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I Thought I Died and Came Back to Life
by Zeinab S.
Citation:   Zeinab S.. "I Thought I Died and Came Back to Life: An Experience with Spice (exp110823)". Apr 15, 2018.

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I had tried smoking spice several times before and had had very intense trips each time. So I decided to smoke it again. It is important to note that I was clean off of everything for about 3 months, except for hash.

I rolled a joint containing nothing but the spice product, went into my room locked the door, sat on my bed, and took a hit. I held in the first hit for 30 seconds, exhaled and took another hit. I don't remember exhaling the second hit.

Before I could even blink I was not a person anymore. I was an object going through loops and circles so quickly that I could not bear it. I tried to remind myself that I was on drugs but at that time I started to question the fact that I was even on anything. (i.e. I forgot that I took anything and I remember repeating to myself I am sitting here smoking a joint.) After that I was transported into a kind of tomb like object, and I couldn't breathe anymore. There was some sort of blue goo coming in from a corner and I remember believing that if I wanted to breath again I had to keep the goo from burying me completely.
I remember believing that if I wanted to breath again I had to keep the goo from burying me completely.
I kept blowing with all my might but I just couldn't keep it out anymore. Then, I suddenly realized that I had been trapped in this tomb for about 15 years and I was dead and no one would ever discover my dead body. So I started to scream 'I'm here' over and over again. There was a pack of cigarretes and my phone next to me. I started to break up the cigarretes and scream what the hell over and over again, I even tried to break my phone. (In my mind I was dead and these were all I had left and they were useless to me at that point.) Suddenly 2 women opened the tomb and found me sitting in it so I started to tell them that I had been dead for 15 years and now I had just come back to life.

That was when I started to come down and I realized that those two women were my grandma and aunt who happened to live downstairs and the tomb I was in was just my room. When I was totally back to reality I found out that I had burned my leg in three places trying to put out the joint. All in all, it was a traumatizing experience but I do not regret it one bit.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110823
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Apr 15, 2018Views: 790
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