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Enjoyable Relaxation and Imagination
Yerba Mate, Mugwort, Passion Flower & Skullcap
Citation:   Benis. "Enjoyable Relaxation and Imagination: An Experience with Yerba Mate, Mugwort, Passion Flower & Skullcap (exp110869)". Jul 16, 2019.

4 Tbsp oral Yerba Mate (tea)
    oral Mugwort (tea)
    oral Passion Flower (tea)
    oral Skullcap (tea)
I bought some new herbs at a local new age store: 90 grams of Yerba Mate and this herbal mix for dreams containing Mugwort, Passionflower, and Skullcap. I hadnt been enjoying Cannabis recently due to a) how it makes my thoughts disjointed and b) its been making me feel dissociated for several days after smoking. So I thought it'd be a fun experiment to consume a rather large amount of these herbs to analyze their mildly psychoactive effect.

I've heard good things about Yerba Mate: Its energizing and can provide a subtle relaxing feeling. So I prepared two cups of tea - each cup with two spoonfulls of Yerba Mate, and one spoonful of the herbal mix. I let them steep for about 15 mins.

10 mins: I've finished the first cup and perhaps feel a bit more relaxed and heavy, though I do wonder if I am just more aware of my already existing fatigue.
15 mins: Feeling heavier, also have a desire to just imagine things for some reason. Laughing at stupid things on TV.

30 mins: Second cup is done and I'm certainly feeling psychoactive effects. Very relaxed and happy. I start to introspect a bit. I wouldnt say I attribute the introspection to the herbs but it was nice to think about life.
50 mins: I'm almost certain its not getting any stronger. Next time I'll definately do 6 spoons of mate. This also seems to reduce my narrative jumbled thoughts, which is nice because I do think too much, so it'd probably be great for meditating.

So the only thing I found weird was how yerba mate is supposed to be more energizing yet this was more sedating. Next time I am thinking I will use 6 scoops of yerba mate and nothing else just to isolate its effects. It is nice and relaxing.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110869
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Jul 16, 2019Views: 1,306
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Yerba Mate (282) : First Times (2), Combinations (3), Unknown Context (20)

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