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Connection of a Lifetime
by CA
Citation:   CA. "Connection of a Lifetime: An Experience with AMT & LSD (exp110714)". Sep 29, 2017.

T+ 0:00
40 mg oral AMT (liquid)
  T+ 5:00 2 hits oral LSD  
  T+ 19:30   repeated smoked Cannabis  
Participant 1 (P1)
Gender: Male
Weight: 190 lbs
Height: 6'0
Dosage: 40mg AMT + 250mcg LSD
Conditions: high natural lysergamide tolerance, lysergamide tolerance from an LSD trip 7 days prior. Multipersonality disorder.

Participant 2 (P2)
Gender: Female
Weight: 170 lbs
Height: 5'0
Dosage: 30mg AMT + 175mcg LSD
Conditions: auditory schizophrenia, synesthesia

Half the fun of this drug was researching, acquiring materials, and finding a way to correctly administer it / overcome hurdles.

AMT freebase was sourced through a local trustworthy online vendor. An accurate marked eyedropper and beaker were purchased from a local store as well as a bottle of Everclear to create a solution for volumetric measuring.

7:30pm - T-01:00 - AMT was improperly stored in a non-electrostatic bag from the vendor. The freebase powder is very fine and has a tendency to stick from a small amount of static. The bag was weighed with a milligram scale and determined to be 2.655g. 10mL of Everclear was measured into the beaker. The bag of AMT was emptied into the beaker, but a significant amount was stuck to the bag. A hole was cut in the bottom of the bag without removing any material from the bag. 10mL of Everclear was added to the bag with the hole positioned above the beaker to allow for full extraction from the bag. An additional 20mL of Everclear was added to the mixture as 20mL was not enough to fully dissolve the AMT. The AMT bag was dried and weighed at 2.455g - 200mg AMT was in the mixture with 40mL of Everclear. The desired dosage was calculated using a measurement of 5mg/mL. 8mL of AMT/Everclear solution was added to a shot glass containing 30mL of water, 2mL lemon juice(to avoid nausea), and flavoured with a superconcentrated juice for P1. 6mL of AMT/Everclear solution was added to a similar mixture for P2.

8:30pm - T+00:00 - the mixture was drank by both parties approximately 2 minutes apart.

10:00pm - T+02:30 - the effects of the AMT began to show. P1 and P2 had minor visual differences, pattern recognition showed improvement and colour intensity increased, albeit mildly.
10:00pm - T+02:30 - the effects of the AMT began to show. P1 and P2 had minor visual differences, pattern recognition showed improvement and colour intensity increased, albeit mildly.
A mild mood lift occurred. The stimulating effects began to take effect.

10:30pm - T+03:00 - a wave of sedation had hit both P1 and P2, and began to alter between sedation and stimulation very rapidly, with waves of each lasting 5 minutes roughly.

11:00pm - T+03:30 - P2 had noted visuals equivalent to a low dose of shrooms, the sedating and stimulating effects had been compared somewhat to being drunk.

12:30pm - T+05:00 - effects remained consistent for both parties. P1 got annoyed with how sedating it was and decided to take 2 tabs of 125mcg LSD as nothing was happening visually for him. P2 was also at the same stage and considered taking a 175mcg dose in an hour if it didn't increase in intensity.

1:00am - T+05:30 - P1 had noted the LSD had begun to take effect and that it felt like it was peaking already - a synergistic effect was noted and he advised P2 that he was feeling much better and it turned into more a stimulating effect. Visuals began to look similar to a 250mcg peak.

1:30am - T+06:00 - P2 took a dose of approximately 1.5 tabs of LSD as well. The visuals for P1 began to intensify to the equivalent of his estimate of 350mcg of LSD. High entactogenic feelings were present from both parties.

2:00am - T+06:30 - P2 noted the visuals had increased exponentially and confirmed the synergy with AMT. P1 at this point had visuals to the point he could not see the real world, however could still navigate the real world using sense of touch and brief periods where the visuals were not completely consuming his vision.

2:30am - T+07:00 - P2 began to get the same visuals as P1 at T+06:30. P1 at this point could not see from the total visual override, yet had perfect vision of the real world at the same time. A mental map was constructed in P1's head to help guide P1 around. The headspace was described as open and completely different than a regular LSD trip and much more entactogenic.

3:00am - T+07:30 - P1 got a rush of motivation to fix things. A hard drive was cloning to a solid state drive and just finished on a computer. The hard drive was taken out, unscrewed, and a solid state drive installed in its place. A GameCube controller was fixed as well. P1 was near blind from the visuals but still managed to succeed in his attempts. P2 was watching over and confirmed the results of P1's actions.

3:30am - T+8:00 - P1 and P2 both noted music was sounding much more crisp and clear, and sometimes sounded completely different than what the song actually sounds like sober. P2's synesthesia acted abnormally(sounds, colors, and patterns were affected) and was impacted by the drug combination.

4:00am - T+8:30 - Visuals were becoming a bit overwhelming at this point and both participants had to take a seat on the couch and just talk about memories and other subjects that are normally not discussed sober.

5:00am - T+9:30 - P1 came across an idea mentally that he could communicate with P2 telepathically - P2 then confirmed that they had heard the message - P2 was then given a very outlandish message and had replied first telepathically to confirm they heard it and spoke the given phrase, with P1 confirming that this is actually happening.

The meaning of life and the secret of eternal life was explained by P1's brain - to which he communicated the idea to P2 using a series of workarounds as just saying outright what it was felt as though it would cause existence to end. P2 confirmed they understand it and assured P1 they understand the exact reason that they can't say what it is outright. Both parties played around with telepathic mind-reading. Concerns and other subjects were addressed and answered. Mental conditions were exchanged with P2 feeling their auditory schizophrenia manifesting into multiple personalities, feeling that they gained the ability to adapt to any situation by changing personalities such as P1 does. P1 had experienced what P2's schizophrenia is like and their synesthesia as well. The marriage of two souls occurred.

The trip was moved into the bedroom.
The serotonin release of AMT was confirmed as P1 had gotten an orgasm surpression effect - something that only happens for him when serotonin is released (e.g. MDMA)

7:30am - T+11:00 - The visuals had died down to a manageable level - about equivalent to a 250mcg peak of LSD, although in comparison to the prior visuals this felt sober. The trip was discussed and the odd events such as telepathy and mental condition exchange were re-confirmed.

Residual effects were noted for a while. Visuals continued until 2pm (T+19:30) where P1 smoked enough weed to pass out. P2 went to bed around 4pm (T+21:30). Both parties woke up at approximately 7pm (T+23:30) well-rested. Participants noted residual visuals for a period until about 12:30am (T+29:00) the following day, and openness and connectedness effects are still prominent as of 10pm, approximately 49.5 hours after the trip.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110714
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Sep 29, 2017Views: 3,135
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AMT (7) : Relationships (44), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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