Scared and Mad at Myself
Molly (Unknown)
Citation:   thehangover. "Scared and Mad at Myself: An Experience with Molly (Unknown) (exp110782)". Nov 1, 2017.

    repeated oral Alcohol  
  30 mg   Morphine  
  4 mg   Pharms - Clonazepam  
    oral Bad/Suspect Ecstasy (powder / crystals)
  1 tablet oral Diphenhydramine  
  1 tablet oral Pharms - Clonazepam  
Accidentally Took 250 Mg Bath Salts?

After a few days of summer boredom, my boyfriend and I wanted a little coke. It was dry, but we found a guy that said he had molly. My boyfriend has known this guy for four years, and so we know that his shit is always fake. He's had bad/completely fake lsd, shrooms, ketamine, xanax, you name it. But hey, what's $20?

So we buy the molly and it looks like it could be real, but we assume it's mephedrone. My boyfriend sets up two lines - a tiny one to snort, and one to cut off of as needed. Keep in mind that I had already had ~30 mgs adderall, 30 mgs morphine, 4mgs klonopin, and about six drinks, so my judgement wasn't great. For some reason, I lick up the entire 250 mg line.

I know that people do more than that, but I did not feel good. I instantly told my boyfriend 'this isn't molly'. I sat down on the edge of the bathtub and left my body, I was staring in space listening to him yell about how stupid I was completely unaffected. My eyes started vibrating, worse and worse. The other times I have taken bath salts, I lost hours - one time, days. I was really scared and really mad at myself.

I got up and walked to the bed as fast as I could. The visuals were very hard to describe - everything looked like a 3d movie, or like it was flickering. Then I began to see a pattern of huge clockwise swirls with tiny counterclockwise swirls interspersed. I was already rapidly approaching peak at 20 minutes in. I was getting very hot, and I was very dissociated and unaware of my surroundings.
I was getting very hot, and I was very dissociated and unaware of my surroundings.

I stayed very calm, sitting on the bed and hoping that I would throw up soon. The whole time, my boyfriend was flipping out and yelling, but I could barely even hear him. If that happened on mdma, I would be sobbing, but I was answering robotically, as it was impossible to form a full sentence. I was not even thinking, which was pretty weird. I could not make eye contact with my boyfriend, because my eyes were vibrating too fast to see his eyes. The bed felt so soft, but like it was shaking around me.

When my boyfriend told me to sit up and take my blood pressure, I stood up and every sensation increased by 1000. I was deaf and blind except for the strange patterns and the terrible heat. It felt like I was in a room full of mirrors that was closing in on me. I decided fuck this and ran to the bathroom to purge. I drank water & purged it 3x until I could not throw up anymore. I had already come down quite a bit, but was still 'tripping' - my eyes were vibrating. I took a double dose of my anti-epilepsy meds because I could feel my arms twitching, which usually happens before I seize.

Anyway, I took a benadryl and a Klonopin and watched some stoner comedy with my boyfriend while I sobered up. The amphetamine effect lasted, as I didn't sleep till around 5am, and took it at 8pm.

It wasn't real molly): synthetics are actually nice drugs in small doses. I really enjoyed watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory still slightly tripping. If you take too much, I would call an ambulance, although I didn't. Think before you dose, take a smaller dose than you think you need, and spread it out.

I'm assuming that this was bath salts but I am unsure.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110782
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Nov 1, 2017Views: 1,610
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Bad/Suspect Ecstasy (567) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Difficult Experiences (5), Combinations (3)

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