My Mood Quickly Improved
by Way
Citation:   Way. "My Mood Quickly Improved: An Experience with AL-LAD (exp110848)". Aug 26, 2017.

T+ 0:00
6 cups oral Coffee  
  T+ 0:00   repeated vaporized Cannabis  
  T+ 3:47 1 hit sublingual AL-LAD (blotter / tab)
Gentle Introduction To AL-LAD

Setting: Home, as it is.
Set: Very volatile moods lately. Rather depressed this morning. Have not tripped in almost a decade and this is a new substance... This dose should be appropriate for an introduction.
Dose: 6 'standard' cups of coffee, cannabis, 1 blotter square (labeled 150 ug) AL-LAD

~12:00 Have breakfast, coffee and a bowl of cereal. Feeling depressed for no good reason. Vape some cannabis. Hole up in bed, disengaged. Eventually decide I'll try the AL-LAD recently gifted to me.
15:47 Place tab under my tongue, holding it and my saliva in my mouth for the next half hour. Queued up some music, starting with the 'White Album'. Took a shower and washed my hair.
15:55 Twinge? Nervous Energy? Seems too early for anything, yet...
16:11 Slight stomach upset, kind of acidy feeling.
16:15 Swallow the collected saliva and paper mash.
16:18 Light chest tightness. Vape.
16:25 Definitely feel it coming on, minor functional impairment. +
16:30 Move to bedroom, vape.

16:43 Definite sensory alterations. More chest tightness. Hungry but afraid to eat as I don't want to get nauseous.
16:51 Still functional enough to log in to phone.
16:55 Feels like reconnecting with myself, my body - like, this is a way it can feel. Recognition of my male body.
17:00 [Trip is getting more intense now, shows in the handwritten notes...] Already 5? Only 5? ! 'I'm in love but I'm lazy,' story of my life! =D +? ++? Haven't used the Shulgin Scale in a long time. Definitely well in to it.
17:40 Pupils surprisingly undilated.

===== After the fact reporting below.
18:00 Off peak plateau. Lots of body feel. Some visual patterning and 'bright' colors, but not movement or 'breathing'. Laying on the bed is good. Sex would be welcome but is unavailable. Get up eventually and eat some food slowly but it is OK. Go engage in some physical activity outdoors, felt very good. Perfect summer day weather, simply enjoying it and the company.

20:00 Well into the downswing now. Feels like it will have a bit of a tail. Do regular evening stuff. Lots of cannabis (more than typical for an evening) to help get that sleepy feeling.
02:00 Sleep.

Definitely what I would consider recreational at this dose, although clearly active and recognizable. Doubtful that I would venture more than 3 squares. While somewhat sedating during the peak overall it seemed more stimulating. Rather sociable at this dose. My mood quickly improved under the influence, it made me consider micro-dosing. Trace of a headache during the experience and definite potential for jaw clenching. Felt well rested and 'clean' in the morning, no aftereffects noted. Overall quite a pleasant substance so far.


Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110848
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 26, 2017Views: 1,789
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AL-LAD (603) : General (1), Depression (15), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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