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I Know What Transhuman Means Now
Adrafinil, Coluracetam & Choline
Citation:   Seraph. "I Know What Transhuman Means Now: An Experience with Adrafinil, Coluracetam & Choline (exp110712)". Oct 28, 2017.

  oral Vitamins - Choline (daily)
    oral Adrafinil  
    oral Coluracetam  
    vaporized Nicotine  
I've always been fascinated by nootropics, ever since reading about the classics like Lucidril and Piracetam in a book called The Generation X Field Guide and Lexicon (which also made me want to be a rave kid as a youth, but, that's for another set of reports).

I work in IT, second shift, 10+ hour shifts, doing some very mentally demanding work. I also suffer from Insomnia and poor quality sleep. Which I treat with diphenhydramine 100mg if I'm suffering a bad bout.

I decided to try improving my life and work performance with nootropics, and found a whole world available. I am no inexperienced psychonaut (see rave kid, above) but I was especially attracted by their complete white-market legality for human use, reported safety, and reported effects. I decided to start with an order of Adrafinil, Coluracetam, and Choline supplements (high-bioavailability vegan type).

I started slow, as one does, 100mg Adrafinil, nothing else stacked, except the choline supplements which I began taking daily to avoid depletion.

The effects of Adrafinil are mild, they are NOT like an amphetamine, in fact I am not sure I could classify them as recreational. They are not there to get you high, they are there to enable you to live a more fulfilling lifestyle, sleep less, be more mentally alert when you are at work or with your friends, and perform at your very best.

The thing I appreciate the most is that unlike a traditional stimulant, I can take 300mg of Adrafinil and then take a nap two hours later, and enjoy that nap. I find I don't need anything to 'come down' and in fact, I can just take my Adrafinil on workdays and do my thing.

Now to the meat of the review:

All doses taken on an empty stomach on waking after 5-9 hours of sleep. I cycle two-three days on and 4 off, on days I would normally experience fatigue at work (typically I can count on having a good weekend of sleep so Monday is fine and I can nap after work on a Friday so I take it the other days I work). I take each with a full glass of water and make sure to keep well-hydrated due to reports of potential liver issues with heavy use, and I also cycle for this reason.

I vape, lightly during the day more at home, using a brand that uses Nicotine Hydrochloride (as opposed to the more common freebase), but do not use any other drugs concurrently except occasional nigh-time 100mg Diphenhydramine for sleep. Sometimes on the weekend I drink alcohol, usually 375ml 40% ABV over 4-6 hours.

100mg-- The dose I started with, I barely feel anything. I'm a large man, very tall and about 320lbs, mostly muscle. I did feel less tired, however.

200mg-- This is the dose I moved to once one 100mg capsule proved insufficient. I feel wakeful and alert, never drowsy during the day. I am very focused and my reaction time when dealing with complicated mental processing at work is noticeably increased. There is a feeling of contentment and wellbeing that is subtle but pervasive. I feel like I can handle anything, I do good work and I know it, and I am sure other people know it too. I feel competent and confident.

300mg-- much the same as 200mg, with a more noticeable sense of energy, like waking up after a great sleep, but all day long. Mood lift more pronounced. Slight sense of 'speediness' and a desire to be productive.

I have not exceeded 300mg yet, I don't feel there's a point as I get great effects from lower doses.

Once I felt I had a handle on the Adrafinil, was sure there were no side effects and felt comfortable (about 2 weeks), I stopped use and started testing out Coluracetam starting with 40mg q5h.

I take a dose when I arrive at work on an empty stomach with tea. After five hours I redose once. I do not dose on weekends.

40mg Coluracetam-- Extremely subtle, however, a pronounced anti-anxiety effect is noticed. It is not like a benzodiazepine where I cannot possibly feel anxious, I can feel plenty anxious, it's just... not as urgent, not as bad. Intrusive anxiety when away from work ('oh my god I need to log into my e-mail and make sure my boss didn't send me anything') is incredibly reduced, even when I have not dosed recently. I feel happy, content, mood brightening is subtle, much like the antidepressant afterglow of dissociatives the week after use.

I may have had depression or anxiety issues that I had no realization of because my mood is consistently much better, all the time. Performance increase is subtle, but I feel more focused. Similar lack of drowsiness to the Adrafinil but less potent, sometimes I have to supplement with caffeine (half cup of strong coffee) to avoid sleepiness at work.

60mg-- noticeable feeling of wellbeing and 'speediness'. Lights appear more vivid in a very natural way (not a psychedelic way) and my visual acuity seems improved. The world looks like someone bumped the resolution a step. performance noticeably improved in a quantifiable way when evaluating my time to perform tasks and ability to manage a large number of incoming work items at once. Similar wakefulness effects to 40mg, sometimes I need some coffee but with that I have no other issues, and one half-cup is sufficient for the whole shift.

I also feel far more creative, I have half-written projects I've been leaving sit for years that I've finished. Coming up with stories and writing seems to come far more easily. After one week of use I find myself far more productive in my home life, the apartment is cleaned and I am finishing projects and starting new ones.

200mg Adrafini 1/day 40mg Coluracetam 2/day-- I feel amazing, life is great and I get through the day easily without fatigue or any issues at all. I am performing above-average at work and I feel more creative, sociable and gregarious. I have volunteered for overnight shifts at work and work all night long with no fatigue and no issues sleeping when I get home. I have finished writing projects that have sat for years, while talking with my friends at the same time.

I experience no cravings for increased dosages, and the dose-response curve seems flat enough I see no need. I can do this all the time, with no health or mental ill effects, spacing dosages responsibly and cycling. Once I didn't realize I was low and ran completely out of all nootropics, and I felt no anxiety or discomfort over this I just put in another order and handled the week fine (with plenty of coffee and some extra sleep to avoid drowsiness at work) without enhancement.

Summary: These nootropics are not recreational drugs, they do not, from my experiences, get you high. But, if you're not looking to get high, but live an enhanced life, they are, in my opinion, the most perfect drugs in existence. To me the fully functional capability to take these on a daily basis, for months, without any side effects and no addiction whatsoever is far more powerful than getting out of my head once a week on a Friday night. The subtle mood increase and ability to do more and feel sleepy less has changed my entire life, I feel good, almost all the time, sure bad moods can occur and I can have a bad day but I find overcoming bad moods easy and I experience less anxiety, stress and general malaise than I ever have in my entire life.

It's an experience that has to be, well, experienced, to be believed.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110712
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 32
Published: Oct 28, 2017Views: 9,046
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