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Relaxing for Meditation
Field Bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis?)
by NorthernVitiki
Citation:   NorthernVitiki. "Relaxing for Meditation: An Experience with Field Bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis?) (exp110772)". Sep 16, 2019.

2 flowers buccal Unknown  
    leaves buccal Unknown (dried)


I found out about Bindweed when talking to a guy that grow's lot's of herbs that are wild in his area. He is a deep spiritual person that study's in Native America and ancient European spirituality. I had got some other stuff from his website before and it seemed a lot stronger than what I have had before. Maybe it's his connecting with the plant's. Maybe it's the worm and bug poop he feed's them.

I was asking him which plant would be good to settle the mind and help in deep meditation. He told me right now I should get some Field Bindweed flowers while they are in boom. They are in the morning glory family but are not LSA.

Even though we have the wild flowers in our area I bought a few fresh flowers from him and some dried leaf. I got the flowers in two day's time. I decided to try them on a day that I was really to busy but wanted to see what they were like.

I sucked on the two flowers and parts of the dissolved after chewing on the rest a wilt I spit them out as instructed. I then took one small pinch of leaf and stuck it in my lip like chew. Flavor was nice and the oils has a burn but nothing to bad.

I was outside doing work when it took me a while to notice a light head ace that was not really painful just a different feeling. It was a darkened cloudy day but I started to have issues with the sunlight hurting my eye's. It took me a bit to notice anything but I am not for sure how long. I was losing interest in tracking time.

I set down and was trying to do work on the pc but nothing was going on. I would think of what to do but my body would not do it with out long delays. My mind kept clearing out and I just wanted to relax. The stress of life went away which would be just what I need to try some serious third eye mediation.

After time passed I noticed a two thing's which are the medical side of the plant I was told about. My nose felt like it was stopped up and I had a feeling in my gut's like they were being cleaned. It didn't hurt just felt as they were being washed out.

During all of this it was hard to move a lot.
During all of this it was hard to move a lot.
My body just didn't want to move. I had a very odd tingle in my palms and finger's. As if energy and natural magic was flowing though my fingers. I tried to watch tv a bit but the camera moving during scenes felt odd to me and bothered me.

Some of the things to note of this report is I often loss time as I blanked out staring into nothing with no thought. I wasn't 'gone' just spaced out catching some mental healing.I had a few time's when I blank out that I seen a old man. It was as if I seen with a eye in the side of my head. I had a vision flash of a door that was beside me and seen clearly a old man. Of coarse the instant reaction to turn and look with my normal eye's he was gone in a flash.

Later in the evening my nose started to run like dripping water. I felt as it was cleaning me up. I went to the restroom and a amazing movement lol. I felt like I got a good cleaning and flushing. Nothing felt upset or painful.

Nine hour's after just those two flower's and that leaf I still feel relaxed have that tingle in the hand once and a while and feel more upbeat and everything seems more funny than normal. This plant may differ in what it offer's based on part's used and tolerance etc. But I know it will make a good plant for both medical uses which it has a few good thing's it does but most of all for spiritual work and healing of the mind.

This will not be enough to get high or party. Astral projection meditation is real. Plant's like this will help our modern busy mind's train for such thing's.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110772
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 32 
Published: Sep 16, 2019Views: 947
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