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The Mechanics of Life
DMT & 2C-B
by Harroshugsy
Citation:   Harroshugsy. "The Mechanics of Life: An Experience with DMT & 2C-B (exp110774)". Jul 12, 2019.

40 mg oral 2C-B (pill / tablet)
    repeated smoked DMT  


DMT and the Mechanics of Life


I have been actively seeking trancendence for many years and have now, on a number of occasions, achieved my goal. The first time was in 2015 when taking magic mushrooms (Liberty Caps). After a full day of foraging one of the most prolific areas local to me; myself, my partner and a friend ate our way through the day's pickings. We had picked approximately 800-1000 mushrooms between us, my partner had a dose of 80-100 of the haul, whilst my friend and I consumed the rest over three increasing dosages.

Approximately 45 minutes after the last dose (of around 300 fresh Libs) I transcended for the first time in my life. My head felt as if it had exploded, my mind had expanded and encompassed the entire universe. It felt as though I had control of everything within, from the movement of the stars and planets to the actions of humans, animal beings and all life inside. This however, is not quite true, in retrospect I had no 'control' over the actions of these objects and beings, rather I had a complete understanding of the role of each constituent part.

I believed at this time that I had reached the epiphany of psychedelics
I believed at this time that I had reached the epiphany of psychedelics
, the experience had blown my mind, it both scared and amazed me in equal quantities. After a number of hours, my mind and consciousness returned to my body and left with with a feeling of complete awe. I honestly believed that nothing could ever compare, or come close to such an experience. It wasn't until earlier this year (2017) that I came to the understanding, I knew nothing. For it was earlier this year that I was introduced to DMT...


I'm writing the preface of this report with the experienced 'psychonaut' in mind, those who have taken psychedelic drugs with a goal to reach the other side, those who have taken magic mushrooms, LSD, 2CB etc, but are yet to try DMT. The second part of this report ('the big one') is written to gain feedback from others to ascertain whether my experience matches that of others who have ventured in to truly unknown territory.

The first time I took DMT, I smoked a small amount (20-30mg) with a friend who had recently experienced the trip and recommended I try it. He gave me the usual forewarning of it being nothing like I would expect, and of course, he was completely right.

Taking a long slow toke on the glass pipe, whilst being told to 'pull, pull, pull! Hold it, hold it hold it!' a sudden rush of visuals began flowing in to my vision, tunnels of light in colours I couldn't describe in a sober state, this rush lasted for around 5 seconds, at which point things became intense. As the tunnels rushed towards me, the fabric of the Earth, of life, of everything I have ever known came in to question. I was no longer existing in a 3D world, for the next 10 minutes my perception of everything became multi-dimensional, this was a view of the world far more incredible, colourful and amazing than any fractal hallucinations that I see when taking large doses of mushrooms. I was 'connected' and 'embedded' within space-time itself. There was no distinction between my soul, my body and the world around me. After what seemed like a short eternity (but was in reality around 10 minutes) things diluted back to the 3 spacial dimensions and one dimension of time that I am used to. Mind completely blown and feeling that my entire perception of life and reality had been shattered, I lit up another bowl and went again... and again... On the third bowl, to outside observers I had passed out. On the inside however, I had transcended once more in to hyperspace. I was back in observation of the universe and everything contained within.

The big one:

Following my first encounter with DMT, I was keen to learn more. I experimented several times with the spirit molecule, in small 20-30mg bowls, enjoying the lecture in the unexplainable which was being presented to me. It was several weeks later that I decided to step things up a notch. On a pleasant evening in May, I went round to a friends house who happened to have in his possession several 40mg tablets of 2CB and hidden away in a drawer upstairs, half a gram of DMT crystals.

At approximately 2am we took a 2CB each, I swallowed mine whole, whilst my friend accidentally crushed his with a wine bottle, so he ate the rocky powder that remained. His trip began much sooner than mine (presumably because it absorbed faster being in a powdery form). We enjoyed several hours of pleasant 2CB tripping until the sun came up around 5.30am. At this point we decided to go and enjoy the sunrise and headed out for a walk, glass pipe and DMT in hand.

We arrived at a picturesque field around 6am, just as the sun had cleared the line of the horizon. The light was fantastic, especially with the magic of the 2CB visuals, Earth was a great place to be just then. We found a spot atop a small hill in the field where we decided to sit and enjoy the morning. It was then that we presented ourselves with the glass pipe and the crystals. The bowl that I stoked was probably ludicrous, around 100mg, and I pulled and pulled, held and held and headed in to hyperspace. Eyes open, eyes closed, it didn't seem to matter. My mind had 'popped', although I could see my body, it was no longer a requirement. My head felt as though it had disappeared completely, and that all that was left of me was my soul. The world looked a very different place now, magical, incredible, multi-dimensional, in colours that are truly inconceivable. The fabric of existence was being demonstrated to me in ways that I could never have imagined. I was unable to move for several minutes. I'm not sure whether I was incapacitated by the trip or just by the wonder of what I was witnessing.
I'm not sure whether I was incapacitated by the trip or just by the wonder of what I was witnessing.
Eyes open, eyes closed, I was in another dimension. It was the first time I have been able to close my eyes and yet still 'look around'. This was no ordinary hallucination, this was nothing like the first DMT trip I had experience either... this was, beyond all that!

My friend had smoked a smaller bowl and was enjoying the trip almost as much as I was, we discussed, in murmurs and with great difficulty, what it was we were experiencing, neither of us could really describe what was going on, we just knew implicitly that this was something to do with the make up of human existence. We we're acutely aware that science fails to explain the world in great enough depth, because simply, sober scientists are unable to 'see' what's really going on. We managed to suggest that if they smoked the spirit molecule, they may be able to better, more accurately explain the world around us.

After a short time, I regained the ability to move again, it was time to stoke up again, again, it was another huge bowl - pull, pull, pull, hold, hold, hold. This is when things became phenomenal. The world around me, the plants, wildlife, my friend beside me, my own bodily parts (arms and hands) that were in view, was what I can only describe as intricately mechanical. I was now able to see how intricately life on Earth was designed, using technology that is beyond our comprehension. I transcended once more, again becoming the universe and everything in it, yet this time, rather than the feeling of enormity, I felt incredibly small, the feeling I get when staring up at the stars and contemplating the size of the universe with a sober mind. I felt this small whilst still encompassing everything that makes up all we can see and all we know. Why? Because there were things in this dimension much greater than I. The beings within which we live. Within which our universe is just one 'cell' of their body.

I now honestly believe that I have seen things that perhaps I'm not supposed to see until I die. My views on life and death have changed forever. I have never been a religious man, I never believed in an afterlife or reincarnation, that has now all changed.
I have never been a religious man, I never believed in an afterlife or reincarnation, that has now all changed.
Having now visited the places I have, witnessing the things I have seen, my beliefs are now that death is a transcendence, up or down, the 'universe' is infinite, life as we know it is just a small part of our soul's experience. That when we ultimately reach our end, there is another journey awaiting us, one of much more grandeur and wonder...

My life has changed because of DMT, I am living each day to its fullest potential, making the most of my time here on Earth, as in the scheme of things we are here for just the blink of an eyelid. My one hope now is that they have DMT, or an equivalent, in the next life - I'm ready to have my mind, soul and spirit blown further still!

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110774
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31 
Published: Jul 12, 2019Views: 575
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2C-B (52), DMT (18) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), Retrospective / Summary (11), Combinations (3)

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