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Sense of a Much Greater Presence
by SpiderEyes
Citation:   SpiderEyes. "Sense of a Much Greater Presence: An Experience with DMT (exp110829)". Nov 28, 2017.

  repeated smoked DMT


A Different Way of Using DMT

I have smoked DMT on and off for several years, and have had about 30 experiences. This time, Instead of attempting the typical three-hit Mckenna blast off to hyperspace to meet aliens, I thought I would try putting DMT to use as a tool, and draw out the experience over a couple of hours light smoking and contemplation. I donít weigh it but its probably 50 - 70mg. I have had some incredible experiences this way, which both retain more information, and impart a relatable experience.

I loaded some freebase dmt mixed with the contents of a peppermint tea bag into a small bong. The peppermint tea is a very easy smoke, and I sandwich the dmt in between. I also set aside a small amount of DMT and give a rule to myself that when this amount is gone, it is time to pack away and continue with my day. Before I lit the DMT, I went into the back yard and brought in an aloe vera plant, which I intended to observe.

I sat cross legged in front of it, and took a small hit. This initial smoke is just to get myself settled into it. I find my thoughts scatter on the first hit, and I become confused. But a few minutes later, as I begin to go back to baseline I take another small hit then a slightly bigger one and easy into the mind. There is no loud noise this way, just unending perfect silence.

I smoked until visuals came and focused on the plant. I suddenly saw the finger prints on it where I picked it up, and then I saw the ridges in the finger prints. The plant looked translucent, vibrant and alive. As I focused smaller and smaller, I became aware of it as a living system, teaming with life. I could see into it, I swear, I could see its cells, and down the centre of each frond was a microscopic river of activity. I saw a spider web on the fronds, and with another blast of dmt, I could see it smaller still - I saw the silk strand in hyper detail, I saw it had another, thinner strand of silk tangled and wiggly around the main strand.

When I located the spider itself, I was highly aware of it as a living being with its own purpose. The spider, though smaller than a finger nail, was also hyper real, with translucent legs. As it backed away from my looming face, I felt it become Ďlostí in my vision, as though it didnt want to be seen and so I began to have difficulty seeing it. I could see strands of light around the spider, and I felt like it travelled along the lines of light like a tangle. I wanted to see right into its mind though. I decided to take a much bigger blast of the bong, and give the spider a hard stare, but I took far too much!

The aloe plant began to morph and wave, and I knew I had to lie down. I saw something of the DMT world in this interval, but I remember little about it. I began to spit. I spat on the floor, and pushed something away. Right then, I wasnít anything more than an ape, all human part of me was forgotten. I reacted just like an ape! But there was an overwhelming sense of a much greater presence - as I had tried to contemplate the spider, and interfered with it, something enormous, like the eye of the universe, was trying to peer into me.
something enormous, like the eye of the universe, was trying to peer into me.
But it had come so close it affected me like static on my consciousness. I felt under attack and panicked, and hid from the plant like an animal. Once I was out of sight of it, I began to calm down. The feeling of psychic attack was receding, though I don't really believe I was attacked by anything, it was simply how I processed the experience of confusion and internal alterations were being caused by the DMT.

The feeling of higher intelligence was real however, and I'd like to think it peered down on me, as I peered onto the spider. Either that or I felt exactly what the spider was feeling.

DMT appears to turn my eyes into microscopes and give me empathy and connection with nature.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110829
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 35 
Published: Nov 28, 2017Views: 683
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DMT (18) : Entities / Beings (37), Nature / Outdoors (23), General (1), Alone (16)

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