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Shortest Addiction Ever
Citation:   jmoney. "Shortest Addiction Ever: An Experience with Heroin (exp110756)". Aug 19, 2020.

  insufflated Heroin (powder / crystals)
    IV Heroin (daily)
Shortest Heroin Addiction Ever

This is a story of a very short “addiction” to heroin, and it all began with a trip to the dentist. I was scheduled to get my wisdom teeth pulled and was excited and looking forward to this event knowing I would be prescribed a pain killer. I had never used pain killers but I knew they could be used to “feel good” and I certainly enjoyed feeling good.
I had never used pain killers but I knew they could be used to “feel good” and I certainly enjoyed feeling good.
Well turns out, it was amazing. I binged through the entire bottle in 2 days and loved every dreamy/cozy minute of it. Upon coming to the bottom of the bottle I was disappointed but by no means desperate for more. I returned to normal sober life just fine although constantly thinking back to the pleasant euphoria and seemingly improved life opiates can bring. For the next five years I got to experience this drug very infrequently due to minor accidents such as broken bones or surgery as I would always take advantage and get the doctors to prescribe it to me. Every time I was graced with a lovely prescription for it I would always binge until the bottle was empty and return to being sober with no discomfort, just minor disappointment knowing the nice feeling were ending.

Having researched and pondered what heroin might be like, I (in a spur the moment decision) decided it would be a swell idea to try it out…ya know, just one time. I come from a very religious household, surrounded by good non-drug using friends and having not used any other drug other than what has been prescribed to me, I hadn’t the first idea of where I was going to find heroin. So all on my own I embarked on my secret quest to acquire such a chemical. I spent a few hours looking up things on the internet such as “sketchy places in Atlanta” or “heroin arrests in Atlanta” I read a few police articles and saw a few prison interviews and they all pointed to same place. A place notorious for being an open air heroin market where apparently you didn’t even need to know anybody, you would just be flagged down by the first dealer that saw you driving by. Off I went. I was very hesitant and quite sketched out once I arrived to my destination. As I drove down the roads slowing waiting for someone to acknowledge me, I saw many people look at me funny, wondering what the hell is this suburban white kid doing here. Feeling out of place and uneasy about my situation I said “to hell with dumb idea” and decided to go home. Although it was right then a group of people saw me and flagged me down. I pulled over and a woman in her 30’s came up to my window and asked “what you need baby?” I responded with “3 bags of heroin” she then told me it would be 60 dollars although because of my research I knew the going rate was 10 dollars a bag so I told her 30 and she complied.

She walked back over to her group and then returned to my window and asked me if I was the police, I said no and she then dropped the heroin in my hand and I paid her 30 dollars. I quickly drove off and looked at what I just purchased and saw three tiny ziplock bags each containing a tiny amount of tan powder chunks. I was convinced I got ripped off but in hind sight that was actually a pretty decent amount. I made it home and waited till night fall as I didn’t want anyone to see me under the influence. I proceeded to do a bit of research on the amount I should use, most bluelighters suggested one bag so I decided I would do half a bag. I cut what seemed to be a tiny line with a razor blade and sniffed it through a straw.

Almost immediately I felt super heavy and needed to sit down. I was glad I decided to only sniff half that bag knowing I had done too much.
I was glad I decided to only sniff half that bag knowing I had done too much.
What followed was the strongest opiate high I have felt to this date although I wouldn’t even consider it enjoyable as I spent the next thirty minutes puking. But it should be noted that even while feeling nauseous and puking I was oddly content. I fell into a dreamy sleep approximately 35 minutes after ingestion.

The following morning, I woke up feeling 100% normal. Only being awake for ten minutes I decided that I would give it another go. I cut up another line, well more like a tiny little “bump” such a small amount that if it were sugar and you licked it up you wouldn’t even taste it. I sniffed this up and was then sucked into the most amazing opiate high ever. I walked up stairs where my family usually gathers in the morning and thoroughly enjoyed the morning with my family without them having the slightest clue I was under the influence of heroin. (I never liked the thought of being drunk or high due to people seeing you act stupid or immature but with opiates it’s like the exact opposite. I feel confident, talkative, outgoing and close to those around me. I can thrive in any situation while totally zonked on heroin. And on top of that I am not dissatisfied with anything or anyone…it’s a subtle but close to perfect feeling. I describe to people the feeling of heroin is similar to the quick burst of happiness and joy you would get if you found a 100 dollar bill just lying on the sidewalk but it last for 4 hours!)

For the next month, I would make about three trips to this place to buy heroin and every time was the same. I would drive around until someone flagged me down. Although everything changed when I met “T”. T was a heroin dealer who flagged me down although T had his shit in order all his dope was properly bagged up with generous amounts and he gave me his number and told me to call him anytime. Meeting T made trips to this place way less sketchy, take way less time and he was very pleasant to deal with. So I started to go more often going 2-3 times a week to pick up a 40 sack. I was doing heroin every night and enjoying the hell out of life! I wasn’t too worried because I knew I was not addicted yet but I knew I needed to stop soon…but hey one more 40 sack wont hurt!

Well the 40’s turned into 80’s and the 80’s turned into 160’s and as my bank account went down my tolerance went up. I knew IV heroin was supposed to be far superior to snorting it and since I wasn’t “addicted” I figured it would be worth the experiment. Well it turned out to indeed be superior to snorting but I do have to say that I think people exaggerate the rush. Don’t get me wrong it feels amazing to instantly be consumed into opiate land but that’s essentially all that happens. What followed after doing this was a further increase in my tolerance, more large cash withdrawals from my bank account and many trips to meet “T”. I was now taking about five shots a day using 4-8 bags throughout. I kept on telling myself that I would go one more time and then I would quit. But when then I started to come to the end of my stash I would get nervous and sick to my stomach and knew I had to go get more!!!! I was skipping work to re up. I was making up crazy excuses to leave my girlfriend and go re-up. It started to become problematic.

So I decided to buy one last time. I was going to go out with a bang and buy 200 dollars worth. I used it in less than 48 hours. But I managed to stop after that. The whole ordeal lasted about three months with infrequent use in the beginning but quickly became and all day everyday thing.
The whole ordeal lasted about three months with infrequent use in the beginning but quickly became and all day everyday thing.
In the beginning one bag would last me more than 24 hours whereas in the end I was shooting 2 bags in one shot. It's amazing how quickly and aggressively this drug took over my life. Luckily I was able to quit.

I am 6 days clean now and feel almost back to normal. Although the first three days without it were quite unpleasant. My symptoms included: Diarrhea, body aches, headaches, inability to be comfortable, depression, no motivation to do anything, lack of energy and restless legs syndrome which made sleep simply impossible. I learned a lot through this experience. I learned a lot about myself and realized that this whole thing happened because heroin gave me a sense of freedom and happiness I have always wanted. But this sense of happiness it brings simply doesn’t last forever and is replaced by a miserable addiction. I now have been trying to combat all my problem and find happiness the correct way by filling my life with things and people that will help me in becoming the best person I can be. Life should be an amazing adventure but heroin cannot be a part of it.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110756
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Aug 19, 2020Views: 2,867
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