/exp/110677

4.5 tsp oral Bee - Mad Honey (edible / food)
Hallucinogenic Honey

I think it kick me
A little
Are u ok?

I am fucked. Haven’t made it back yet

Man Im so fucked
Om my bed
Cant move

I hope make it home
I can’t see anything


Good shit :p

Take care dude
Im sweating
Like a dog
Any advice

I am lying on my bed, naked. There is a bucket of spew and cum next to me, I only have 10% vision. I blindly force feed myself from the half packet of dried pasta thats pilled up on my chest, not the best time to be having a low blood sugar episode. My phone makes a noise, I run my hand over the sheets next to me searching for it. Its a message from my Chilean friend Nicolas. It’s a long and drawn out voice message with lots of gaps.

“Hey duede. . .did you reach your hostel? . . .Err I will try to womit to feel better. . .I am bery fucked up."

Rookie error, we should have listened to the Medicine Man, we should have only had the recommended 1/2 teaspoon dose. Instead we had 4 and 1/2 teaspoons. I know, I know. Lets just say we took one for the team and hopefully our experience will educated any other travellers wishing to indulge on the hallucinogenic honey harvested deep in the forest of the Annapurna Himalayan mountain range.

Its all Nicolas’s fault anyway, that fucker was the one who introduced me to the idea on our bus ride to Pokhara.

“Hallucinogenic honey man, made by the largest honeybees in the world. They pollinate the Rhododendron flower and it fucks you up,” he said “VICE even did a piece on it.”

I thought, fuck off you crazy tortilla eating gringo, your about as likely to find that as you are to pass through Australian customs. Three days we search, we ask, we fail. Nicolas leaves to trek the Annapurna circuit and I choose to do nothing, justifying to myself that I am providing space for ‘creativity’.

Then it all went down.
I find myself sitting in a small dwelling, the rain bouncing off the tarpaulin roof held together with sticks and rope. All I was after was some cracked pepper and Himalayan rock salt for my bloody scrambled eggs, but here I am inspecting this mummified Caterpillar, whose body gets taken over by a fungus which then grows from the dead animal's mouth. On the floor lie small sacks of various medicinal herbs, this old Russian lady begins to hit on me, instead of listening to her I proceed to have a conversation with myself. Weighing up the idea of pursuing what could be another interesting story for the boys.

“Do you want a taste of Russia Michael?”
“Well, I have never been a huge fan of Beef Stroganoff but maybe a small sample could suffice.”
“She could strog-your-noff.”
“She could also probably beat me in an arm wrestle by the looks of it.”

I mention medicine for my Type 1 Diabetes and before I know it she is leading me by the hand down an alleyway to a practicing Shaman and Ayurvedic specialist.
Enter Ngima Sherpa.

Playing the role perfectly, this thin Nepali man is sitting cross legged in his courtyard making rope incense out of rice paper. I ask him how the medicinal properties of the plants native only to the surrounding area of his village are discovered or identified? Visions and dreams it seems have caused men to wander far into the forest in search of their cure. Sounds legit to me. As we talk he strokes the few long wisps of hair that hang from his chin, mountain honey he informs me is an anti-diabetic agent and a aphrodisiac. Great, two priorities in my life taken care of at once, balanced blood sugar levels and a rocking hard boner to go with it. He has just the stuff. Half a teaspoon he says, I get 10 teaspoons worth of the hallucinogenic honey dubbed ‘Mad Honey’ and make my way back to my room.

Nicolas returns a few days later, its 4:30pm and we take a 1 and 1/2 teaspoon hit, after all, there's no point beating round the bush as we say in Australia. Sitting on the balcony in silence, half hour passes by, we feel nothing so we take another spoon, another half hour, another spoon. As you can tell, both Nicolas and I are definitely without a doubt, experienced recreational drug users with years of psychedelic experimentation under our belt - alas this is not the case.

We give up on the honey and decide to go for a walk, but why not have one final teaspoon, one for the road, after all its a dud batch yeah?

Its 6:30pm, we are downtown Pokhara and my tongue starts to feel numb. Nicolas feels normal and wants to go walkabout but I think its best for me to start making my way back. We split, I get 30 metres down the road and begin to feel dizziness, nausea and general weakness. My vision begins to distort and I’m like fuck, my bed is ages away.

“Michael, Michael, oi” To my right are some Aussies I met a few days earlier. They are calling me from the balcony of a Vietnamese Restaurant. I make my way up, resting on the stairs trying to gather myself, my vision is currently sitting at near 50% and my body is heating up.
my vision is currently sitting at near 50% and my body is heating up.
I sit down next to them with a feeling of relief, familiar faces and a safer environment for me to wig out in than the gutter of a third world country. I explain to them the situation and they continue to check in on me throughout the course of their meal. I wonder what Nicolas is up to. I can’t contact him though because I can’t see shit. My vision is like that of a kaleidoscope, or light reflecting through shattered glass. Blackness comes and goes as I sit inebriated. My involvement in the conversation goes something like this.

“How ya doin over there man?”
“Well I’m currently blind and need to pee.” I giggle in their general direction. “But apart from that, I’m all G.” Although in all seriousness I was wigging out a bit.

I had experienced this type of tunnel vision in the past. Four years ago, when I took a hit of some cronic weed. Ten minutes later I blacked out, fell back into a fridge, had a mini seizure and woke to my mate slapping me in the face. Sounds worse than it was, but I self diagnosed it as ‘Syncope.’ A temporary loss of consciousness that most often occurs when blood pressure is too low (hypotension) and the heart doesn’t pump enough oxygen to the brain. I was expecting at any moment to wake up on my back after another seizure-like fainting episode trying to convince everyone that I am fine. I just focussed on my breath and accepted that this was the ride I was on.

It was now 8pm and the group were heading of. I can’t thank these guy enough, I would have been in a sticky situation without them. They walked me to the main road and hailed a taxi. I had my hands on Ryan’s shoulders, like a blind man I followed his footsteps, managing to cork my thigh on the taxi bonnet whilst trying to get in the front door. What a mess. The taxi drops me close to my guesthouse. Its not close enough though, its a 200m walk up a slightly inclined dark alleyway. I have very few options right now, I am blind and my body doesn’t want to work. I take 5 small steps before having to lean against a wall to keep from fainting. It’s a long walk home, I stop after every 5 steps and take 10 deep breaths, coaching myself to just keep moving forward. I am not worried, I am not scared, a little disappointed in myself but that's ok. I entertain the idea of just curling up in the corn fields to my left and fetal positioning the night away.

On my hands and knees I crawl up my guesthouse stairs, my vision comes and goes as I feel for the key hole to my room. I’m in. I feel sick, and vomit into my rubbish bin, immediately I feel much better and send Nicolas a message encouraging him to do the same. I close my eyes with fingers crossed that I wake up in the morning.

Morning comes and I feel fine, a little wobbly but fine. I message Nicolas. “You still alive?” He replies “Yes, you?”

Further research since has revealed to me that symptoms from the honey appear anywhere between 30 minutes to 4 hours after consumption. What we experienced was Mad Honey poisoning not intoxication, the signs and symptoms can seem life threatening but are ‘rarely’ fatal. The word rarely doesn’t give me much relief but hopefully this reflection of our experience help some poor bastard out there not make the same mistake. Remember 1/2 to 1 teaspoon max boys and girls. Cheers VICE

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110677
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 75
Published: Apr 11, 2018Views: 16,449
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